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Spring Awakening @ Gardens by the Bay March 26, 2013

Posted by gurkhason in garden, singapore.


Easter is coming. There’s really a lot of Egg-citing times at Gardens by the Bay. The flower field in the Flower Dome has transformed from the Chinese New Year Theme – Spring Celebrations to this new easter theme – Spring Awakening.

Click on to find out more, and see some nice pictures of the flower dome. 🙂


As you step into the flower dome, you will first be greeted in awe by the Baobabs right in front of you, as well as a gaint potted plant which gives a clue of what’s going on in the flower field.  So what you get now is an egg-citing times as Easter is coming.  I love the lilies on display as they gave a very strong distinct and pleasant smell.  Eggs are in lovely pastels colours softening the overall environment and feel of the flower dome.


Hop, hop, hop. Easter bunnies are hopping everywhere in the gardens.  I just received a “health tips” that a bunny runs and hops and yet lives only 15 years. A tortoise doesn’t run, does nothing and yet live up to 450 years! So is there any value in exercising?  Hehehe….


Looks like the bears are in charge.  You can see them carting off the easters eggs everywhere at the flower display area.  And not only that, they seem to dominate the flower field more than the actual flowers in the display area.  It’s very much stealing the thunder, but I see most guests are really excited and most people complained that their mobile phones and cameras run out of battery by the time they reach the flower dome.  Who wouldn’t with so many wonderful display just within the flower dome itself?


And more of the bear keeping watch of and guarding the easter eggs in the fields.  While I was looking at the display, somehow the fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears came to my mind.  Oh well, the bears in the fields are too small and come in one size.  I cannot really remember much about the tale but it involves some porridge, chairs and bed of different sizes which Goldilocks used them.   The fairy tale aside – do you know there is a very famous Goldilocks snacks which is an all-time favourite snack cake of the Filipinos!  I always wondered why the brand is Goldilocks!


Some of the displays are very creative.  Above shows a pair of birds and the easter eggs.  The pussy willows from the chinese new year theme was retained.  This is actually part of the decoration of the resident chair in the flower field where most people will sit and snap nice pictures of.  I would love to sit on the chair and pose a picture, but most of the time when I am in the flower dome, I am alone.  Its about time to find a company.


At the centrestage of the flower field are the enchanting colors of the various flowers.  Most of the cherry bloosoms are retained in the flower domes and they are mostly in blossom now.  I wonder how long it lasts.  We are so fortunate to be able to see the cherry blosoom instead of travelling far to other countries.  But I was still hoping to experience the real thing either in Nanjing or in Japan.


Tucked away at the corner are two bunnies carting off the easter eggs to somewhere.  This is probably the first time I see the flower dome being so fairy tale like and very cute.  I am pretty sure it will win the hearts of many young kids this time round.



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