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NDP 2013 Theme Song – One Singapore July 18, 2013

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Each year, I always look forward to hearing our National Day theme song. Don’t you agree that the NDP theme song has a very special place in our hearts? But often, we are quick to pass judgement on the song we hear on first pass. Just like my post on last year’s theme song Love At First Light. I didn’t quite like it initially but slowly it just grows into me and so much so that I watched it quite frequently afterwards. It’s quite warming when I hear it on the TV or radio. I am not bias just because Olivia is one of my favourite artist.

So The Straits Time gave us a prelude of the song that received many online “brickbrats”. Well if you see the video, it really does makes one think that they are trying to copy some “High School Musicals” or flash mob style. Hmm, I must say that in that aspect, the creativity has certainly been lost in those style, and the videography wasn’t too good. It wasn’t “glam” and have no central or focus character so ended up being quite messy.

However, the story behind the theme song tells a compelling story of diversity of dreams and how the people embraces the challenges and give their very best for their love of Singapore. I like the pre-chorus which is particularly catchy especially with the way it starts “together we can reach for the stars, together we are stronger as one” – it is emotive, and also shows unity and reflects on the strength of togetherness that brought us to what we are today. With unity we can achieve much more! The bridge is also beautiful in its own way. As a young nation we do have our shared memories and those successes we had really shine like a rainbow. At the same time it calls upon us for continuous unity so that we can continue to shine together.

In conclusion, I think the song is befitting of a National Day theme song. While I wouldn’t say that I love it on the first instance I heard it, but after learning more about the lyrics and the meaning behind, it got just better. I look forward to hearing the theme song during the NDP parade. Unfortunately though I always fail to score a ticket to the actual day parade.

NDP 2013 Theme Song – One Singapore
Music by: Elaine Chan
Lyrics by: Selena Tan
Performed by: Sing A Nation Choir
Directed by: Jason Joseph

More on the National Day 2013, please click on the official website.

Click to learn the lyrics of this year NDP 2013 Theme Song – One Singapore

One Singapore

I will be here
Right by your side, here
I will hold near
All that we love so dear
Not looking elsewhere
My life is here to share
Just want to show I care
Verse 1
I know we just got started
And I’m excited
It may not seem all perfect
But you know what?
Our story’s just beginnin’
I’m gonna give it my all

Oh yea

Together we can reach for
the stars
(with hope in our hearts)
Together we are stronger
as one
(let’s walk hand in hand)
Together we’ll make
dreams come true
(won’t ever give up)
Together sharing the love
with all that we do
Let our hearts sing
Wooh ho-oh^oh! Wooh ho-
oh. oh,oh!
Wooh ho-oh^oh! Wooh-ho-
Together as one
We’re so much more

One Singapore [repeat]

Verse 2
It seems like so long ago
When we got started
We wanted everything right
But you know what
Our story keeps on going
We’ll give it our all
Pre Chorus
Yo! I may look like I’m just
a tiny thing
Here I am, I can bravely
For sure I’m gonna give
you my everything
Like how I play when that
recess bell rings
I’m gonna give it my all
Cos this is my home
I love
I love
I love
I love my Singapore
Let’s join up the dots
Light up this spot
That we call home
Many memories and stories
to be shared
Like the colours of the
rainbow we will shine ever
so bright
Together we shine
Together we shine


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