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Lola’s Cafe @ Simon Road (Kovan, Hougang) August 1, 2014

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Lola's Coffee Coffee Profile

I reckon that many people would have already known Lola’s Café. The last weekend I went, it was crowded with people. I had to wait one hour before I can get a table. Where the cafe is, there isn’t anything else much to do. So besides just standing around to wait, there is nothing much to do.

However, I was happy to be back in the Simon Road because I was working around the area few years ago. So i was able to reminisce on the good old times I had. This place brings me back a lot of memories. There are few cafés sprouting out in Hougang area, it would have been great if I’m still working here! I will be happy to come Lola’s Cafe frequently!

Lola's Cafe Crossiant with Scrambled EggsCroissant with Scrambled Eggs $13

After waiting for so long, I’m already very famished. The menu at Lola’s Cafe is limited, this make choosing easier. I’ve ordered this croissant with scrambled eggs. The last time I had something like this was at Assembly. I really like the smooth, creamy and eggy scrambled eggs that is still a little runny and moist.

Lola's Cafe Avovado Eggs BenedictAvocado Eggs Benedict $15

My lunch buddy had the Avocado Eggs Benedict. Quite frankly, I cannot quite imagine avocado spread on my brioche toast. The eggs were quite well done though I think it was a little too runny. Everyone has a different liking of how well done they like their eggs to be done. I wish one day there is a cafe who is confident on making eggs orders to the desire of its guest. If they make make it for steak, why not for eggs?


Lola's Cafe Truffle FriesTruffle Fries $12

If you have followed my blog, you should know by now that I personally don’t fancy anything with truffles. (chocolate truffles seems the exception) But this truffle fries sprinkled with Parmesan cheese is quite an exception. I used to think I like thick cut fries, but somehow I keep digging on these shoestring fries.

Lola's Cafe Flat WhiteFlat White $5

The coffee from Lola’s Cafe comes from Dutch Colony. I reckon it’s no secret that now Dutch Colony has deeper pockets because they were bought over by TWG Tea. Now, it’s interesting to know the synergy a tea speciality company can bring to a coffee roaster. Anyway Dutch Colony coffee doesn’t really disappoint and I had a smooth and velvety latte. Actually it’s important that the barrister is as good as the beans. You can’t really have a good cup of coffee with one element missing.

Lola's Cafe Seasalt Chocolate Tart with Coffee CreamSeasalt Chocolate Tart with Coffee Cream $5

This chocolate tart with coffee cream was the recommendation of my lunch buddy even though she just has it recently when her sister bought her as a takeaway. In return of the favour, she brought back the fried chicken wing which we didn’t order (too much food!) and the family loved it. I digressed. Anyway, the coffee cream is useful to tame the taste of the chocolatety tart. I’m skeptical of things “sea salted” with chocolate. It’s very cliche. But this does not disappoint.

Lola's Cafe Window Seat

The most charming place in the cafe probably will be the corner just beside the entrance. Nice place to watch people but it just isn’t friendly enough for a meal. Maybe good enough for a drink and some snacks.

Lola's Cafe Interior 

The interior of the place is rather modern-slick. While it look okay, however I have major qualms with their furniture. As if to optimize space, small tables fit for a small balcony was used. They were small and after putting our coffee cups and mains, there are barely space left for our phones. There is simply no place to place your bags so either you hang it precariously on the chair or just have it on your lap. I guess if you don’t mind dirtying your bag you can place it down there. There is hardly any space between tables, so not only there is no privacy, it is also difficult to squeeze past the tables. It is no wonder that at there was at least 2 occasions that someone topple over other people beverage when they try to squeeze past the table. It is really unfortunate especially if you have sticky sweet iced chocolate as you leave the cafe.

Lola's Cafe Diners

The biggest proper table good for 4 is beside the entrance. I would be happy to sit there but might be stressful too as potentially there are people who may stare down on me as they wait outside. Near the entrance, there are interesting artifact to spruce up the place a bit.

In conclusion, the food and coffee is probably the more important aspect of making up the experience. I enjoy the food and still won’t hesitate to recommend this cafe to my friends staying in the east or northeast corridor. Finally cafés are not a thing for people living in the west or central!

Lola’s Cafe is also available on Entertainer App. Get 1-for-1 beverages and save up to $5. I have saved. Have you?

Lola’s Cafe
5 Simon Road
Singapore 545892
Tel: 6284 0349
Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Thursday: 11am to 11.30pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am to 12am
Sunday: 11am to 11.30pm
Closed on Mondays

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1. mysketchbookproject - August 2, 2014

That looks really cramped and the chairs! OMG. I wouldn’t be able to get comfortable there no matter how great the food.

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Lola’s Cafe @ Simon Road (Kovan, Hougang) | Thoughts on Air

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