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VeganBurg Fast Food Restaurant @ Jalan Eunos May 11, 2014

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VeganBurg Jalan Eunos Meal

Today is Mother’s Day and I brought my mother out to eat at VeganBurg, a vegan fast food restaurants where everything is meat free. VeganBurg founding branch is the one at Jalan Eunos and I am happy to find a time to visit at this special occasion. One reason for the suggestion is because my other siblings are working today so it was just my mother, my niece and I, so we can’t have a proper Chinese dinner. Another is because my mother actually have been to VeganBurg and mentioned she actually like it. So we headed out for an intimate dinner out!

VeganBurg Jalan Eunos Hawaiian TeriyakiHawaiian Teriyaki ($6.90)

My mother had the Hawaiian Teriyaki burger. Actually I made the choice for her because she couldn’t deciper one burger from another. So I choose the classic Hawaiian where most people like. Ladies seems to like sweet and sour thing so an addition of a fruity pineapple seems an ideal choice. The soya patty is glazed with teriyaki sauce, so this is tangy burger is justly to the liking of my mum. This Hawaiian Teriyaki burger is also high in Vitamin C and potassium.

VeganBurg Jalan Eunos Creamy Shrooms SetCreamy Shrooms ($7.90)

When I was looking at the menu, I felt that I like to order everything! I wish that I am at a media tasting so that I can order and try all the burgers! So I asked for a recommendation and what I got is the Shrooms Burger. Apparently it is rich in potassium which is something I need (I have been having feeling of cramps when I stretch myself before getting out of bed). Apparently it is rich in copper too. Basically we need copper because it is necessary for producing and storing iron.

VeganBurg Jalan Eunos Creamy Shrooms

Once I bite into the whole wheat ciabatta buns, I immediately know that I am going to love this burger. The bun is so soft and fluffy and tasted really delicious. Their signature buns are actually made with organic wholemeal grains, natural sea-salt and distilled water. As the slogan goes, once bitten, twice wise. The soy patty is laid with fresh button mushrooms which is creamy and tasty.

VeganBurg Jalan Eunos Hot DogOld School Hot Dog ($3.90)

Do not be deceived that you will be getting a chicken frankfurter in VeganBurg. Even the Hot Dog Bun is also vegetarian! My young niece ordered this typical kiddish hot dog meal that comes with seaweed fries. Even my niece commented that the fries taste better than those that she get typically from the fast food joints!

VeganBurg Jalan Eunos  Handmade Spinach PopHandmade Spinach Pops ($3.90)

One popular side dish is the handmade spinach pops. These golden-brown of potato and spinach made into balls are created specially for those who need more carbs to fill them with energy. These snacks taste great while it is hot so don’t leave it cold as it becomes more starchy.

VeganBurg Jalan Eunos Think Fast Food is Junk Food

Typically we will think that fast food is bad. But after having VeganBurg I changed my mind totally. Not only these meatless burgers are tasty, they also provide Vitamin Bs and C, Omega 3 and 6, antioxidants, beta-carotene, potassium, zinc and other minerals, proteins and fibre. They are also Diary free, GMO free, transfat free, preservatives free.

VeganBurg Jalan Eunos Bike Stand and Motorbike

I have never thought much about VeganBurg passing each them without considering it as an option because I am more a carnivore than herbivore! I am going to encourage more of my colleagues to try as VeganBurg is conveniently located at MBFC where the head office is.

Next time when I am in VeganBurg, I am going to order the Char-Grilled Satay Burger. I am confident it will be just as great tasting as the burger that I had today! *Slurp*

VeganBurg Jalan Eunos Exterior

VeganBurg | Jalan Euno
44 Jalan Eunos
Singapore 419509
Tel: 6844 6868
Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday & Public Holiday: 11.30am to 10pm
Sunday: 10.30am to 10pm

VeganBurg is also available in Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Level 2 and The Grand Stand at Bukit Timah. A kiosk is also available at Golden Shoe (Market Street).

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