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Visiting Changi Beach Park May 4, 2013

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One of the best thing about living in the eastern part of Singapore is the access to many beach/coastal parks. Proximate to where I stay, we have the most popular East Coast Park, we also have the more idyllic Pasir Ris Park and the rustic Changi Beach Park.  Each part is unique on its own.  Today, I have some photos to show some key highlights of the Changi Beach Park and comment on the shots I have taken.


One of the unique sighting at the Changi Beach Park will be the landing of aeroplanes.  This is because the Changi Airport is just beside it and the runway directly beside the park.  [In this picture I try to depicit the low flying plane by having some of the leaves from the nearby tree.  This also breaks the montony of the picture as the sky wasn’t very cloudy.  I also couldn’t adjust my camera settings to make the sky more blue.]


As I walk closer to towards the shore line, I took a shot at the sea slapping on the dyke or bank. [I used an in-built art filter called “Dramatic Effect” for this shot because the colors are made very prounced and you can see the various gradients of the water and rocks.]


Changi Beach Park is not as popular a beach because it is not near residential estates and is located at quite a isolated eastern coast of Singapore.  Alot of the coastline are fenced up as picture above.  This place will also be a familar sight for many man in Singapore because the SAF Ferry Terminal is nearby.  All guys going to their Basic Military Training at Pulau Tekong have to take a ferry from here.  [In this picture I tried to show the fence, the man at the edge and also the family having a picnic.  It is where the man and nature is in harmony.  I used an art filter called Pop Art for this short to make the colors more vivid.  The human in the picture is not so clear because I am focusing more on what nature has for man]


Unlike the Pasir Ris Park where there is a large meadow, this park does not feature much green space.  You can see how relatively quiet this park is.  A man is sitting quietly at the bench and just observing the sea.  [Does the picture depicts a certain degree of solitude between man and nature? I just realised that I used the path as a lead in for this picture.  This is actually taken before my friend shared his tips with me at the Pasir Ris Park.  The picture is taken with Dramatic Effect art filter because I wanted to protray the cloud.  I don’t know how to improve the shot because the top left area seems to be very dark.  I can only think it could be better if there is more natural lighting as when I was there it was 6 plus already.]


However, there are still many families who will pitch up their tents.  Many of time are spending some quality time with their families: some fishing, some watching the planes, some just enjoying the sea view. [I took this shot to show how people are enjoying the time at the beach.  On the right are a couple who are walking towards me.  There is both action and passive activity going on at the beach park.  Not sure if it capture that essence.  Didn’t like the sky was just a patch of white.]


Look at the tree?  Does it reminds you of the ghost tree of Madagascar?  Look at the curvy and windy branches that looks so creepy.  [I wanted to capture the branches while at the same time showing the couple chit chatting under the shade. I tried the lead in method but it would have cut off the branches on the left so I reckon I will take in the container ship to break the horizon so that it looks more like a sea.]


This is the bridge that links to the nearby Changi Village, just a little walk from the park.  At the foot of the bridge, you can see many people crowding there.  Apparently there was a man who was trying to sell some of his catch of crabs and fishes he has caught for the day.  There are also people fishing at the river bank below.  The place was bustling with activity for a short while but soon people just dispersed and left to their own routines. [This is an iconic feature of the park that connects to the village.  I wanted to capture more action but was hurrying along.  If I get any closer I couldn’t capture the whole bridge.  Plus the circuit box near the bridge will feature too much in the picture]


From the bridge you can see the bum boats parking at the ferry terminal.  These bum boat will ferry you to the nearby islets such as Pulau Ubin, Kusu Island and Sisters Island.  Sometimes these bum boats reminds me of those which I see in Dan Shui in Taipei where the fishing village is. [I took many pictures of the bum boat and choose this mainly because of there is more gradient of the sky.  I tried to use flash but they didn’t help.  The bum boat is one of the iconic picture of the Changi Village and shouldn’t be missed out so I had to include it in.]


Somehow, a walk at the park is incomplete without sighting some animals.  Here is a picture of the stray dog.  [It was quite hard for me to keep pace and capture a shot because it was moving quite fast and I was quite scared I might be beaten.  I tailed closely behind and quickly side step to get a side view of it moving, nearly crashing into the bicyclist that was riding in the park.]

Got to spend some time soon at the other area of the Changi Beach Park again so I can put up some other pictures and improve in some of the shots that I have done.  Till then.



1. Travvel Sized - May 4, 2013

I love the calmer vibe around Changi Beach park, its such a nice change of pace from the normal rush of Singapore! Your photos do a great job of capturing the scene, I love the dramatic effect filter on the waves!

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Things famous in singapore

Visiting Changi Beach Park | Thoughts on Air

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