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Harry’s @ Marina Bay Link Mall September 14, 2014

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Harry Marina Bay Link Mall Bar Bites

Harry’s at Marina Bay Link Mall has raised the bar recently with a spanking new contemporary look and a refreshed menu.  Although I don’t work in the CBD area, however I do have a couple of occasional drinks at Harry’s as my company is headquartered at the Marina Bay Financial Centre.  Actually, I frequent Harry’s at Tampines more because it is near to where I live and where I work.  If you take some notice, Harry’s still maintain its trademark laidback vibe with a sporty and musical theme.  More introductions after food proper.

Harry Marina Bay Link Mall Love Me TandoorLove Me Tandoor $18 (6 pcs)

One of the dish which I like and have frequently ordered is the tandoori chicken. I love how it is to eat the chicken as they are served in skewers. The chicken is well marinated, and grilled with a slight spiciness and smokiness to it. The tandoori chicken is served with red onions, mint yogurt and coriander to complete a flavourful feast.

Harrys Marina Bay Link Mall Pull Pork SandwichesPulled Pork Sandwiches $8 (3 pcs)

The pulled pork are slow cooked and served with pickled vegetables and a tangy BBQ sauce. The only grouse I have is the buns which I thought were quite tough and dense.

Harry Marina Bay Link Mall Harry's WingmenHarry’s Wingmen $8 (4 pcs) / $11 (6pcs)

The Harry’s Wingmen are a real classic and a must-order when you are having a couple of beers. The secret marinate are the reason why you can’t not order these delicious wings each time you are at Harry’s.  The wings are crispy on the outside and slightly spicy, I almost can’t stop myself for a second and third helping!

Harry Marina Bay Link Mall Prawn Star PastaPrawn Star Pasta ($19)

For those who want something more substantial, consider the Prawn Star Pasta; an ‘aglio oglio’ style pasta that is tossed in aromatic crustaceans-infused oil and served with large and plump tiger prawns. The pasta is topped with Japanese seaweed which is an interesting touch to the final product.

Harry Marina Bay Link Mall Curried Lamb ShankCurried Lamb Shank ($29)

The curried lamb shank totally knocks me off.  It is served with jasmine rice pilaf that is fragrant and aromatic and raisins.  The curry resembles something that is sweet Japanese-like with a slightly heavier taste of Asian spices.  I must say this is a very clever dish because the sweet-spicy curry makes the dish more palatable.  The NZ lamb shank are braised till the lamb is very tender.

Harry Marina Bay Link Mall Mushroom & Truffle Oil FlatbreadMushroom & Truffle Oil Flatbread ($20)

The mushroom flatbread is like a pizza, only better! Smothered with homemade aioli, the flatbread is topped with generous serving of mushrooms. Although this flatbread is drizzled with truffle oil, not something that I fancy, however I do enjoy this

Harry Marina Bay Link Mall Black Forest SundaeBlack Forest Sundae ($16)

The black forest sundae is one that is deconstructed.  Recently I saw quite a few deconstructed latte pictures on Instagram and thought that it was rather silly.  I was baffled when I saw this deconstructed black forest sundae, which I certainly hope all these deconstructed business is a mere fad.  I wasn’t impressed with the brownies but the chocolate ice-cream were really awesome though.

Harry Marina Bay Link Mall Apple and Pear CrumbleApple and Pear Crumble ($15)

Although slightly disappointed with the Black Forest Sundae, the Apple and Pear Crumble was a boomz!  This is a rather special dessert because it has pear in it which breaks the usual sourish taste from the apple.  You can actually bite into chunks of apple and pear!  It doesn’t have the usual crusty pastry on the bed so I reckon it is healthier too.  I love the crumbly crumbs that lays on top of the dessert and it is served with a scoop of mandatory vanilla ice-cream with the crumbly dessert.

Harry's Premium LagerHarry’s Premium Lager

One can’t miss having this Harry’s Premium Lager in its golden hue.  It is cool and refreshing and definitely goes well with a lot of bar snacks that was introduced earlier.  I would suggest to pair this lager with Harry’s Wingmen.   This will just kick the day’s woes away!

Harry's Marina Bay Link Mall

I really like the new Harry’s look that appear to be more cool and relax.  This has certainly add on a greater dining experience for its diners with an environment that is comforting, inviting and sophisticated.

Harry's Marina Bay Link MallHarry's Marina Bay Link Mall

The new Harry’s still sport is trademark convivial and laidback vibe with sleek light fixtures which are modelled in the form of trumpets and trombone.  I also love the wall above which features music and sports together.  It is one thing drinking and dining and another thing admiring the artefact that makes up the restaurant.

Harry Marina Bay Link Mall Mirror

And the best quote from the restaurant “My doctor told me to watch my drinking, so now I drink if front of a mirror”.   Now you can literally obey your doctor’s advise.

Harry’s | Marina Bay Link Mall
8A Marina Boulevard
Marina Bay Link Mall
#01-03 Ground Plaza
Singapore 018984
Tel:  6634 6318 / 19
Opening Hours:
Monday to Wednesday:  11.30am to 11pm
Thursday, Friday and eve of Public Holiday: 11.30am to 1am

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