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Chong Qing Chicken Pot @ Food Junction (Bugis) September 15, 2014

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Chong Qing Chicken Pot Bugis Food Junction

With the rise of the foreign population, we are blessed with the introduction of their local cuisine into the country and further adds to the diversity of variety we have here.  No longer do we need to dine in expensive restaurant to have a taste of Chong Qing, now you can enjoy a good Chong Qing Chicken Pot at affordable prices in a food court.  How cool is that?   Chong Qing cuisine has a characteristics of being spicy and numbing to the tongue.  There has been a proliferation of fragrant hot pot, but this Chicken Pot is something extra with that extra oomph!  The menu here has origins that was created by legendary “Ji Gong” or crazy monk and hails from the city of Chong Qing that is widely regarded as having the best cuisines in China.

Chong Qing Chicken Pot Bugis Food Junction Chicken Pot

Using fresh ingredients and unique blends of spices and flavours is the Chong Qing Chicken Pot.  Served steaming hot, the chicken pot is uses a special secret sauce to complement and lift the unique flavouring of the pot.  I loved that there are plenty of bean sprouts and onions in the hot pot.  The hot pot is different from the usual fragrant hot pot as it is served using a claypot that is hot, so be careful when handling it.

Chong Qing Chicken Pot Bugis Food Junction Fennel Beef PotAnother nutritional goodness in a pot is the Fennel Beef Hot Pot.  There is still something for everyone even though the stall name seems to suggest they only have chicken dishes.  But if you asked me, I will say go along with the name and choose the chicken pot which I find is tastier even though they probably used the same ingredients in the pot.

Chong Qing Chicken Pot Bugis Food Junction Frog Leg

Another dish that we tried during the tasting is the dried version fragrant pot which are frog legs!  They are probably deep fried before stir-fried in a myriad of chilli and spices.  There’s lotus roots that is crunchy, water chestnut and peanuts!  This is quite a delightful dish.

You can spot the Chong Qing Chicken Pot easily as you step into the Food Junction @ Bugis.  The stall is located beside the Oden Beef Noodles stall.  You can also check out other dining options at the Food Junction post here.

Food Junction | Bugis Junction
200 Victoria StreetStall #11
#03-30 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Opening Hours:
Open Daily: 10am to 10pm

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