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SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro @ Westgate Mall (Jurong) October 26, 2014

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SYNC korean bistro army stew

I just got back from a trip from Seoul.  Despite the Korean food overloads, but as I was choosing the photos to put up for this post, the memories that was evoked from my dining at SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro was actually rather positive!  I take it that it means the food was authentic enough or just as tasty if not more tasty that those that I have eaten in Korea.  SYNC is located at the 3rd floor of the Westgate Mall.  It may be a little hard to notice as it does not have a prominent shop front as it is tucked away in a quiet corner of the Mall.  But just look out for the Samsung store, the bistro is just located above it.

SYNC korean bistro toppoki with fried bacon and eggToppoki with Fried Bacon and Egg ($7.90)

One of the new item to feature in the menu is Toppoki with Fried Bacon and Egg.  Many people like toppoki or Korean rice cake because they are so chewy!  Adding the egg to the toppoki though is an innovative idea but it does nothing to the dish.  But I liked the chewy and crunchy bacon bits that adds dimension to dish.

sync korean bistro kimchi cheese friesKimchi Cheese Fries ($8)

The Kimchi Cheese Fries was fries drizzled with cheese and chopped kimchi and spring onions.  Those who love kimchi and expecting a flavourful one may be disappointed.  I hardly taste the kimchi and instead taste more of the spring onions which they should really do away with because that probably have masked the taste of the kimchi.

SYNC Korean bistro k-pot stew

K-pot stew ($16)

K-Pot Stew, is actually a funky name to replace what this dish is truly about: the Army Stew;  which is a dish that uses leftover ingredients.  Well, I don’t suppose that SYNC will be using leftover ingredients but the idea is there.  Although served in a paltry-size pot, this dish is power-packed with too many ingredients including an instant ramen to make this a fully satisfying meal on its own.

SYNC korean bistro jajangmyeonJajangmyeon ($12.90)

Another new dish at SYNC is the Jajangmyeon or black bean paste noodles with minced meat.  I would have always thought that this would be a Chinese ramen dish however it seems like a popular Korean dish.  I guess the Korean version usually feature a thicker black bean sauce compared to the Chinese and they have less vegetables.  The proximity of China and Korea could also mean that there are some cross-cultural exchange of food.  This particular Jajiangmyeon was good and richly flavour as it should rightly be.

sync korean bistro bibimbapBibimbap ($15)

You can’t not have Bibimbap is the menu of a Korean restaurant.  Instead of a fried egg, SYNC uses an onsen egg.  (Although using the word onsen doesn’t seem to appropriate in a Korean food post).  I love the sweet corns and mushrooms in the Bibimbap.  For the who prefer rice, this would have been a good order.  The only grouse I have is that it is not served in a hot stone pot.

SYNC korean bistro cold noodles

The other item that was served was this cold noodle dish that was really refreshing.  In fact, this is one of my most favourite dish for the entire food tasting session.

sync-korean-bistro-lava-cakeLava Cakes, Assorted ($10)

Finally, for desserts, we have the molten Lava Cakes.  SYNC has them in 3 flavours :  Matcha, Red Bean and White Chocolate Taro Lava Cake.  I have tried all three and the White Chocolate Taro being my favourite.  I like that the lava cakes all have a molten core, so when you cut the cake, the molten contents will spill out from its core.

Other than food items, SYNC at Westgate also has a cocktail bar at its outdoor sitting area.  They also have a small play area inside the bistro for those who come with kids in toll.

SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro | Westgate
3 Gateway Drive
#03-01 Westgate Mall
Singapore 018984
Tel:  6369 9913
Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday:  11am to 11pm
Friday and eve of Public Holiday: 11am to 12am

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