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La Pizzaiola Italian Pasta Restaurant @ Braddell Heights Estate May 27, 2013

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I was sorting my pictures that I have accumulated since beginning of the year and realised that some time ago, I went to La Pizzaiola, an Italian pasta restaurant and have yet to blog about it. How could I as it is such a lovely place.  La Pizzaiola has two outlets, one in Thomson, the other at Jalan Riang which is at Braddell Heights Estate.  I went to the latter one.


I took a liking for the interior instantly with its unpretentious style.  The entire restaurant is built such that it extends into the backyard. You can see where I took the picture, there is a roof above so you can see the sky.  I like this architecture style as during the day a lot of natural light comes in and at night you can gaze at the moon and star when weather permits.

???????????????????????????????Ravioli Di Salsiccia ($13.90)

This is the handmade ravioli with sausage in spicy tomato sauce.  Spicy indeed is the tomato sauce!  But because of its spiciness, it added a certain naughtiness to the taste, stimulating your senses with the smooth ravioli and tingling sensation of the spice.  The ravioli was done well to my liking – there is a bite to it and not too soggy.  I have to say the sausage is quite fragrant.  It is a dish I would order again.

???????????????????????????????Green Spaghetti with Ham Mushroom and Cream ($12.90)

From the choose your own pasta and sauce option, my friend choose the green spaghetti with ham mushroom and cream.  Nothing spectacular about this dish as you can clearly see from its presentation. It is as unpretentious as the restaurant itself I supposed. 

???????????????????????????????Risotto Ai Funghi Porcini ($14.90)

This Italian rice with porcini mushrooms is quite a delight on its own.  It is smooth and creamy as how a risotto should be. I quite like that the rice are not too grainy as what some other restaurants may serve.

???????????????????????????????Prosciutto E Funghi ($14.90)

The pizza at Pizzaiola is to die for.  I am not sure why they are an Italian pasta restaurant; and their pasta actually are quite average.  But their pizza comes with a oomph!  Is that why it is name is “Pizzaiola”?  This pizza has tomato, mozzarella, ham and button mushrooms and they are very good!  The cheese was good and so were the mushroom.  I love how the mushroom explodes in your mouth when you bite on them.  Crust of the pizza was just nice without being too dry.

La Pizzaoila Parma Ham & Rocket LeavesRucola Parma ($16.90)

Not all pizzas are created equal.  La Pizzaiola has a total of 12 different variety of pizza for you to choose from.  It wasn’t hard for me to pick this pizza immediately because it has my favourite rocket leaves and parma ham!  Together with tomato and Mozzarella combination, the bitterness of the rocket leaves and saltiness of the parma ham are a heavenly combination.


???????????????????????????????Pizzoccheri Della Valtellina ($13.90)

I have never come across this dish.  It was served with a breaded crust on top of the pot and the service staff will come and cut it open for you.  Apparently it is an authentic dish of potatoes, sage and cheese with whole grain pasta in a soupy base.  This dish actually is the specialty of the restaurant.  While it is tasty in its own right, I am not sure if I would order this in my next visit, but again that is because the pizza are so good!

As you can see, the prices are really affordable for a really chill place and pizza as good as it gets.

La Pizzaiola Italian Pasta Restaurant
15-3 Jalan Riang
Braddell Heights Estate
Singapore 358987
Tel: +65 6282 5031
Open Daily: 11.30am to 3pm, 5.30pm – 10.30pm



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