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Food Republic Opens 13th Food Court @ Shaw House [feat. Kimchi Xpress] August 6, 2014

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Food Republic Shaw House Kimchi Xpress Profile

For people who work at the Orchard belt or love shopping at the Orchard area, you can rejoice now with a new Food Republic at opens at the basement of Shaw House.  The current location is where MOS Burger, KFC and Pepper Lunch used to reside.  Further rejoice as there are 18 food stalls and 4 mini restaurants within the food court so you will be spoilt for the choices of carefully selected mix of stores, featuring international and local cuisines that will surely feed your hungry stomach.

Food Republic Shaw House Kimchi Xpress Set

Kimchi Xpress

One of the interesting concept that I experienced at this new Food Republic @ Shaw House is Kimchi Xpress.  This is no ordinary stall selling Korean food.  They have this Korean style mixed rice Bibimbap that allows you to choose the topping and ingredients of your choice with either white rice or kimchi fried rice (additional $1.20).  This is served fresh and piping hot in the traditional dolsot or hot stone bowl that keeps your rice warm to the last spoonful.

Food Republic Shaw House Kimchi Xpress Fried Chicken

Food Republic Shaw House Kimchi Xpress Chicken Fried

Have you tried Korean Fried Chicken already?  Apparently, Korean fried chicken are doubled fried to lock in the flavour and they are all the rage now.  I have a cousin who brought her mum to a Korean fried chicken buffet!  I can’t imagine why anyone would do that?  My cousin is really a junk foodie!  Anyway, the two fried chicken above may look similar but they are definitely not the same as one is sweeten with sauce and the other peppery.  I quite like them both, except that they weren’t exactly hot when served.

Food Republic Shaw House Kimchi Xpress Outlet

Kimchi Xpress is the first express store concept of Kimchi Korean Restaurant.  It is helmed by Head Chef Choi Ming Chui whose impressive culinary stints include Ritz Carlton and Marina Bay Sands.  With a team of talented cooks from various established F&B schools in South Korea, Head Chef Choi is bound to impress its customers at is first Kimchi Xpress outlet, which aims to serve authentic Korean delights at affordable prices to the masses.

Food Republic Shaw House Saladicious Oriental ChickenSaladicious | Oriental Chicken $7.90 (regular) $10.90 (large)

Salad in a good court?  That is probably the first.  If you accompany your friend to the food court and yet you do not want to have a carbo-laden choice, having a salad will be a good choice.  I remember that usually if I want something healthier, I usually head to a yong tau foo store where I can choose vegetables and tofu dishes.  Now there is salad! Cstomers can choose from ready-to-go combinations that changes daily such as the quinesstential pasta with sundried tomatoe and Greek Salad, or leafy salad bases like baby spinach and mixed lettuce, etc.  There are over 30 toppings and some include premium ingredients such as smoked duck and smoked salmon!  Saladicious has many Asian inspired homemade salad dressings such as Thai fish sauce, miso, wasabi and sweet-sour plum to suit local tastebuds.  Have a go at Saladicious.  It may turn so popular it venture out on its own in future!

Food Republic Shaw House Bu Er Xin Steamed Big Spicy Pork BunFood Republic Shaw House Bu Er Xin Steamed Vegetable Bun

Bu Er Xin | Assorted steamed buns from $2.80

Bu Er Xin is a new kid on the block in Singapore, but they have a chain of restaurants in Dalian, China.  Local or PRCs may enjoy some authentic tastes of the north-east china which includes the brand’s famous Steamed Big Crab Meat Bun and Steamed Big Spicy Pork Bun which are believed to be enjoyed by Emperor Qian Long!  I have tried the spicy pork bun which has a juicy interior and soft and tender minced pork.  I am surprised though the spiciness is just not up to mark.  Can definitely be spicier!  The steamed vegetable buns was good with leafy vegetables like mustard leaves, black fungus, mushrooms etc.  This variety of texture and flavours with a mish-mash of savoury and sour taste are quite unique from the regular turnip steamed buns we have.

Other specialities include Noodle Soup with Braised Pork Belly, Signature Noodle Soup with Big Pork Bone and Happy Family Wanton.

Food Republic Shaw House Heniu Teppanyaki

Sumire Yakitori-Tei

For meat lovers, Sumire Yakitori-Tei will sate your appetite with their choice of skewers, especially so as their yakitori skewers are 10g to 15g bigger than the usual.  From an established yakitori restaurant Sumire Yakitori House from Tokyo Japan which has 25 outlets in Singapore and 1 in Singapore, this is their first express concept at Food Republic @ Shaw House.  I love particular their pork balls which have soft bones within that makes each bite interesting.  Their specialities also include karaage and donburi.

Food Republic Shaw House Nihon Ryori Sushi Sashimi California Maki Cha Soba setNihon Ryori

For those who prefer a truly Japanese experience, Nihon Ryori choices of sashimi and sushi offerings will be able to please your palate and craving for Japanese fare.  Dine in more exclusive comfort as Nohon Ryori is  mini restaurant by itself.  So you don’t have to fight for seats with the patrons from 18 other food stores.

Food Republic Shaw House Toa Payoh Lorong 7 Teochew Fish Ball NoodlesFood Republic Shaw House Toa Payoh Lorong 7 Teochew Fish BallToa Payoh Lorong 7 Teochew Fishball Noodle

These fishballs from Toa Payoh Lorong 7 Teochew Fishball Noodle store is as authentic as it gets.  Using top grade fish meat that are freshly produce daily, these superior yellowtail fish are made twice-daily and kept chilled but never frozen.  The fishball are so soft and springy I am sure it will be well loved by both the old and the young.  2nd generation store owner Eddie Lim stayed true to his father legacy by using the same method to make fishball since his father’s time.  He also create their own chilli sauce and fry their own crispy pork lard which are essential ingredients to the bowl of noodle that is delicately prepared bowl by bowl.  Their fishball noodles are well loved since 1968!  That’s before I was born.

Food Republic Shaw House Fruit Drink Stall

I also have an enjoyable Banana milk shake with chocolate to go with my tasting at Food Republic Shaw House.  I have shortlisted a few for my next visit.  I would definitely want to try out Brisket King Beef Noodles.  I can’t forget the lovely beef noodles I had at Food Republic @ Westgate, so I want to make a comparison between the two.  I always have a penchant for a good double boiled soup, so Orchard Road Soup Guru will also make it to the list.  One of my favourite item I always have is Yong Tau Foo because it is the most economical and value for money.  So Wen Wen Handmade Yong Tau Foo will make to the list.  They have some unique ingredients such as beansprouts pancake, beancurd pancake and yam pancake.  I am salivating just thinking of these.  If I want a more exclusive dining experience, then I probably choose Makan Bagus Indonesian Cusine for its Ayam Penyet Set.  Being its 8th store at Food Republic Shaw House, it speaks volume being able to survive all the competition and yet so welcomed by diners and spreading it presence islandwide.

Many thanks to Shauna from Sixth Sense PR and Li Qi from Food Republic for hosting this tasting session and sharing many interesting nuggets of information about each individual food store.

Food Republic | Shaw House
350 Orchard Road
#B1-02 Shaw House
Singapore 238868
Opening Hours:
Open Daily: 10am to 10pm

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Food Republic Opens 13th Food Court @ Shaw House [feat. Kimchi Xpress] | Thoughts on Air

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