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Nylon Coffee Roasters @ Everton Park July 14, 2013

Posted by gurkhason in cafe, singapore.


My friend brought me to Nylon sometime ago and I was rather surprise with its location. Well, you know a lot of these third wave coffee shops are located at the most “ulu-fied” (local slang for desserted) place. My suspicion is so that they do not incur exorbitant rental such that it becomes unviable for business to continue operations. As my friend drove, so I don’t know how else we can get there except by a four wheel drive. Hmm… but since it is located below HDB block and beside a school compound, I reckon you can take a bus there or walk from the nearest MRT which is Outram. Probably a 15-20 minutes walk.


Nylon is not really a cafe. They are roasters, which means they roasts coffee beans for other cafes as bulk of their business. Hence, there are limited seats within the shop itself. My favourite seat would be the wooden crate outside as you can bask under the sun and enjoy some quietness of the neighborhood. Surprisingly it has a very serene environment out there as the block is on a mound so the first level is elevated from the main road. There’s a small little garden pavilion just outside the shop. You gotta be there to know what I mean.

???????????????????????????????Espresso with Milk 5 Oz

Nylon serves coffee in different volume, just as Penny University. Apparently, I heard that Nylon was the first who started this trend of serving coffee in ounces in Singapore! I’m pretty sure this trend will follow. Quite frankly, I feel that this makes it easier for consumers because ultimately a latte, or cappuccino, or flat white is just espresso with milk for most of us. However for really discerning coffee drinker, you end up being disappointed at times when you are served the wrong style of coffee. Because the proportion of richness, thickness and texture of the milk is often not quite what you would expect. I shall endeavour to write more about this the next time!

???????????????????????????????Filter Coffee

My friend frequents the coffee joint, so he has the priviledge to try this filtered coffee specially prepared by the barista! I am not a coffee connoisseur, but apparently the coffee suppose to taste rich while it is hot and a little fruity flavour when it cools a little. I found this coffee to be a little tame for me as it does not have the body and aroma I like.


Because the establishment is a roaster, therefore its shop front is pretty small. There are probably seats good only for 5-6 people (unless you don’t mind standing around). In my short visit, it seems that its guest seems to know one another, or maybe they are easy with conversations. I will usually shy from crowd so I did not participate in their batter. With all the exchanges going on of its patrons, it makes this place more warm compared to other bigger cafes. If only I live just above, I would have frequent this place often.


Despite the small set up, the proprietor did do up a nice job to spruce up the place a little with the wall displays, or this magazine rack (above) for people to browse some papers or magazines while they sip their coffee. Nylon Coffee Roasters is a nice place to have a cuppa. Hopefully my friend will bring me there again when we go on our next coffee spree!

Nylon Coffee Roasters
4 Everton Park
#01-40 Singapore 080004
Tel: +65 6220 2330
Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 6pm
(Closed on Tuesday)



1. The Drinking Market - July 16, 2013

No Doubt. NYLON has always been my top choice for Coffee!

2. zeewangZee - July 22, 2013

Thanks for the beautiful sharing….chance upon though I was looking for interesting eating venue…

Will pop by to experience the taste of the exotic coffee…

gurkhason - July 22, 2013

Thanks Zee. Do check out for more. Cheers.

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[…] are a coffee addict and knows somewhat your coffee, this probably wouldn’t go far.  I prefer Nylon Roasters and Flock Café, just to name […]

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