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Flight of Fancy @ Gardens by the Bay June 3, 2013

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You must be thinking, what’s going on after the spectacular of tulips display at the flower dome? The flower field at the changes periodically according to the seasons and theme. This time around is Flight of Fancy at Gardens by the Bay. And we have a little surprise today!


Instead of the usual pot of plants that signals the change and also the theme of the new floral display at the flower field, we have foreign visitors in hot air balloon.  We don’t see only one, but quite a few of the hot air balloons as we enter the flower dome.  But prominently displayed at the usual spot where the potted plants stood, the visitors has many guests posing their pictures with.


There you go, the picturesque view of the flower field.  The flight of fancy will feature some plants that will take flight such as lalang.  The hot air balloons add color and vibrancy to the flower dome.


Because the flight of fancy is not only hot air balloon; although they are the most prominent, but air planes also are part of the flight. So there is also a fancy old aviation aircraft at the flower field. Love the bright red colors that enhances the colourful and vibrancy of the garden. It makes the place more exciting than it already is.


Lovely hot air balloon again. No matter where you are, you get a good view and good picture. This actually is one of my favourite shot for the day  because in the frame there is the balloon the in background, the morning-glory in the foreground as well as the top of the gazebos.  Probably I love the combination of the colours in the pictures as well.


There you go, the flower field and the another balloon display with aviation bears taking flight in hot air balloon. Noticed that in the background there are also bundles of colorful balloons. I hope gardens by the bay can also distribute balloons during the peak seasons for the kids. I am sure they will love it.  Actually the field has got too little lalang!  In the past when I was in army, I actually have to tread through a whole field of lalang taller than myself.  It is a scary experience because you can’t see anything in front nor have any idea what’s crawling underneath.  (Heard there’s a lot of snakes!).  But on the other hand when I see some of the wedding photos of my friend featuring long white lalang, they look really soothing and romantic.


Remember I say there is a surprise awaiting earlier? There you go, the Floral Display theme comes to the Cloud Forest too! This is the very first time a theme display takes place at the Cloud Forest. Very interesting and smart! As most visitors passes through the Flower Dome before visiting the Cloud Forest, therefore the balloons display are a little more subtle. Of course we doesn’t want to steal the thunder of the magnificent waterfall as we enter the Cloud Forest.


Surprise #2. Kites! Who would have thought of that? Hanging just below the Tree Top Walk, these kites adds on to the flight fancy theme. If you noticed, the “batik” prints are used for the kites. I personally like it a lot because batik is an Asian artistic expression. To display an Asian floral batik prints is matching of what we have in our uniquely Singapore gardens?



Checking out the hot air balloon from the Cloud Walk which is almost 35 metres from ground level.  You can see the epiphytes plan species that clings on the side of the mountain.  Quite a sight to behold.


Visualisation of the hot air balloon rising up above to the canopy walk.  I like how the hot air balloon is surrounded by all the greens.  I really enjoy the Flight of Fancy display in the Cloud Forest although it is not that fanciful.   Imagine how the Flower Dome was so crowded during the Tulipmania, I hope with this new theme display will let people experience the Cloud Forest for a change, and also to spread the crowd.  Otherwise it is really a “mania” at the Flower Dome again.

Flight of Fancy @ Gardens by the Bay
(03 June to 21 July 2013)
18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore 018953
Tel: +65 6420-6848
Open daily: 9am to 9pm

Admission Charges Apply

Want to see more pictures of the Flight of Fancy display by clicking on the link.


Hot Air Balloon and Plane.  Which fly higher?


Nice colorful bunch of balloons.  Where are the windmill from?  Tsk tsk tsk…..


Second Hot Air Balloon as you turn from the Water Fall View.  This is Surprise #3.


Finish off the visit with a beautiful sight of Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Flyer.  Lovely colour of the skies.

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