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Christmas Sugar Mountain @ Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay December 25, 2013

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Christmas Sugar Mountain Gardens by the Bay

Merry Christmas everyone!  Today I shall share with you the magical story of the love, hope and joy going on at the Christmas Sugar Mountain at the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay.

Christmas Tree Flower Dome Gardens by the Bay

Arriving at the Flower Dome, you will be greeted by a giant tree decorated with poinsettia.  Their characteristic red and bright leaves are often mistaken as petals of flowers but in fact they are actually modified leaves.  An unusual Christmas tree as it is all dressed in red, many visitors stood beside this unique tree and have their picture taken.

Reindeers at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay Reindeers, Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay Reindeers Leaping at the Flower Dome

Another iconic feature of Christmas is reindeers which is not lacking at the Christmas display.  These reindeers made of cane material are looks very lively.  What is missing though is a sleigh and father santa!

Flower Field Christmas Decoration, Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay Festive Trees at the Flower Field

Flower Dome, Gardens by the BayBromeliad Christmas Trees

Do you like these trees made with bromeliads? If you frequent the Gardens by the Bay enough, you should be able to recognised that these bromeliads are used to cover the vertical supertree structures.  At this season, they are used to be made into Christmas like trees.  How innovative the horticulturist and landscape artists at Gardens by the Bay are!  Many of them stood proudly at the Flower Field adding a lot of festive cheer.

Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay

Some addition of greens to the festive display bring more colour and delight.  It also breaks away from the monotony of the red and purple hues which are very prominent at the display.  The three of them stood there like the three musketeers screaming for attention.  I hope visitors remember to snap pictures of them, and not only those that are donned with stars.

Sugar Mountain Display, Flower Dome, Gardens by the BayChristmas Sugar Mountain @ Flower Dome

When I stepped into the flower field and immediately thought I was transported into the Cloud Forest instead and what stood in front of me is a magnificent display of a man-made mountain, which is the key highlight of the Christmas display this year.  The display is designed by famous landscape artist Mr.Kazuyuki Ishihara from Japan.  Probably the first collaboration the Gardens have for an external landscapist to design the colour.   I am awestruck by the fascinating displaying with a story to boot!  And I am happy to hear it directly from Mr Ishihara.

Kazuyuki Ishihara telling the story of Christmas Sugar Mountain Kazuyuki Ishihara tells the story

Mr Ishihara is a very energetic, fun and animated person.  In fact I would say I like his flamboyant sense of fashion.  And he shared with the audience his creation of the Christmas Sugar Mountain.  When I first know of the Christmas Sugar Mountain, I had thought the Gardens has built a giant gingerbread house in the flower field, so witnessing what was in front of me and listening to the interesting story of Ananas & Berry really changed my perception quickly.

Ananas & Berry at Christmas Sugar Mountain, Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay Ananas and Berry

Ananas and Berry, the pineapple boy and strawberry girl met at a magical mountain.  They wandered through the mountain carefreely and soon enough fell in love with one another.  Being very much in love, they decided to get married at their newfound paradise.  So Ananas built a little house for themselves  (The house is in the background of the picture, I should have gotten a better picture!) to provide for a cosy shelter and love nest.

Vehicle at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay Car of Ananas Pineapple Boy

One day, Ananas the pineapple boy suggested to use his car to bring her wife Berry the strawberry girl on a honeymoon.  They wandered further into the mountain and was joyous when they realised that there are so many fruits and vegetables growing around the mountain area.  With the abundance of food to provide for their needs, they decided to call the magical mountain their home and live happily ever after.

Fruits and Vegetables at Sugar Mountain Fruits & Vegetable Display

Along with the landscape display, the mountain garden also features many different fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, chilli, eggplant, lady fingers, red peppers, pineapple and strawberry.  There are also different kind of lettuce all around the flower field.  I was resisting very hard not to pluck and bite into them.

The clever display at the flower field designed by Kazuyuki Ishihara stems from his belief in the power of food to bridge the disparities in society.  In the same spirit during this Christmas festive season of giving, the display also gently reminded me of how we should be caring and giving to the ones we love.  This enchanting display will certainly promise to delight both the old and young, and prove particularly educational for the young ones on the different vegetations they will see at the flower field.

The Christmas Sugar Mountain will continued to be featured in the flower field till 05 January 2014 for a facelift for the next Spring Display, probably a Chinese New Year theme.  I’m so excited to come back to the Flower Dome again.

Flower Dome @ Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore 018953
Tel: +65 6420-6848
Open daily: 9am to 9pm

Admission Charges Apply

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