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Spring Celebrations at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay January 30, 2013

Posted by gurkhason in garden.


It’s no surprise that is it spring time in the Flower Dome, its perpetual spring in there. With spring celebrations as its new theme in the flower field, there is plenty of new year cheer and celebratory mood.


As you enter the flower dome, you will be greeted by the red and pink lanterns and Chinese new year decorations on the left side of the dome which is the Mediterranean Garden. Hmm… guess why there isn’t any at the Baoba or succulent garden?


The pavilion in the flower dome renders different views depending on where you stand. Some charming, some mysterious, some elegant. One have to see to feel and experience it.


Surrounded by the pavilion in the flower field are many flowers to enhance the festivity. Did you spot the snake? I was really impressed they could actual craft a long elongated body of a snake from the tangerines plant! Plus a twig as its tongue. 2 thumbs up for this.


The snake represents the year of the horoscope. Those born in the snake year are intelligent and wise so this ought to be a good year for newly wed to have babies! Jia you my friends.


What is chinese new year without lion dance? The lion dance is supposed to ward away the evil, which is the beastie creature called Nien. The loud drumming is supposed to scare away the beast which came and ravage the villagers fields, crops and animals according to the Chinese legends. Singapore just passed a regulation to allow only those who have the necessary art licence to go their rounds to people houses to do its “rituals”. We are such a nation of control freaks.


The red lanterns are one of the most prominent feature of the garden. Perhaps for its bright red color and associated with CNY. When placed beside the pavilion it has an effect of increasing sophistication to the environment.


I love the bird-eye view of the gardens. This is from where the eagles are looking. This is also likely the highest point of the flower dome.




The garden transforms itself during the day and night.  It is particularly enchanting when its lighted up. You really got to see it for yourself to truly experience it.

There is no better time to see the flower dome then this spring. Head down quickly while the flower still flourish.



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