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SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro @ Westgate Mall (Jurong) October 26, 2014

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SYNC korean bistro army stew

I just got back from a trip from Seoul.  Despite the Korean food overloads, but as I was choosing the photos to put up for this post, the memories that was evoked from my dining at SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro was actually rather positive!  I take it that it means the food was authentic enough or just as tasty if not more tasty that those that I have eaten in Korea.  SYNC is located at the 3rd floor of the Westgate Mall.  It may be a little hard to notice as it does not have a prominent shop front as it is tucked away in a quiet corner of the Mall.  But just look out for the Samsung store, the bistro is just located above it.



Crystal Jade Ginseng Chicken & BBQ Restaurant Celebrates 10 Years of Korean Cuisine @ Ngee Ann City July 15, 2014

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Crystal Jade Ginseng Chicken & BBQ Restaurant Imperial Hotpot with Assorted Vegetable (Kimchi)

It has been a good 10 years that Crystal Jade offers its popular Korean cuisine – namely the Korean Ginseng Chicken and Korean BBQ treats.  Diners can continue to be pampered by its comforting Korean cuisine in its newly relocated premise to Basement 2 in Ngee Ann City (more affectionately known as Takashimaya).  The new outlet is spanking new and more cosy for diners.  The restaurant also now offer new healthy and wholesome dishes such as the pictured Korean Imperial Hotpot with Assorted Vegetable ($39 per serving) that comes with a choice of beef, pork or chicken.  I had the kimchi broth which has been laboriously prepared through slow boiling over a few days to render the thick and rich flavour.  Good for 2-4 person per serving, order some fresh Korean Handmade Noodles ($3/ serving) for a complete experience.


Food Republic @ Westgate (Jurong) April 27, 2014

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Westgate Food Republic Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles

Visiting Food Republic is a special experience each time because not only do they congregate all the popular and famous food stalls from across the island in a single locality, but they are also specially designed with a unique theme for an overall awesome dining experience, and an affordable one to boot!  Its latest food court at Westgate welcomes customers with a dramatic factor of a theatrical atmosphere that exudes a surreal feel of being in the middle of a stage set-up.  22 tenants are meticulously handpicked for their culinary flair, traditional tastes and wholesome flavours.  We are again spoilt for choices from some of the truly delightful hawker fares.


Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ Restaurant @ East Coast Park August 15, 2013

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Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ

My earliest acquaintance with Korean BBQ is with Ju Shin Jung.  It is located along the East Coast Park that is above Burger King and beside Long Beach Seafood and Waraku Japanese Restaurant.  There is also the prawning farm in its vicinity.

Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ

Dining at Ju Shin Jung always appear as a grand affair because of the number of side dishes which they bring out and how the sauces and appetizers are laid in front of you.  Look at the picture, its amazing!  I love when the table is filled with food because its as though dining like a king!

Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ

For a buffet price of $29++ (We had a lunch on Sunday) you get unlimited pork and chicken.  Pork belly is definitely my favourite.  Look at how thick cut the beef is.  They are very generous in the portion of meat they given even though it is a buffet.

Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQPork

Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQChicken

Although the meat are not very well presented when served to us, however be assured that after barbequing, it taste really fantastic!  Especially the chicken which is very well marinated and taste so tender!

Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ

Ju Shin Jung is a full service restaurant which means you also don’t have to be bothered about BBQing the meat.  Let the expert do their job.  The service staff also do their rounds serving other tables while waiting for the meat to be grilled to perfection.  As they constantly have to check back to your table, therefore the service is almost impeccable as you can tell them when you need refill of the side dishes or water or to bring extra utensils.  Very personalised service.

Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ

I wondered if the grill that Ju Shin Jung used are proprietary.  As compared to other Korean BBQ restaurants like E!GHT Korea BBQ and Ssikkek Korea BBQ,  their grill is very far apart.  This means that hardly any of their meat sticks to the grill or pan used.  As a result the meat is taste less “charred” and more succulent.  It is interesting to see the fiery red of the BBQ too.


E!GHT Korean BBQ Restaurant @ The Central, Clarke Quay August 10, 2013

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Eight at Central Clarke Quay

I say, those living in Singapore really have to count on their blessings.  We are so blessed with the kind of food choices we have.  For instance, just Korean BBQ itself, we already see so many different outlets and franchise sprouting out over the years.  Today, I will share one unique Korean BBQ that comes from a long way from Los Angeles.  Known as Palsaik, which in Korean known as “8 flavours”, now we also can have a taste of these wonderful strips of Bekshire pork all the way from USA.

Eight at Central Clarke Quay  BanchanComplimentary Banchan

As usual, before the start of any korean food fare, we are treated to banchan or the side dishes.  The banchan is nothing to scream about, but quite noteworthy is their potato salad which is mixed with eggs which gives it a very interesting texture.

Eight FlavoursCredit: http://palsaikbbq.com/Eight at Central Clarke Quay8 Colours Set ($98)*

E!GHT is named after its eponymous 8 colours set, which features scrumptious slices of Berkshire pork belly in an array of flavours.  Thick-cut pork belly are expertly marinated into 8 different tantalising flavours which are definitely treats to your taste buds. Each strip is elegantly rolled and presented on a wooden tray with clear labels of what each flavour is.  (See banner picture)

The milder ones are wine, original, ginseng and garlic (in the same order), while the more flavourful ones are herb, curry, miso paste and red pepper.  For the milder taste, I would like the wine which has a very welcoming taste and the garlic which is done in such a way that it doesn’t taste too garlicky to lose the porky flavour.  For stronger flavour, I find the curry to be a really nice surprise while the miso paste is very interesting.  I like how the 8 flavours tickles the tastebuds and leave you wanting for more.

Eight at Central Clarke Quay

E!GHT is a full service restaurant, so you can just sit back and have a conversation with your friends while the food is being grilled by the service staff.  The server will actually recommend you the best order to relish the BBQ meat.

Eight at Central Clarke Quay 100% Berkshire Pork

Eight at Central Clarke Quay

E!GHT uses these matt black crockery that is specially designed to meet their specifications and needs.  The meats and vegetables are cooked on these made-to-order grill.  They actually sit at a slight angle so that any excess oil can flow away from the meat and down to a small waste trap.  This helps to reduce smoke and splatters.

Eight at Central Clarke Quay Seafood Bean Paste StewSeafood Bean Paste Stew

Included in the 8 colours set is a seafood or chicken bean paste stew.  The stew has generous portion of seafood, tofu and vegetables and this is good for 3-4 people to share.   The soup will be served with a pot of stock and fresh ingredients and cooked over the stove in front of the diner like a hote pot.

Eight at Central Clarke QuayFried Rice ($8)

A clear Scorched Rice Soup will also be served at the end of the meal to cleanse the palate.  We opted instead for the fried rice for an additional $8.  What you see is the rice being served to you, but it will be fried in front of you on the grill they just barbequed the meat.

Eight at Central Clarke QuayPreparing the fried rice

Eight at Central Clarke Quay

Do not expect the usual fried rice that you will expect from the zhi char store.  The fried rice uses the remain of the bean paste stew or the remains from the grill to whip up the fried rice.  This is also how the Korean have their starch at the end of the meal.

Eight at Central Clarke Quay Chul Pan?Chul Pan – Beef Brisket ($17)

For those intend to have E!GHT for lunch, you can order this lunch special Chul Pan set, which is a elegant tower of thinly sliced meats sitting on top of a heap of vegetables.  I love how it is presented towering like this.  Makes me wanna say “Don’t let it fall!”.

Eight at Central Clarke Quay

We have the honour for Jamie; the co-owner; to do the cooking of Chul Pan for us.  The same for other lunch time diners, the Chul Pan will be stir-fried with the housemade gochujang; or Korean red pepper paste.  Steamed rice will be served on the side.  This dish requires a minimum order of 2 portions of meat.  You can choose between pork ($16), chicken ($15) and beef ($17).  You can mix pork and chicken, or any combination you like.

Eight at Central Clarke Quay

I like the interior design of the restaurant which has an edgy industrial aesthetics.  Short of the wall with the brick-wall designed (which is gaining high popularity these days), the floor and other parts of the walls are cemented which gives it a very raw industrial feel.  The stools are also special because they resemble oil drums with cushioned top.  The cushion top can be lifted to stash your bags and belonging so that you can dine in more comfort without needing to “guard” your bags!  Awesome idea isn’t it?

I say, give E!GHT Korea BBQ a try, it will blow your mind away. At E!GHT, it will also change your perception of how Korea BBQ meats are prepared and grilled because the flavours are so awesome that you will certainly crave to come back for more.  Just like me.

E!ght Korean BBQ | Clarke Quay
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#02-79/90 The Central
Singapore 059817
Tel: 6222 2159
Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm (Last order 2pm)
Dinner: 5.30pm – 11pm (Last order 10pm)

*8 Colours Set – using iPhone/iPad application Moldiv a collage creating software to create.