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The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Hotel, Singapore April 22, 2014

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The Terrace Conrad Sweet & Savoury Treats

Experience an artisanal treats of fine bakery and sweet desserts at Terrace Café by Conrad Centennial Hotel.  Set in a comfortable alfresco setting at the corner of the hotel, The Terrace is a new darling not only for its hotel guests, but also for those working around the Milennia /Marina Bay area on weekdays and for weekenders looking at chilling out away from crowded malls and cafés.

Last weekend, I was hosted to The Terrace at Conrad Centennial by the folks from Conrad and Qin Xin from Nuff Nang.  We were treated to the T-wraps from the Shawarma station as well as the award winning epicurean food and beverages made y the hotel’s outstanding culinary team.The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Hotel Shawarma Chef

Once we arrived, the chef started being busy preparing the Shawarma wraps for us. Shawarma is essentially a sandwich made with sliced chicken and vegetables on a wrap.  Some background on the popularity of Shawarma: during one of the scene in Avengers, Iron Man asked Captain America “Have you ever tried Shawarma?”  And after the credit rolls, a scene shows them chomping down on Shawarma.  Since then, this middle eastern like “kebab” has gained popularity.

The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Hotel Shawarma

In the Shawarma are succulent chicken shavings wrapped in garlic sauce, vegetables and choice of either the wasabi or BBQ sauce.

The Terrace Conrad Centennial Hotel ShawarmaShawarama T-Wrap ($7.50)

The Shawarma is available during lunch time on weekdays and are popular with the lunch crowd who wants a fast snack for takeaway.  Simply just placed an order and within minutes, you can savour a healthy snack that is bursting with goodness of proteins and crunchy vegetables.  They are conveniently wrapped so that it is easy to handle and you won’t get messy from the wrap.

Tea with Dw

Enjoying the Shawarma T-wrap with BFF! Photo credit from herself!  Enjoying this afternoon delight at the outdoors of Conrad while checking out fast and flashy cars parked outside the hotel.  We heard that the parking space is exclusive for a private car club.  That explains why there are always expensive cars parked there.

The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Hotel Curry PuffChicken Curry Puff ($6.50)

We were also treated to the Chicken Curry Puff.  This chicken curry puff is a hugely popular item at the Terrace Café.  There is little wonder why because I love the flaky pastry and the spicy potato and chicken curry.

The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Hotel CalzoneChicken & Mushroom Calzone ($7.50)

The Calzone is like a western style curry puff except the fact that it is without curry and made with a sort of folded bread.  I actually prefer this to the curry puff and like the chewy texture of the exterior.  It is also filled with diced chicken and mushrooms.  Although it is quite plain, but it definitely is very tasty.

The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Hotel SandwichesGourmet Croissants ($4.50)

A selection of croissants are also available.  Above is the Grill Vegetable & Goat Cheese Coriander croissant sandwich and Turkey Ham and Cheddar Cheese croissant sandwich.  Just like 365days, I also felt that there was too much of the cheese going on in the sandwich that stole the taste of the grilled vegetable.

The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Hotel Sandwiches 2

The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Hotel SandwichesParma Ham, Mozzarella & Basil Leaves &
Soya Beef, Paprika & Greens ($4.50 each)

 These handy and bite size sandwiches are perfect finger food to indulge in on a lazy afternoon. I really like the soya beef croissant sandwich which is succulent and well marinated.

The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Hotel Smoked Salmon BagelSmoked Salmon Bagel ($7.50)

Usually bagel are dense and thick and feels heavy on the palate.  This smoked salmon bagel is different with a soft texture of the bagel.  Up to this point, I felt very spoilt for choice with so many savoury treats to choose from.  I feel like to arrange for another afternoon tea soon at The Terrace soon.

The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Hotel Chocolate Royal Hazelnut CrunchChocolate Royal Hazelnut Crunch ($11)

There are choices for those with sweet tooth.  The Chocolate Royal Hazelnut Crunch is the signature cake for Conrad Hotel.  I love the sweet and rich chocolate taste complemented by hazelnut cream and bits of the crunch at the bottom.

The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Hotel Glazed Macadamia Chocolate FondantGlazed Macadamia Chocolate Fondant ($7)

The winner for me is the glazed macadamia chocolate fondant.  First, I love the chocolate coated glazed macadamia that is crunchy with every bite.  The inside is a rich and thick chocolate “fondant” that almost like the molten lava in a warm chocolate cake.  This chocolate fondant is topped with creamed chocolate, pistachio and golden foil for a classy finish.  I am not a chocolate fan and yet so much in love with this dessert.

The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Hotel CupcakeConrad Cupcakes

We were also treated to cupcakes!  The cake is actually a buttery marble cake topped with cream.  These are just so fabulous like the cake treats we have earlier.

The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Hotel Cupcakes Charlene

While all the bloggers were excitedly taking pictures of the food we are having, I managed to snatched a photo of fellow blogger who attended the event.  Thank you Charlene for allowing me to post this picture!

The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Hotel

The Terrace | Conrad Centennial Hotel
2 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038982
Tel: 6432 7487
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 7am to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday: 1oam to 8pm

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Feel like going back again!

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