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McDonald’s Singapore Nachos Filet-O-Fish February 6, 2014

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McDonald Singapore Nachos Cheese Fillet O Fish Box

McDonald’s Singapore launches the new Nachos Filet-O-Fish today at its restaurant island-wide.  This is the same-old Alaskan white fish filet except that the nachos replaces the tartar sauce and sliced lettuce is an added condiment to the filet.

The set meal goes at $5 (single filet) and $6.90 (double filet) set.  This means McDonald’s controls the pricing and individual store cannot charge on their own.  This should be encouraged.

McDonald Singapore Nachos Cheese Fillet O Fish

Verdict:  While the new nachos sauce is the novelty, however I still prefer my good old Filet-O-Fish with the tartar sauce.  The lettuce also taste kind of weird with the steam bun as well.  Maybe because the nachos sauce on my filet-o-fish is too little for me to appreciate fully.  Makes me wonder if that is the standard portion for the burger or mine has too little in it.  As you can see from the picture, there’s hardly enough nachos on my filet-o-fish.   I wish that they have as much nachos sauce as they have on their Prosperity Burger series that was just discontinued.

Have fun watching the McDonald’s Nachos Filet-Fish commercial on youtube below.

McDonald’s Singapore | Corporate Office
11 King Albert Park
Singapore 598292
Tel: 6462 0800
Locate the nearest McDonald’s near you here.

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