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Bark Cafe @ Upper Changi North (Beside Changi Museum) August 23, 2013

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Bark Cafe Changi Chapel Museum

Sometime back I had lunch at Bark Cafe with my BFF at The Bark Cafe.  I am not the sort who would prefer to dine with no air-conditioning and under the hot afternoon sun.  It makes me feel hot and sweaty, and as a result I always could never enjoy the food very much.  In fact, I may turn really irritable and want to head to somewhere with air-con or just head straight home.  But because BFF knows better, so I follow suit especially when BFF’s partner has a car so we scoot to Bark Cafe which is located on the inaccessible part of Changi next to where the Changi Chapel Museum is.

Bark Cafe Tomatoes Fried Cheese SaladTomatoes Fried Cheese Salad ($14)

As you probably realised by now, I am quite an accommodating friend.  Although not a cheese fan, I agreed to share a tomatoes fried cheese salad.  It look quite interesting on the menu and turn out I quite enjoy the deep fried cheese with a rubbery texture.   The tomatoes are chunky and accompanied with a nice balsamic dressing.

Bark Cafe Honey Glazed Chicken BurgerHoney Glazed Chicken Burger ($16)

I have chosen a honey glazed chicken burger as my main but I did not expect it to be such a huge piece of chicken on my seemingly small sesame seed bun.   The chicken is rather tender and juicy and coated with a sweet layer of honey.  The greens beside is refreshing and I most enjoyed the corn on cob and baked potatoes that comes along with it.  Even though it is a burger, but the huge piece of chicken can really pass off as a chicken chop.  This order is quite a steal.

Bark Cafe Russian Grilled ChickenRussian Grilled Chicken ($18.90)

BFF ordered the Russian Grilled Chicken.  You may ask what is so Russian about this dish.  That’s because the grilled chicken thigh if drizzled with a oriental vodka cream sauce.  BFF was kind and generous to cut a small portion for me and I actually love the vodka sauce very much, much more than my honey glazed chicken.  The chicken sits on a bed of mashed potatoes comes along with my favourite french beans!

Bark Cafe Seafood Fried RiceSeafood Fried Rice with Sunny Side Up and Fried Chicken ($13)

BFF’s Partner had the seafood fried rice.  In normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have ordered a fried rice because it would have cost so much more if you order from a local zhi char store.  However, this seafood fried rice is worth every dollar with lots of ingredients going on.  It is accompanied by some achar; a pickled salad with myraid flavours of sweet and sour with crushed peanuts.  There’s also deep fried chicken with the rice.

Bark Cafe TreeChempaka Puteh Tree

Bark Cafe Tree SignageBark Cafe sits directly beside the Changi Museum, which is dedicated to those who lived and died in Singapore particularly in the Changi area during the dark years of World War II.  Just beside the cafe sits a Chempaka Puteh Tree, belonging to the Magnolia family with white and fragrant flowers.    It is planted to honor military and civilian Americans who served in the Asia Pacific in World War II.  It is with great significance that the tree still stands where it is to remind the younger generation of the brave soldiers who fought the war that brings the peace we enjoy today.

If you come by the area, do visit the Changi Museum and remember to stop by Bark Cafe for a meal.  Check out their closing time, it is perfect for late night supper!

Bark Cafe
1000 Upper Changi Road North
Singapore 507707
Tel: +65 6545 4118
Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday & Sunday: 11.00 am to 1.00 am
Friday – Saturday: 11.00 am to 2.00 am



1. Sonal Chinchwadkar - August 25, 2013

Looks yum!!! And the place is quite serene too!

gurkhason - August 25, 2013

You bet it is, especially it being located beside a museum to respect those warriors in WWII.

2. mysketchbookproject - August 26, 2013

the place looks really pretty! But i think dinners and late nights will be best, like you said.

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