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Food Republic @ Westgate (Jurong) April 27, 2014

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Westgate Food Republic Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles

Visiting Food Republic is a special experience each time because not only do they congregate all the popular and famous food stalls from across the island in a single locality, but they are also specially designed with a unique theme for an overall awesome dining experience, and an affordable one to boot!  Its latest food court at Westgate welcomes customers with a dramatic factor of a theatrical atmosphere that exudes a surreal feel of being in the middle of a stage set-up.  22 tenants are meticulously handpicked for their culinary flair, traditional tastes and wholesome flavours.  We are again spoilt for choices from some of the truly delightful hawker fares.

Westgate Food Republic Mei Shi Quan Fried Carrot CakeFried Carrot Cake (Black & White) $6

Do you like your fried carrot cake to be black or white?  Personally I don’t have a preference depending on my mood.  Sometimes I crave the sweetness of the fried carrot cake with the radish while other times I can have the savoury style.  From Mei Shi Quan, the store owner is not a stranger to the local food scene with his first food store set up at the carpark opposite to CentrePoint in 2004.  Since then, he has brought many local delights such as fried hokkien prawn mee, fried kway teow, and fried oyster omelette.  Now residents in the west can savour these local delights at the Food Republic at Westgate.

Westgate Food Republic Original Fish Village Fish Been HoonTwin Fish Bee Hoon Soup ($6.30)

From Lau Pat Sat and now to Westgate is this twin fish bee hoon soup from Original Fish Village.  This is no ordinary fish soup because it combines both fish and chicken soup broth with a blend of aromatic herbs.  Their springy noodles are specially imported from Fu Jien, China.  Other than the fish bee hoon soup, another of their speciality is the tom yum yee mee.  This Twin Fish Bee Hoon Soup has both fried and slices of fresh fish, with deep fried eggs and seaweed.

Westgate Food Republic Qiu Lian Ban MianBan Mee ($4)

Qiu Lian Ban Mian is “the” Ban Mian for me because the first time I had this was back in 1992 at the staff canteen at Changi Airport Terminal 1.  I was drawn to the egg with a runny yolk in the soup, as well as the crispy ikan billis (anchovies), flavourful minced meat and and superb chilli.  Now you see a variety of Ban Mian; a kind of self-made noodles; but nothing beats the nostalgic taste of Qiu Lian.  However just for the record, Qiu Lian first store was started in 1988 in Bishan.

Westgate Food Republic Xi De Li Fried FrittersAssorted Fried Fritters ($1 per piece)

For a light snack anytime, the you tiao, or other fried fritters are good choices to go with your coffee/tea and soya bean milk.  Xi De Li Fried Fritters; which is also available in the Food Republic in Vivocity also have other new-age snacks such as 3-in-1 Nian Gao, comprising of nian gao (sticky rice cake), yam and glutinous which is one of my favourite snack.  They also have fried spring roll, fried yam cake and fried carrot cake – too many and you will be spoilt for choice.

Westgate Food Republic You Men HK Roast (2)Roast Meat Platter

Westgate Food Republic You Men HK RoastRoast Meat / Roast Duck Meat

You Men HK Roast is sort of a celebrity store being featured in “City Beats” on Channel 8 for its succulent roasted meats.  One of their speciality is the char siew dumpling noodles served with spinach noodles.  You Men is one of the few stalls to use spinach noodles instead of the regular noodles.  I really like the char siew which is a more lean version and the roast pork which is well roasted with a crackling skin.

Westgate Food Republic Chinatown Beef Noodles4 Treasures Beef Noodles $8(S) / $12 (L)

You know, some people say that one’s taste bud changes with age and I certainly agree with it.  In the past, I tend to prefer food that are more familiar such as wanton noodles or prawn noodles.  But lately, I started to have a penchant for beef noodles.  I had the 4 Treasures Beef Noodles from Chinatown Beef Noodles, which I really enjoyed most during the tasting.  The secret recipe beef stock is really phenomenal.  The stall is well known for the beef tendons which is high in collagen and no cholesterol, it is a healthier choice of meat, and something which I enjoyed.

 Westgate Food Republic Little Hanoi Noodle Bar Spring Roll FriedFried Spring Roll ($3.90)

Westgate Food Republic Little Hanoi Noodle Bar Spring RollVietnamese Spring Roll ($3.90)

Westgate Food Republic Little Hanoi Noodle Bar Sugarcane ShrimpsSugarcane Shrimps ($6.90)

These delightful treats from Little Hanoi Noodle Bar.  Opened by the same owner of Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant at 100AM at Tanjong Pagar, the owners decided to open their 7th outlet in Westgate Food Republic to bring affordable and contemporary Vietnamese dishes to the masses.  Other than the fresh and deep fried spring rolls and sugarcane shrimps, they also have the Bun Cha (BBQ Pork) and Pho Bo (Beef Noodles) that are prepared from the freshest ingredients and traditional Vietnamese recipes with no preservatives.  Do check out the Little Hanoi Noodle Bar the next time you visit!

Westgate Food Republic Saravanaa Bhavan Indian VegetarianSaravanaa Special Meal ($7.50)

This being the 4th outpost for Saravanna Bhavan Indian Vegetarian to offer their vegetarian dishes to Singaporeans.  Claimed to serve about 200,000 customers across the island, they provide a synergy of taste and quality in their lip-smacking Indian Vegetarian cuisine.

Westgate Food Republic Woo Lee Jeeb Dae Bak Korean Cuisine Hot Stone Mixed RiceHot Stone Mixed Rice ($7)

Try the Bibimbap from Woo Lee Jeeb Dae Bak Korean Cuisine.  The owner Xiang Hua has more than 30 years of experience in cooking skills, and to perfect the dishes, even made a trip to Korean to learn more about seasoning and the intricate method of Korean cooking.  First started with  food stall in Tanjong Pagar, she has decided to spread the love by serving this Korean cuisine in various Food Republic outlets to reach out to more people.  Their other signature dishes include Ginseng Chicken Soup, Bulgogi and Kimchi Ramen.  They have a choice of pork, chicken or beef on the Bulgogi, or even two meats if you prefer.

Westgate Food Republic Apa RojakChinese Rojak ($4 small | $5 large)

Apa Rojak was brought back to Food Republic on popular demand.  Originated from Kota Tinggi, Malaysia, the flavourful Chinese rojak are back to satisfy the taste bud of Singaporeans.  Prepared with a unique homemade recipe created 40 years ago by the owner, the sauce is lighter ad fresher in taste.  I love the generous portion of grounded peanut to elevate the fragrance of the rojak dish.

Westgate Food Republic Chinatown Tan Tutu Coconut CakeTu Tu Coconut Cake ($3 for 5 pcs)

One of my local favourite snack is TuTu Kueh.  Typically, you can only get it at the Pasar Malam stores, but at the Food Republic food court at Westage, there is also the Chinatown Tan’s Tu Tu Cake.  From afar, I can smell the fragrant panda leaves from the steaming of the cake.  They are available in ground peanut or coconut fillings with palm sugar.

Westgate Food Republic Ah Chew Yong Tau Foo Mini HotpotYong Tau Foo Mini Hot Pot ($7.60)

One local food which I often have is the Yong Tau Foo.  This is because it is a healthier option and plenty of choice for different vegetables filled with fish paste.  Yong Tau Foo is also value money for money with about 5-7 pieces for less than $5.  You get variety based on your liking and at the same time.  The store is Ah Chew Yong Tau Foo, founded by Mr Tan Lang Chew who was previously a beef noodle guru, but due to the Mad Cow Disease crisis in 1992 switched trade to selling Yong Tau Foo.  But he used his expertise in brewing beef soup broth to create the yong tau foo aromatic soup brewed with pork bones, various types of vegetables and one extra secret ingredient which he refuse to divulge.  For those who have a sensitive taste bud, try it and see if you may know what that extra secret ingredient is.

Westgate Food Republic Fishball NoodlesLi Xin Speciality Noodle ($6)

The first time I had Li Xin Fishball Noodles is at Food Opera at Orchard Ion.  I instantly took a liking for its noodles with the specially made chilli sauce and crispy pork lard in the noodles.  The extra soft and bouncy fishballs and the succulent fishcakes are a true delight, made me wanting for more.  To maintain the highest quality, the fishballs are made twice daily using only superior yellowtail fish kept chilled in cold water but never frozen.  The Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodle store has a long tradition since 1968.

Westgate Food Republic Hot Hot Pot Xiang GuoHot Hot Pot Xiang Guo ($25 for 4 pax)

The proliferation of fragrant hot pot in Singapore due to the rise in the population of China Chinese working in Singapore probably trace its origin from Chongjing, where dry, spicy hot pots with a mix variety of vegetables with seasoning and cook with meat, seafood and other premium ingredients.  I often patronise the store near to my work place and often order with medium spice.  I usually like to order with more sichuanese peppercorn with luncheon meat, sliced pork, lotus roots, pork intestines, bean curd skin and vegetables such as spinach or white cabbage!  Yums!  Savour this hot pot xiang guo from Hot Hot Pot.

Westgate Food Republic Chinatown Beef Noodles Profile

There are plenty of choices at the Food Republic at Westgate and many are quality and premium choices.  Patrons will again be spoilt for choice.

Spoilt for choice?  I handpicked some of my personal favourites and those stores that I would like to sample and try more of their menu when I visit the Food Republic at Westgate the next time:

  1. Chinatown Beef Noodle
  2. Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodle
  3. Little Hanoi Noodle Bar
  4. You Men HK Roast
  5. Chinatown Tan’s Tutu Kueh

Thank you Food Republic and Shauna from Sixth Sense for the invitation to this tasting session.

Food Republic | Westgate
3 Gateway Drive
#B1-28/29 Westgate
Singapore 608532
Opening Hours:
Open Daily: 10am to 10pm

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