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Starbucks Asian Dolce Latte Makes a Come Back to Singapore January 8, 2014

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Asian Dolce Latter Starbucks Singapore

Having tried the Starbucks Asian Dolce Latte.  I was truly unimpressed.  When Starbucks make reference of their coffee to Asian, I have serious doubt after drinking the coffee whether they truly know what an Asian Coffee be?  By dousing the coffee with an extra dose of expresso and making it stronger?  That does not make the coffee to taste more Asian.  I may not be a coffee expert but I do drink coffee and know a little about it.  Large countries in Asia continents like China and India don’t really drink coffee and hence that probably leave Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Singapore and possibly Malaysian to drink more coffee.  For the South Asians, the coffee we drink are also more “Nanyang” flavours and mostly drink plain or with condensed or evaporated milk, not fresh milk.  Korean is probably an exception where they have a richer “foreign” culture where they drink more latte or cappuccino sort of coffee.

Asian Dolce Latte at Starbucks Singapore

Accordingly to the Barista, the Asian Dolce Latte is a more healthier form of latte because it uses low fat milk.  Dolce syrup is actually mixed with hot water to dilute it before steamed milk and two shots of espresso is added into the latte.  Quite unlike the description from the website, my Asian Dolce Latte seems to be missing the “espresso whipped cream with a dusting of ground espresso” 

What I had I thought was a diluted café au lait (in an American sense): brewed coffee with steamed/hot milk added. If the Asian Dolce Latte made a comeback since its first debut in March 2013, I wondered who would actually like this coffee, other than it is less sweet and taste hardly of coffee nor milk.  In fact, it is dubious to me why two shots of espresso are used because it didn’t enhance the coffee taste.  And I also wondered what this Dolce syrup is all about?  I tried goggling Dolce and it yielded nothing, except something sweet and sour?  Well, at least I never had that experience in my cup.

Starbucks Singapore Tampines Mall

My most frequented cosy store is the one at Tampines Mall outlet.  Actually I really like the Starbucks experience.  Much better than their other competitors, maybe because it has a great lifestyle setting and certainly more relax, fun and chillax.  I can’t think of any Starbucks I’ve been to in Singapore that I dislike.

Starbucks | Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5
#01-50 Tampines Mall
Singapore 529510
Tel: 6787 3640
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

Picture credit from Starbucks Singapore website.

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