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SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro @ Westgate Mall (Jurong) October 26, 2014

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SYNC korean bistro army stew

I just got back from a trip from Seoul.  Despite the Korean food overloads, but as I was choosing the photos to put up for this post, the memories that was evoked from my dining at SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro was actually rather positive!  I take it that it means the food was authentic enough or just as tasty if not more tasty that those that I have eaten in Korea.  SYNC is located at the 3rd floor of the Westgate Mall.  It may be a little hard to notice as it does not have a prominent shop front as it is tucked away in a quiet corner of the Mall.  But just look out for the Samsung store, the bistro is just located above it.



Food Republic @ Westgate (Jurong) April 27, 2014

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Westgate Food Republic Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles

Visiting Food Republic is a special experience each time because not only do they congregate all the popular and famous food stalls from across the island in a single locality, but they are also specially designed with a unique theme for an overall awesome dining experience, and an affordable one to boot!  Its latest food court at Westgate welcomes customers with a dramatic factor of a theatrical atmosphere that exudes a surreal feel of being in the middle of a stage set-up.  22 tenants are meticulously handpicked for their culinary flair, traditional tastes and wholesome flavours.  We are again spoilt for choices from some of the truly delightful hawker fares.


Eggs & Berries @ Westgate Mall (Jurong) January 31, 2014

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Eggs & Berries Westgate

If you are looking for an eggy sort of breakfast or brunch that is not in the town area can be quite a feat.  Eggs & Berries is now open at Westgate Mall in Jurong, which is the other side of the island from its first location at Changi City Point.  I was happy to be invited to the Eggs & Berries tasting.  Same old name, but slight variant in terms of the menu.

Eggs & Berries Westgate Eggs Benedict Doppio ($14.90)

The eggs benedict doppio are probably the “must-try” item in the menu.  Beautifully shaped as two beautiful flowers with the greens and honey ham fanned out like flower petals.  The eggs which are cooked the sous vide method means you can get almost consistently get runny egg yolks which are perfect to drench with the English muffins. What impressed me is also how the egg white are also soft and a little runny and most places don’t deliver eggs that way because it is hard to have the soft boiled eggs like this without risking the egg yolk being raw.  I guess with sous vide technique it can be achieved.  On the side is a rosti which round up the eggs benedict with some carbs.

Eggs & Berries Wagyu Beef BurgerBeef & Caprese Burger with Balsamic Reduction ($14.90)

Eggs & Berries also provide gourmet burger for those who want a fuller stomach, or simply love burgers.   How about a Wagyu beef burger at $14.90?  This is a steal because even Carl Jr Burger can set you back by close to $10.  Luxuriate yourself with this classic beef burger that comes with cheese, onion, tomatoes, wild rockets and fried eggs.  Despite that the buns are a little too hard for my liking, otherwise this is a just as good a burger compared to Chilis Big Mouth Burger, in my humble opinion.  I like the green salad of mozzarella, tomatoes, onions and aged vinegar.  A side of potatoes wedges accompany the burger too.  Really large portion for a small price.  For those more adventourous, try the Pork and Sage Spiked Burger with Paprika ($12.90).  The spicy sage and smoked paprika lend the pork patty a flavourful and spicy taste.  In fact, I do prefer the pork burger to the beef one.

Eggs & Berries Truffles & Mushroom FriesTruffle & Mushroom Fries ($9.90)

Seems that these days, an order of truffle fries seems mandatory at any café or restaurant that serves one.  Order a truffle and mushroom fries only if you want that extra kick.  Otherwise most of the portion are quite generous and I would diving into a choice dessert later on.  These thick cut fries are drizzled with truffle oil, sprinkled with home made mushroom powder and parmesan cheese.  Enjoy!

Eggs & Berries King Prawn PastaKing River Prawn Pasta ($19.90)

I mistook the king river prawn as lobster when the dish was served to me.  It was actually very overwhelming because the portion was H.U.G.E. and the prawn look luscious.  The highlight is certainly the king river prawn which was probably baked with a layer of cheese to add oomph to that huge seafood.  At Eggs & Berries, it is hard to miss having an egg with your order.  Done via the sous vide method, the eggs were perfectly the way I like.  The pasta was a little too peppery for me though.

Eggs & Berries Creme BruleeCrème Brulee ($4.90)

I also had these crème brulee that is encased in a egg glass that  opens at the top.  A very interesting presentation befitting both the item and the name of the restaurant.  Crack through the thick caramel sugar before digging into the luscious crème custard. Enjoy!

Eggs & Berries PancakesMango Tango Pancakes ($12.60)

Just looking at this pancakes makes me a happy man!  The towering pancakes has sliced mango that were ripe and sweet.  Choose from maple syrup, chocolate and strawberry sauce to complement your pancakes.  You probably noticed the rainbow chocolate rice, chocolate chips and macadamia nuts and diced mango that surrounds the pancakes.  Perfect to have it on its own or to share with your dining companion.
Eggs & Berries Westgate Table

Eggs & Berries at Westgate hosts a seating capacity of about 50.  Just like their outlet at Changi City Point, the décor is very sweet with the baby pink and blue chairs in the restaurant café.  Choose to seat in doors where you get the aroma of the cooking as the chef whips up some dishes on the central island kitchen.  For those who prefer a semi air-conditioned outdoor seating can choose to sit outside and ogle at people as they stroll around the Westgate Mall.  Very conveniently located, Eggs & Berries are the same level as the MRT station at Jurong East Interchange and just 2-3 minutes walk from the station’s gantry.

If you are an Eastie, welcome to the Changi City Point outlet that is just beside the Expo MRT Station along the Airport Line.

Eggs & Berries | Westgate Mall
3 Gateway Drive
#02-06 Westgate Mall
Singapore 608532
Tel: 6465 9189
Opening Hours:  8am to 10pm (daily)

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