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Yacht Charter to Lazarus Island May 22, 2014

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Lazarus Island Beach Instagram

During the Vesak Day weekend, my colleagues and I chartered a yacht to the Lazarus Island.  This is the second time we chartered a yacht to Lazarus.  The yacht experience wasn’t unique but visiting Lazarus Island again surely is quite thrilling.  It’s a year since my last visit and I am double surprised!  While there seems to be more private yacht, but the beach seems to be more gorgeous than what I can remember with its pristine clear, turquoise water!

Lazrus Island

Lazarus Island is part of the 8 islets that made up the southern island.  The other southern islands we are more familiar with is St. John’s Island, Kusu Island and Sisters Island.  The good news is that Lazarus Island is now more accessible as there is a link bridge that can bring you to this islet from St John’s Island.  The secret is out.  What are you waiting for?

Lazrus Island Club

It is too much hassle to actually arrive from St John Island.  The last I check, it is  good 20 minutes walk from the Jetty.  And under this sweltering heat?  No way! Our private yacht from One15 Marina brings us directly to the jetty at the Lazarus Island.  And in just under 15 minutes, we are greeted by lush greenery and panorama view of the island.

Lazrus Island

The jetty area is able to anchor up to four private yacht.  We can engaged in some sea sports right here.  Kayaking is the favourite activity and others may also jet-ski near to the proximate St John’s Island.  If you dare, jump off from the yacht and have a good swim!  No need to walk to the beach!

Lazrus Island

Somehow I find that the air is fresher here.  No traffic, no construction and the sparsely populated island – this is as close as you can get to a natural island.  Just being here feel my lungs expanded as it attempt to take in more fresh air.  The breezy air here makes for an idyllic getaway.

Lazrus Island La Lang

Large and tall stands of island scattered around the island.  It reminded me of the Flight of Fancy display at the Flower Dome some time ago!

Lazrus Island Hut

The only beach hut in Lazarus Island, this provide a respite from the heat.  The Lazarus island is short in amenities and that itself is a charm of the place because of its underdevelopment that leave a little more natural impression.

Lazrus Island Beach

Really love the beach white sandy beach, blue sea if you look from far that turns turquoise green when you get near.  A little pity is that the beach is a little polluted from litter left by inconsiderate beach goers.  Other than that it is a perfect spot to swim and have some beach fun.

Lazrus Island

Can’t resist a photo at this charming beach front.  Here’s me in my sporting beach attire! My friends keep requesting picture of myself on the blog and here it is.

Lazrus Island

My colleague with her shades.  The sun, sand and sea shouldn’t be missing a babe!

Lazrus Island Beach

There are also few private yacht that anchored on the beach front.  This just reminds me of the first time when I stepped on Redang Beach while I was on Star Cruise.  This was before the famous movie “Summer Holiday” (夏日的麼麼茶) by Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren.

Lazrus Island

On the island there is an air-conditioned VIP lounge area.  I guess it should be available for rent.  This should make for an excellent area for wedding proposal or solemnisation.  Remember you heard this here, and let me know if you really do and leave a comment on this post, ok?

Lazrus Island Yacht

That’s the yacht we chartered which took the 12 of us.  Love the second level deck where we can enjoy the breeze and be under the sun.

Lazarus Island Selfie

That’s another of my colleague taking a selfie.  Who can resist taking a picture with a breathtaking view of the golden and glittering sea and Marina Bay area behind?

Lazrus Island

All the fun we had on the yacht and the charming island within the four short hour of our charter.  We bid adieus to Lazarus Island.  I know I will be back again some time soon!

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2. Trudi - June 12, 2014

Hi. Thanks for sharing info and pics. Can you tell how much the boat was to charter pls?

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4. Martin Loo - July 16, 2015

Nice pics! Thanks for capturing my yacht in there by chance! Indeed a fine island, Lazarus.

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