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National Orchid Garden @ Singapore Botanic Gardens July 22, 2012

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With all the hype of the Gardens by the Bay, we shall not forget the other enchanting and timeless tropical eden in Singapore, our very own Botanic Gardens.  And to thank visitor for its record breaking of 4 million visitors to the Singapore Botanic Gardens in 2011, for the month of July, all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents will have free admissions to the National Orchid Gardens.  (Usual at $5 for adult).  And since my friends and I are at the gardens we went to visit the National Orchid Gardens.

Orchids are very close to Singaporeans heart as our national flower is Vanda Miss Joaquim, chosen to be the National Flower of Singapore since 1981.  The flower was discovered by the daughter of an Armenian merchant Miss Agnes Joaquim.  This breed of orchid was selected from a host of 30 other orchids because of its ability to bloom throughout the year and its resilient and hardy qualities, which are characteristics of Singapore’s quest for progress and excellence in all aspects of life.

When we stepped into the gardens, we were first greeted by the crane fountain which is a cool respite from the hot weather.  Mandatory pictures are required for visit to the Orchid Garden so here are my two lovely friends.

There are many species of orchids on display, and quite honestly I am no expert on orchids.  Just know that look lovely.  Above is one of those orchids we more often seen on sale at the florists.

These orchids looks really pure and white, quite a refreshing change from the purple colour breeds.   The principle colour of Orchids is purple.   Orchid is actually a color name which represents a bright, rich purple color; first recorded in 1915.

The thin and long petal of this breed of orchids is very special.  It is housed in the cool house within the Orchid Gardens.

So is this small and petite orchid.

And this is one of my favourite shot.

Do take the opportunity to visit the Orchid Garden next weekend as it is free admission until the end of July. I hope you enjoy the orchids pictures.

The Botanic Gardens has a very special place in my heart because when I was an undergraduate, I will walk past the botanical gardens on my way to campus.  Sometimes I will stop by at the lake if I am early and have my breakfast there while watching the swans glide in the lake.  I cannot remember how many times I walked and had my regular jogs at the gardens while I was an undergraduate. It is my wish that the garden will continue to attract many visitors.  I will explore and write more about each attraction within the gardens in my future posts.  Do look out for it.



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