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Butter Studio @ Jalan Besar (Lavender) May 24, 2014

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Butter Studio Main

Butter Studio is unlikely to be alien to anyone, with their freshly hand baked products that are made with good ingredients like Australia butter, European Style sweet butter cream and fresh fruits – all without the use of preservative and stabilisers.  But for those who are unfamiliar with them, they are tucked away amongst Chinese hardware shops and ironmongers, but you won’t miss their bright yellow signboard from afar!

Butter Studio Table

When I saw this banner hanging on the wall, it reminds me of the printed statement at Flock Café.  (Click on the link if you are curious to find out).  Here at Butter Studio, they say that “The Fondest Memories Are Made When Gathered Around The Table”.  How appropriate this statement is!  What’s your fondest memories around the table?

Butter Studio Cafe

Every time when I head to my favourite curry-rice store at Jalan Besar for my craving fix, I would head to Butter Studio after that for dessert or coffee.  At night, you can also expect some local band playing in the café.  It is quite unique for a café to have a band playing.  As everything is freshly baked daily, you can see that they are in limited quantities, therefore the cupcake case always look sparse.

Butter Studio Display

What did I say about communal table?  I love them!  And hence the words on the banner that is hanging on the wall resonate well with me.  I remember when I was very young, dining at my grandmother’s house was something I have always look forward to.  Not only will my grandma cook her best dishes, they are my favourites too!  I like how the whole family will cramp and gather around the dining table for a meal together.  That is definitely one of my fond memories of dining together with my family.

Butter Studio Flat White

There is no fancy latte art, however the whirlpool created in this latte is just as mesmerising.  Unlike other café who may accompany the coffee with a cookie or biscuit, what you get here is a small slice of marble cake for a taste of what Butter Studio can offer.

Butter Studio Banana Cake

Despite having a very filling lunch at the scissor-cut curry rice few doors away, I still ordered the Banana Cake with Walnut.  I like the finely chopped walnut, but the cake was a little lacking in flavour.  Maybe that’s because there is noting artificial about the cake, so the banana taste isn’t so pronounced as those that I am used to eating.

Butter Studio Display: Radio

The café is decorated with some retro looking artefacts.  I wondered if they are bought from the nearby flea market.  Just a few streets away used to be the famous “thief market” where all sorts of knick knacks are sold and many of those were stolen.  There’s a saying that if you look hard enough, you probably find your stolen gem there.  Oh, that’s really part of the Singapore history but an interesting one to tell your kids if you come by this area.

Butter Studio Display: Sewing Machine

The sewing machine also brings back much memories because my aunt used to work in a garment factory when the textile industry was at its hey day in Singapore until much of the competitive advantage was switched to other countries.  I remember the sewing machine at my Grandma’s place and was forbidden to go near it because they don’t want my fingers to be sewn together.

Butter Studio Display

Beside the retro artefacts, the café is also decorated with more contemporary display.  Love this display at the corner of the café that really make the café more arty and pleasing to the eyes.

Butter Studio Display: Bicycle

What’s with the café having bicycle outside the shop?  There is really a story behind.  If you like to find out, remember to come back to my blog I should be writing about it soon!

Butter Studio Cafe

Drop by Butter Studio if you come by the area and be mesmerise by what it can offer you.  If I can spend a good 2 hours in a café without getting too jittery, you probably can too!

Butter Studio
147 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208865
Tel: 6294 7115
Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 10.30am to 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 10.30pm to 12 midnight

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