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Save with Entertainer App: Ah Hoi’s Kitchen @ Traders Hotel (Tanglin) May 21, 2014

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The Entertainer SmileyEating out can be an expensive affair.  Especially for those who are in a courtship and dating.  Dining out on special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day or special holidays can really take quite a big piece of cake!  There are also people who café hopped a lot, after awhile it becomes a drag to your wallet our purse.  Now you can save with the Entertainer App.  For $95, you can save up to $150,000!  That is potentially a very high ROE app!  With more than 1,065 ‘buy-one-get-one’ offers, this is a lucrative app to download and purchase.  Now you can spend and save and at the same time put on a Smiley face, just like the app logo for The Entertainer App. Want to find out more? Let me share with you the latest merchant addition to the Entertainer App:  Ah Hoi’s Kitchen at Trader’s Hotel.  Find out more after the jump!

Ah Hoi Kitchen Traders Hotel Crab Bee Hoon

As part of the media invitation to introduce Ah Hoi’s kitchen as one the latest merchant, we were invited to this Award Winning kitchen and experience a delectable choices of Ah Hoi’s signature and favourites.  The first being the Crab Bee Hoon.  You would think that the crab bee hoon is the usual wet and soupy been hoon, however it is stir fried!  I am surprised by this Crab Bee Hoon as you can taste the seafood freshness of the sri-lanka crabs while at the same time enjoy the bee hoon that is soaked with the taste of the crabby too!  I like how it is stir-fried with a lot of vegetables to give some crunch to the bee hoon.  Yums!

Ah Hoi Kitchen Traders Hotel

One of the biggest proposition is to sit beside the pool side and enjoy some great local cuisine.  Ah Hoi’s Kitchen accommodate both smoking and non-smoking guests.  As the entire the area is “alfresco”, so although its dining at a hotel, you will be pardoned to be dressed casually.  Afterall it is the great outdoors!

Ah Hoi Kitchen Traders Hotel Lychee Cooler

With the sweltering heat and humidity, enjoy a lychee cooler, with a tropical hints of pineapple and lime.  This is a perfect cooler to order to kill the heat and also enjoy the rest of the food at Ah Hoi’s Kitchen.  Remember that there is “1-for-1” deals with The Entertainer App.  This is going to make dining more worth it.

Ah Hoi Kitchen Traders Hotel Salad Rojak

Ah Hoi’s Salad is very interesting as you will be given a basket of fruits and vegetables to make your own “rojak” salad.  Just select the vegetables you like and drizzle some of the special sauce that is extra spicy.  Mix well and you have a mouth watering salad.  Remember to have it with some keropok, a deep fried prawn crackers that is crispy and given two thumbs up!

Ah Hoi Kitchen Traders Hotel Pork Satay

If you are at Ah Hoi’s Kitchen, be sure to order the Pork Satay ($10 for 6 pcs).  This is one of the best grilled pork satay I had, albeit a little expensive.  But I reckon it will be worth it if you are using The Entertainer App because that will be half price!

Ah Hoi Kitchen Traders Hotel Salted Egg Crab

Another crab that we have will be the salted egg crabs.  Look at the sheer amount of salted egg yolk on this sinful dish.  Simplicity is actually key in making of crabs so that you can actually taste the crab then taste the sauce or gravy.

Ah Hoi Kitchen Traders Hotel Crabs

As we indulge in the seafood goodness and night falls, a third crab was being dished out.  I didn’t manage to have a go at it because I was so full from the earlier crabs and meat that we had earlier.

Ah Hoi Kitchen Traders Hotel Grilled Meat

We also had an assorted grilled meat that is barbequed at the outdoor pool area.  In this assorted platter, there are the tiger prawns, sambal squid, pork chop, and beef steak!  I had the beef steak which was grilled to a perfect tender and the squid was so soft and chewy the way I like.  The huge prawns were juicy and succulent.

Ah Hoi Kitchen Traders Hotel

I have enjoyed dining at Ah Hoi’s Kitchen!  Now, if you like what you saw, I would urge you to save with The Entertainer App.  How to get a 1-for-1 deal, not or once but up to three times?  Read on to find out.

The Entertainer LogoSpecial for my readers, you can now download the Entertainer App for a month long trail for only $19 dollars.  This allows you access to 770+ “buy-1-get-1” offers in Singapore best restaurants, nightspots, informal dining, spas, attractions and activities in Singapore!  If you are happy with the one-month trail, just add $76 and you can enjoy The Entertainer App till the end of the year.  Download the app from this link here.

URL:  https://www.theentertainerme.com/trysgfor19/ 

For a chance to win the full app worth $95, all you have to enter the promo code: GURKHASON

This code is valid till 05 June 2014.  And remember to download it from the unique link above.


Ah Hoi’s Kitchen
1 Cuscaden Road
Trader’s Hotel
Singapore 249 716
Tel: 6831 4373
Opening Hours:
Open Daily:
Lunch: 12.000pm to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm

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