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Free Egg McMuffins and McDonald’s All-Day-Breakfast on 17 March 2014 March 16, 2014

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McDonald's Singapore National Breakfast Day, Over 100,000 Free Egg McMuffins! (17 Mar 2014)

People say there is no free lunch in the world.  How about a free egg muffin for breakfast at McDonald’s?  In conjunction with the National Breakfast Day, McDonald’s Singapore is giving away about 120,000 Free Egg McMuffins at its stores islandwide on 17 March on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Start making your way to McDonald’s and join in the buzz from 6am onwards till they finished. Each store plans to give away about 1,000 Egg McMuffin so you better hurry!

All Day Breakfast at McDonald's Singapore on National Breakfast Day

Chase the Monday blues away with McDonald’s Singapore All-Day-Breakfast 17 March 2014 till 6pm.  McDonald’s will be serving its Breakfast whole day at 122 McDonald’s island wide so there is every reason to have brunch even on a weekday at a convenient location near you!

McDonald's New Alarm App Every Reason to Wake Up Happy

There is every reason to wake up happy from 18 March 2014 onwards.  McDonald’s will be launching the new Alarm App that will make you happy with a new surprise delivered to your mobile device.  These surprises can range between a free coupon to use at their restaurant, music or video for free download or awesome wall paper for your mobile device.  They are available for download from midnight of 17 March 2014.  Remember to login; either with your Facebook account or sign up with email; for your daily surprise!  Now, that is good reason to wake up every morning feeling great that something good to come.  Thank you McDonald’s Singapore for creating this wonderful alarm!

McDonald's New Alarm App

Here is a sneak for you.  I love how the alarm wall paper is customised showing your favourite McDonald’s restaurant and Singapore’s favourite an iconic landmark - the Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands.

I will be waking up at 6am tomorrow, not because that is the time that McDonald’s is giving away the free McMuffin, but because I have to get ready for work early tomorrow.  Apparently, some ex-SIA cabin crew will be coming for training so I am looking forward to some eye-candy treats!

You can set multiple alarms per day but surprise only comes once a day.  Forget about “cheating” to get multiple surprise, the last I have checked, McDonald’s has taken care of that.

McDonalds Surprise Alarm App Andriod iOS

This year, McDonald’s will also be extending the simple pleasures of breakfast into the community by giving away 1000 free Egg McMuffins for needy family within the Tampines North Constituency.  These families will get vouchers for redemption from 17 March onwards.  McDonald’s has always been a good partner on its corporate social responsibility projects to let its community benefits from its many initiatives.

McDonald’s Singapore | Corporate Office
11 King Albert Park
Singapore 598292
Tel: 6462 0800

Locate the nearest McDonald’s near you here.

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L’etoile Cafe @ Owen Road (Farrer Road) February 28, 2014

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L'etoile Cafe Display

Near to Farrer Park MRT station; near to where Little India is; there are three cafes that are widely popular and receive quite a bit of attention from bloggers and media.  L’Etoile is probably one of the most understated one, however frequented by many celebrities including my favourite Joanne Peh.  It is a Japanese inspired café with a Japanese-French influence.

L'etoile Cafe Merchandise

L’etoile also sells several knick knacks which are displayed on the first level of its café.  Yes!  In fact the café does have a second storey with more seats for a more intimate environment.  Apparently it has seen many baby showers, ROM,  birthday celebrations and even wedding proposals!  In fact, the café has been used as a filming location for several local drama serials.  That explains why celebrity know about this really secret gem!

L'etoile Cafe Post

In the recent Her World magazine, L’Etoile Café has been featured as one of the “Singapore’s Ultimate Coffee Trail” for cafes in the Central area.  The café is rather interesting because of it being decorated with many special ornaments which frankly speaking are really nice to look at, but not too sure if they are for sale.

L'etoile Cafe Cosy Corner

There are some interesting corners here and there in the café which really well worth the time stashing out in.  I love this sofa seat by the window in the first level.  Feels comfortable to be sitting at the sofa,  sipping the coffee and reading a book.  Feels like home.  However, some of its furniture are already quite tired looking and I think they should seriously consider to replace them because some are stained and some turn mouldy.

L'etoile Cafe French Toast with Scrambled EggsFrench Toast with Scrambled Eggs and Bacon ($8.50)

Ever since my first post on French Toast this year, I have been to several cafés and restaurants and ordered French Toast.  This makes my café hopping to be more interesting and hopefully bring some value to my readers who are seeking alternative to Eggs Benedict or Eggs Royale kind of brunch.  The French Toast here taste eggy, like how I would have done at home, drizzled with maple syrup and has hints of cinnamon to tickle your taste buds a bit.  However, I didn’t like the fact that they used two pieces of bread to form a “thick toast”.  The scrambled eggs were nice though a little over done (that’s my individual preference really).  The bacon tasted quite chewy and rather different from the ones I have usually.  Overall I think it is very value for money considering some other café probably charges more for the same.

L'etoile Cafe Cafe LatteCafé Latte ($4.50)

Coffee here was nothing extraordinary.  Their blends of coffee are from different origins and are sourced internally.  According to the Barista, they will be roasting their own beans very soon so “akan datang”!  I do enjoy the velvety smooth texture of how the milk is steamed.

L'etoile Cafe DisplayMeow….

L'etoile Cafe Cushy Sofa

Second level of the café is more cosy and intimate because the café is not exposed to full view of the passing traffic.  Actually the café sits in the corner of the shop houses that is very quiet.  I wouldn’t have known of this café if not because I was passing by while looking for Jewel Café at Rangoon Road.  They have several sofa sets which I felt were refurbished sofa.  When I was little I had this kind of sofa at home.  My mum now don’t like this type because they are very troublesome as you have to change the covers often.  I wonder how often the café change theirs.

L'etoile Cafe Owen Road

I really like the white washed shop front of L’etoile Café and the greens around it.  It makes the café to be more inviting than it already is.  No wonder all the accolades and features that the café received because it is well worth a visit, not only for its concept of a café mixed with retail, novelty décor and most importantly the value-for-money food choices you get here.

L’etoile Cafe
160 Owen Road
Singapore 218953
Tel: 6298 2872
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 11am to 10pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday:  9amto 10pm

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[Stamps] Singapore Posts: Ferns (Febuary 2014) February 26, 2014

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Singpost Feb 2014 Issue FernsComplete Set of Stamps ($2.56 per set)

As a new collector of Singapore stamps, I was looking forward to this new stamp issue: Ferns.  This is because I am a great fan of nature and also I have fondly remember ferns as being one of the first plant species during my primary school day because of the unique way in which it reproduces itself.

SingPost Stamps Ferns Feb 2014 Presentation Pack CoverCover for Presentation Pack ($4.30)

Ferns are really interesting plant species because although they have roots, stems and leaves, however they do not have seeds or flowers.  So the way they reproduce is via spores.  I remember during those days, we were brought to our school gardens, look at the ferns and check out the spores that are underneath the plant.  When we do activities like this which are experiential, everything just sticks to your mind (versus reading just from the textbook).  I remember being shown lady’s fingers and indeed the shape is like a lady’s finger!  Back to the spores, those I saw were mostly black colour but what was depicted in the stems seems to be otherwise.  Maybe under microscope they look brownish instead.

SingPost Presentation Pack Ferns February 2014

Two ferns species are depicted in this series.  The Angiopteris evecta, which commonly known as elephant ferns, is a large fern with a mound of a stem.  The first time I saw this fern is in a rainforest in Sydney, Australia.  I was looking at this and wondered what it was and was pleasantly surprised to learn that it is actually a coiled up fern.  This specie is widely distributed on the Old World tropics from Madagascar and tropical Asia, throughout South-east Asia to Australia and Polynesia.  In Singapore, it can be found at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Labrador Nature Reserve, Bukit Batok Nature Park and Singapore Botanic Gardens.  The next time you spot these ferns, you probably can relate in better because you’ve seen the stamps.

The Cibotium barometz is also known as the Golden Chicken Ferns.  While the species is a tropical and subtropical one, that is distributed from Assam to Southern China and South-east Asia with altitudes of 200-1500m.  I am not sure though if Singapore fits into the description as they grow in forest that is shady and damp such as Malaysia’s Fraser Hill and Cameron Highland.  In your next trip to Malaysia, do check out these Golden Chicken Ferns and take some good pictures and compare it to the stamps we have today.

SingPost Stamps Ferns Feb 2014 First Day CoverFirst Day Cover with Cancelled Stamps ($3.35)

The First Day Cover with cancelled stamps is very interesting because they are printed on a vertical envelope.  I reckon this is so because they print the tall tree they wanted to depict on the envelope.  Furthermore, the stamps are all in vertical print format as well, so having a vertical format also means the stamps can flow nicely one to another.

Ferns of Singapore 1990Stamps: Ferns of Singapore (1990)

I am very proud to be an owner of these Ferns of Singapore (1990) stamps.  I managed to get the presentation pack for this series at the Singapore Philatelic Museum.  What do you feel when you look at today’s stamp versus the stamps of 24 years ago!   If you have noticed the stamps on the envelopes since the older days and today, the stamps designs have certainly evolved greatly.  In the past, the subject are very much thrown “in your face” but today it really involves more design such that the stamps also look more arty.  Trust me to say that if I put a more recent stamp and an older stamp series, you should be able to recognise which is the current one.


Date of Issue: 26 Febuary 2014
Denominations: 1st Local, 50c, 80c, $1.00
Stamp Size: 40mm  x 29.88mm
Perforation: 13
Paper:  Unwatermarked
Printing Process:  Offset Lithography (Stamps)
Printer:  Secura Singapore Pte Ltd
Sheet Content: 10 stamps per sheet
Designer: Law Pei Ti (Printedge Communications Pte Ltd)

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Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Food 圆香素食 @ Bedok Central February 24, 2014

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Actually when you look at the pictures in the following blog post, it hardly suggests that these in fact are vegetarian dishes.  Maybe only upon closer inspection.  Past few days have been seeing a few “tze char” posts and I feel obliged to do a post like this.  In fact, recently my family and I had a hearty meal at Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Food at Bedok Central, a departure from our favourite haunt of Zi Zai Vegetarian at Tampines.  Yuan Xiang is located just behind Bedok Point (not the new Bedok Mall) at a stall in the coffee shop.  I understand that my mother’s friend frequent this place so we decided to give it a try.

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Yam RingYam Ring

The yam ring was pretty good with the outside crispy and a generous portion of mashed yam.  This is one signature dish which my mum always like to order when we have a bigger group eating.  I enjoyed also the generous portion of cashew nuts and seasonal vegetables that goes into the centre ring.  Yam ring are limited as the stall don’t make too many everyday to ensure freshness of the yam.  If kept for too long, the mashed yam turns bad rather fast.  We were lucky to be able to score an order of this.

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Claypot TofuClaypot Tofu

The claypot tofu is lacking a little in flavour especially the tofu which I hope can be braised a little longer before being served.  You can choose between egg tofu or the traditional tofu for this dish.  The claypot tofu also comes with green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, carrots and black fungus.  Apparently eating black fungus is good to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.  This is one of the more healthy dish we ordered.

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Stir Fried Kang KongStir-Fried Kang Kong

Stir-fried kang kong is average.  The important thing is that the kang kong vegetable cannot be too “old” or aged other it will taste too crunchy.  This one is just right as you can see from the size of the stems.  But we were hoping a little more robust spiciness in the kang kong.  This is just too tame for a family which likes chilli very much!

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Prawn CerealVegetarian Cereal Prawn

The cereal prawn is one hell of a disappointing dish because the deep fried vegetarian prawns is very hard on the outside.  And I was the one who suggested cereal prawn because my niece wanted this.  I understand from my sister that the salad prawn with mayonnaise is a much better choice.  Oh well, now at least we have tried the cereal prawn to know what’s better.  Nothing venture, nothing gained.

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Fried Egg OmeletteFried Egg Omelette

Hey, you can’t go wrong with the egg can you?  The omelette that was served was really awesome.  They must have used a high heat to cook this egg rapidly so that the exterior has a slight crisp and yet the thin omelette still have a moist and eggy centre.  This is good zhi char!

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Satay SticksVegetarian Satay

I never understood why people would love mock vegetarian meat and make it into satay!  And apparently my mother is also a fan of these.  Other than the fact that it is not meat, I can’t really complain much because it is well marinated and quite tasty.  But 60c for a stick of mock meat satay I think is still quite expensive.  The accompanied satay sauce was good as a dip.

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Hot & Spicy SoupSpicy and Sour Soup

I am not a fan of soup because my mother makes quite good soup at home.  We ordered the spicy and sour soup.  Oh boy!  The sour index probably soared higher than stock prices even my brother-in-law couldn’t quite take it and refused a second helping.  Me neither.  But my sister and mother seems pretty ok with it.  Maybe woman prefers the sour taste?

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Bedok Central Stall

We spent a total of about $66 for this entire meal for 4 adults and 2 children which I thought was very value for money!  I think the food served was of average standard and I felt we were much better off at our original favourite haunt although it will probably set us back by about 30-40% more.  I seldom blog about vegetarian food places and hope to include a few choices for my readers.  I have something coming up soon, so stay tune to find out will you?

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Food (圆香素食) | Bedok Central
Blk 211 New Upper Changi Road
Singapore 460216
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 10am to 10.30pm

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Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Food is also available at Bendemeer @ Blk 27 Bendemeer Road #01-659 and Changi Road @ 134 Changi Road Singapore 419720

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Toby’s Estate @ Rodyk Street (Robertson Quay) February 23, 2014

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Toby's Estate SingaporeToby’s Estate Singapore

I have always enjoyed going to Robertson Quay on a Sunday because it is by a riverside and relatively quiet as compared to many other places.  Of course things are a little different when you step inside a café and things start to get alive!  There is so much life and energy, quite a contrast with the external environment which is rather idyllic.  Toby’s Estate Café is just another one.

Toby's Estate Outside

I first got to know about Toby’s Estate through my friend’s blog.  I had wanted to visit Toby’s but ended up at Boombarang and Kith Café instead because it is always crowded.  Toby’s Estate is a true blue Australian brand and I have seen the same Toby’s Estate bean logo against the signature black board but yet never tried their coffee.  They started to roast their first batch of coffee in Woolloomooloo in Australia in 1998.  They first established their presence in Singapore in 2011.

Toby's Estate Big BreakfastToby’s Breakfast ($18.50)

Weekends are the days we are being ourselves (without the bullies in the office).  So treat yourself nicely and be a King (or Queen) or the day.  Start with a good breakfast.  Brunch are designed for late risers and cafés and restaurant understand these more nowadays so an all-day-breakfast is in the menu.  I quite enjoy my hearty Toby’s Breakfast except for the eggs which were too creamy and hard that it didn’t feel quite like it is made with fresh eggs (more like eggs from carton?) and I would much prefer a toasty bread.  Otherwise, I think it is a good breakfast put together and quite value for money.

Toby's Estate Poached EggsPoached Egg ($8.50)

For those with smaller appetite,  you can choose to have two eggs cooked to your liking.  My friend choose the poached eggs.  For a small price, you can add on different condiments to make a fuller breakfast which I think would have been a better idea.  Remember I said this: eat breakfast like a King.

Toby's Estate French ToastFrench Toast ($14.50)

Originally I had wanted to ordered the French Toast because I am on a “French Toast Quest” with the hope to do a French Toast Summary for my readers.  And here is the French Toast from Toby’s.  Quite frankly I didn’t quite like the fact that they used brioche for the toast.  Don’t be mistaken, I think the bread is really soft but because it was a thick-cut toast, so I feel overall it is lacking in flavour.  So I mopped up whatever maple syrup that I can find on the plate so that the toast is more flavourful.  Overall, I do quite enjoy this sweet and savoury French toast which has a very generous serving of fresh fruits and pork bacon.  In fact, I am happy just looking at it.

Toby's Estate LatteCafé Latte ($5)

I jumped the gun by showing the food before the coffee.  Actually they arrived first, and very promptly after we ordered.  Because I have heard a lot of good things about Toby’s coffee and it being an Australia brand, so I had high expectations of it.  I always think that no matter how good the coffee is can also be ruined by poor steaming of the milk which sadly is the case.  Milk taste bland and flat and doesn’t quite bring out the flavour of the coffee.  Sorry guys at Toby’s – you really have to up yourself on this one.

Toby's Estate CoffeeCappuccino ($5)

Toby's Estate CappucinoCappuccino ($5)

My friends had the cappuccino and flat white.  I like the fact that the barista makes an effort to have different latte art for the orders.  I have been café hopping recently as you can see my instagram images are coffee pictures! [At the time of this article]  My wish is I can walk into a café, order a coffee and a latte art to suit the mood of my day.  Any café up for the challenge?

Toby's Estate Interior

I am happy to get a corner table seat as it is a cosy arrangement for 3 friends to sit together.  Remember how I said I like a communal table?  My first post about it is from Café Crema (they have opened another outlet at Westgate!   (Sorry, I digress).  Do check out Toby’s Estate at Robertson Quay if you are in the area and let me know how it goes for you for the coffee.

Toby’s Estate
8 Rodyk Street
Singapore 238216
Opening Hours:
Monday – Wednesday: 7.30am to 6pm
Thursday – Saturday:  7.30am to 10pm
Sunday: 7.30am to 6pm

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