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Daidomon Japanese BBQ @ Keypoint Building (Beach Road) December 14, 2013

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We set foot on Daidomon because one of my buddy texted me and said he wanted to buy a Groupon ticket for a Japanese BBQ at Beach Road. I have ceased to be a fan of Groupon because my past experiences have been negative.  Several times after buying the Groupon, I did even utilize it, it is a couple hundred bucks gone if you accumulate all the small value together. So this time round we pre-agreed on the date to enjoy the offer, made a reservation at the restaurant and viola! made the actual purchase on Groupon!

Daidomon KeyPoint

I would described Daidomon as a very unpretentious Japanese restaurant.  Located at a very inconspicuous location at Keypoint Building along Beach Road.  Seriously, how many of you know where Keypoint Building is?  For the benefit of you my dear readers, Keypoint Buildng is just opposite to The Concourse and nearest to Nicoll Highway MRT station on the Circle Line.

Daidomon KeyPoint Wagyu Karubi Wagyu Karubi

One of the reason to dine at Daidomon is really the Wagyu Karubi, and especially since it is a buffet you can really have plenty of these to die for and melt in your mouth Japan beef belly tender.  When you pick up the the wagyu beef with the chopstick, it is actually quite firm.  However after grilling it for on the hot plate, the beef become so tender.  My friend and I regarded this as a heart attack buffet and we just keep attacking and ordering this wonderful beef which is so tender and succulent, and may I repeat – really melts in your mouth.

Daidomon Keypoint Wagyu Nakaochi Karubi

DaidomonWayu Nakaochi KarubiWagyu Nakaochi Karubi

We also like the Wagyu Nakaochi Karubi or Japen Beef Rib Finger which is also very tender.  As they are chopped up into small bite size, therefore it is very convenient to grill.  The beef rib also have more meat because unlike the wagyu karubi which melts in the mouth, this one has got more for you to chew on.

Daidomon Honetsuki KarubiHonetsuki Karubi

Another popular item is the Honestsuki Karubi or the bone in short rib.  Have more chew at the meat which is also deliciously succulent and tender as with any cut of their beef.  But again, the wagyu karubi is still my favourite.  But this helps to break away the monotony of eating just a single type of beef cut.

Daidomon Ox TongueTan (Ox Tongue)

Another interesting item in the menu item would be the ox tongue.  Just like any innards, it can be a little gross thinking about it.  However, the ox tongue turns out to be rather interesting as it has a rather special texture and a little “crunchy”.  Just like any part of the beef, essentially the tongue is also made up of the muscle.  The tongue is also very high in fat at almost 75% of its calories derived, according to Wikipedia.

Daidomon Pork Jowl FilletPork Jowl Fillet

The pork jowl fillet are thinly sliced and when barbequed become almost paper thin.  They were very light and good, particularly with the lime sauce that was provided by the restaurant.  I think if anyone comes to the restaurant, most people will just for the higher valued beef.  But the pork does add a good variety to the diet.

Daidomon SashimiShiro Maguro & Salmon Sashimi

You can miss good old sashimi at the Japanese restaurant.  Daidomon do have a good variety of fresh sashimi to choose from.  The butter fish (shiro maguro) and salmon sashimi are the two that is offered on the buffet.

Daidomon Prawn

Daidomon PrawnEbi (Fresh Prawns)

Well, those who love seafood are also not being left out in the buffet.  They do have fresh prawns in the buffet line up.  What’s more, the prawns are also very fresh because the shell can be skinned off easily.


Mostly, we really love our experience at Daidomon.  The beef were mouth-watering (even as I type this post) and have the urge to go back again.  We paid close to $62 (with tax and everything inclusive), I wouldn’t say it is cheap especially given that there wasn’t much of “atmosphere” as the restaurant is really plain and simple.  Definitely not posh.  However, for the kind of beef dished out, I would still say that it is very value for money.  Amongst those other barbeques I have done in recent time, this ought to be the B-E-S-T beef that I ever had.

Service wise, it was a little upsetting because when we went on a weekday night, although the restaurant was only half-filled however they seem to be pretty short-handed.  Whenever we re-ordered, it seems that we have to wait for quite some time before we get them.  We were just saying that it should be fast because they didn’t have to prepare or cook, just slice the beef!  But who knows what exactly goes on in the kitchen?  Anyway, to get around this problem you just have to order in advance.  But as any good buffet etiquette goes, order just enough to fill you and do not waste.

I thought it will be nice to consider dining at Daidomon for Christmas get-together.  No need to waste time to think of what to order and how to split the bill.  And also everyone can get to eat as much as they can and not be bothered by the cost since it is fixed. Plus if the restaurant is not crowded, it will be easier to make reservations for large groups.

Yakiniku Daidomon Japanese BBQ & Steamboat Restaurant | Keypoint Building
371 Beach Road
Singapore 199597
Telephone: +65  6293 4498
Opening Hours:
Daily Lunch: 11.30am to 2.30pm
Daily Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm

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Wagyu Beef BBQ Promotion. 

Daily Lunch/ Dinner (Monday to Thursday):
Adult: $54.90 Child $26.90
Friday to Sunday, Eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday Dinner:
Adult: $59.90 Child $29.90
Usual Price: Adult: $95 per pax. Child: $49 per pax

For more information and see if the promotion is still valid, do click on the site HERE to check.

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