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Bornga Korean Restaurant at The Star Vista February 3, 2013

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Bornga is a new korean restaurant located at Level 2 of The Star Vista (beside Bouna Vista MRT Interchange).  If you like barbeque meat and lazy to grill it on your own, Bornga is a place to go to because they will have the staff to BBQ the meat as you enjoy your meal with your friends.

I am a big fan of Korean BBQ because I am very much a carnivore but at the same time enjoyed vegetables in my meal to make it more balanced.  When you eat in a Korean BBQ restaurant, they will usually served a lot of appetizers and many leaves of vegetables.  The same here in Bornga.  Look at the amount of food we have.


We were served with a huge tray of green leafy vegetables. Nope, they are not meant to be eaten as salad, but rather used as a wrap for the barbeque meat. Aparently because the vegetables contains very high diet, therefore they aid in the digestion. Particularly helpful since meat are harder to digest. The Koreans sure have put much thoughts of what to put in their mouth.


Look at the amount of appetizers that comes with each meal. I always feel that eating Korean food is like having a King’s meal. Before the actual food, there is already alot of food to fill the stomach. In fact eating these starter pave way for the mains later as it helps to create gastric juices meant for easy digestion later.


What is Korean food if it doesn’t come with traditional kimchi. I think most people know by now that kimchi has got very good health effects. Remember the Koreans were hardly hit by the SARS virus because their main diet contains these preserved lettuce. But habitual eating of kimchi didn’t really catch on in our part of society though.


I like this pickled radish alot. It is a tad spicy but I really liked that it is very crunchy.


I have never had leek in raw form before. Apparently, leek have a lot of health effects if put together in the diet. Leeks actually belong to the same family as onions and garlics. They are known to have beneficial effects for the throat. I guess it helps that BBQ can be quite heaty.


What is most special is this dish of water kimchi. This is the non-spicy version of the kimchi which is soupy. It’s really a great appetizer because its quite sour in taste. Unlike the normal kimchi, this one is very refreshing and is good to have even in the middle of the meal to cleanse your palate.


As in any BBQ, the meat is served uncooked. We ordered quite a few meat dishes. This is the Samgyupsal or Pork Belly ($18)


We also have the Ggot Sal or Prime Cut Beef ($38) This beef is unmarinated and very tender. Especially good when dipped in the sauce Bornga provides and wrapped in the vegetable roll. Really yummy.


We also had the Woo Samgyup ($22) which is their signature dish. This is a marinated beef dish that is sliced thinly. It is so tasty that you can even eat it on its own without dipping into any sauce.


We also had the Yangnyum Galbi or Prime Cut Beef Ribs. ($45) This is another flavourful dish that is marinated with their own house speciality sauce.


Before BBQ the meat we started off with glass noodles or Jap Chae ($23). It is stir fried with beef and vegetables. It is slightly chewy and has a sweet taste, a great complement to kick-up a sumptuous meal.


The Tetokgalbi ($20) is a grounded beef dish that looks like hamburger but very tender and juicy. It is so tasty because its very well marinated. If you love “bak kwa” which is like a pork jerky, you will love this dish as it has a sweet taste to it.


Haemul Pajeon ($22). I usually use the pancake of the korean restaurant as a benchmark of its authenticity. This is because its easy to marinate meat or preserved the lettuce but making a good traditional pancake is no easy feat. The seafood pancake here is fluffy and has a lot of shrimps, squid and mussels. Particulaly the taste of shrimps is so fresh it taste like sea. Really loved the pancake very much!


We also had a Galbitang ($18) which is a beef rib soup. If you are a fan of the strong beef taste in a soup (like mutton soup), then this is for you. I tried the beef though and its even more tender after cooking in the thick broth.


Naeng Myun ($15) is Bornga handmade buckwheat noodles served chilled. It comes with shredded vegetables, sliced meat, and hard boiled eggs and drowned in miso sauce. The first time I had chilled noodles with lots of ingredients mix in it.


Beneath the layer of meat, eggs, fish cakes, cucumber and sauce is the handmade dark brown buckwheat noodles. It taste rubbery and elastic. As the dish is cold it is also very refreshing.


Finally we also had the Chadol Duenjang Jjigae ($16). This is a very special dish that they will bring out the stove together with the stew and start putting it to boil in front of you.


After boiling for 5-8 minutes the server will mix the rice and bean sprouts into the stew and mix everything up.


The end product being a mushy looking rice dish and very tasty. In many culture, the rice is always served or eaten last. For the Koreans they like to mix their rice when they are done with their soupy stuff. So the rice will soak up all the gravy goodness and easy to down then eating just plain rice. I would strongly recommend this as a must-try.


Finally after a hearty meal its best to wash everything down with Omija or the five flavour tea. The sweet sour taste is like a cross of roselle and hawthorn, a very chinese form of ingredients. Most importantly its refreshing notes helps ends the meal in a high note.

Would recommend Bornga to anyone staying in the west to have a try. They are easily located at 1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-24 The Star Vista. Opening hours is 11.30am to 10.00pm daily.

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