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Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar @ Marina Square, The Dining Edition September 19, 2013

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Addictions Cafe Open Kitchen

The first time I stepped into Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar was when I was touring the new dining concept at Marina Square known as “The Dining Edition“.  I took an instant liking for the venue.  Maybe because of its open concept kitchen (I love to sneak a peep of what’s going on at the kitchen and learn the tricks), and maybe because of its modern and casual concept.  It really relaxes your mind and soothe the whole day of weariness away.

Addictions Cafe and Remedy Bar Seats

Addictions Cafe boasts a big spacious layout  which is great for small gatherings and large party outings.  I love how open the concept is so that is does not feel too claustrophobic.  The chairs prominently in blue and yellow are my favourite colours too.  This reminds me of the sunrise when I was in a holiday recently where the sky was in harmonious display of yellow hues from the sun rising from the horizon and the deep blue sky!

Addictions Cafe Rice Paper Roll with ShrimpsRice Paper Roll with Shrimps 

For a start, we had this Vietnamese inspired rice paper roll with shrimps, which is served with lettuce and herbs.  This shrimp roll is yums with the crispy exterior and crunchy shrimps on the inside.  To really appreciate this starter, one have to wrap the deep fried rice paper roll over the lettuce and add a leaf of herb then drizzle some of the specially concocted sauce over it.   Prepare your napkin before hand as this is a no-cutlery dish.

Addictions Cafe Potato PancakePotato Pancake with Cured Earl Grey Salmon

Quite frankly, I never had such a thick pancake before so it was quite intimidating when I have it.  However, I am pleasantly delighted with its texture which is soft and grainy from the mash potato pancake mix.  Apparently, this is one of the popular dish when Chef Chi, the Sous Chef of Addictions, was working in Sydney.  The cured earl grey salmon is light and refreshing and only with gentle hints of bergamot.  This dish is complete with avocado cream cheese and pickled onions.  This will makes for a very comforting breakfast to start the day with.  P.S.  It is all day breakfast at Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar.

Addictions Half Spring ChickenHalf Spring Chicken

For the mains, we had the half spring chicken in pommery mustard, and french beans and baby potatoes.  I think Addictions always execute their chicken very well.  The chicken is very nicely marinated, and lightly crisp on the outlet yet so tender and succulent.  And quite frankly the portion is also quite big even for big eater like myself, so it makes a good idea to share.  I am a variety seeker, so I would prefer to order this and something else so that I can have a try out different dishes.  Or maybe it is just a food blogger mentality in me.

Addictions Cafe Red Velvet CupcakesRed Velvet Cupcake

Red velvet cupcake is probably not the newest thing available in the food scene in Singapore.  But still, I always think red velvet cupcake as something very sexy.  Maybe it has to do with the seductive colour.  Lovely red velvet cupcake there which has a moist core and coupled with nice creamy cream cheese which balances out the sweetness from the cupcake.


Addictions Cafe Berry Orange RaiseBerry Orange Raise (Non Alcoholic)

The second part of the Addictions Cafe is the Remedy Bar.  I had their signature non-alcoholic drink which is the Berry Orange Raise.  This is a power juice with orange, water melon, apple and strawberry.  A very thirst quenching drink that is more prominent with its orange taste.

Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar BramblesBrambles (Alcoholic)

Brambles is a alcoholic cocktail that probably is, and will be my favourite cocktail for a long time.  It is so bad I cannot find a remedy to my addiction, how ironic is this?  First, the raspberry, blueberry and blackberry are crushed to a pulped before an egg white (yes, raw!) and lemon juice is added to it with Tanqueary No 10 Gin and crushed ice.  I love the sweetness and acidity from the berries and sourness from the lemon.  I do not know the role of egg white in this potent concotion, but as I say again it is damn addictive!  No visit to Addictions Cafe should be without the signature Brambles cocktail.

Addictions Menu

Addictions Cafe make for a very pleasant dining experience.  With selection of salads, appetisers, mains and dessert from $8 to $29, it makes for a very reasonable and affordable casual dining.  I strongly recommend.  Most importantly, the food are rather unique with its own character and taste really fabulous.  Or if it is an after dinner drinks, Addictions Cafe and Remedy Bar also makes for an excellent choice.

Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar Decor

Some tasteful decoration of Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar at Marina Square.  Feels a little outback with the two antelopes display.  Loved the engraving on the walls tiles too!

Thank you Cheah from Mulberry PR for the invite and Christopher and Jeanne from Starworth Pte Ltd for the generous hospitality.

Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar
6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square Shopping Mall
Singapore 039594
Contact Number: +65 6338 9969
Opening Hours:
11am to 11pm (daily)

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1. mysketchbookproject - September 19, 2013

Can you do a review of some amazing pancake places. I haven’t had a big fluffy pancake brekky ever since i came to singa. I am sure you know of some hidden gem 😀

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