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The Dining Edition @ Marina Sqaure August 8, 2013

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Marina Square has got a lot more exciting again!  It now boasts a brand new dining enclave for a whole new gourmet experience.  Diners and visitors have 16 exciting mid-to-upscale restaurants, bistros, cafe bakeries, patisseries and coffee joints from a mix of both local and international brands.  I have the privilege to have a preview of the stores that is already opened during one of the media tours.

Now I present to you…

The Dining Edition @ Marina Square.


The Dining Edition at Marina Square - HamanoyaGrilled Mackerel

Hamanoya is a brand new Japanese restaurant that brings to you the freshest meat and seafood imported from Japan. Robatayaki means fireside cooking in Japanese, so you can expect to watch the Japanese chef charcoal grill your selected meat and seafood which are specially imported from Japan.  Guests can also indulge in a good variety of premium Japanese Sake and French wines together with the grilled meat and seafood.

We tried the grilled mackerel which was quite a sizable one.  The fish is cured in salt for several hours before it is grilled to perfection by the Japanese chef.  Fish retains is seafood freshness and rather succulent.  I just thought that it is a tad salty for me.

Hamanoya | Japanese Robatayaki Restaurant
Opening Hours:
Lunch 11.30am – 3pm.
Dinner: 5pm to 10.30pm


The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Saigon Lotus

Saigon Lotus is also another brand new name in Singapore.  We are no stranger to Vietnamese cuisines in Singapore but many places has local ingredients that cannot really brings out the authenticity of each dish.  Take phở as an example, the mints, bean sprouts, cilantro usually taste so different compared to when you eat it at the street stalls or restaurants in Vietnam.  The broth are usually quite different also as ours tend to be richer in taste. 

The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Saigon LotusCanh Chua Tom

At Saigon Lotus, we tried this clear broth soup  or Canh Chua Tom.  Most noteworthy is the use of Taro stem which is also known as the long elephant ears besides the leaves of the plant resemble that of elephants.  Although grown abundance in the wild, however, these ingredients are not commercially harvested and sold, so the owners have to import to Singapore.  The stem has a slight crunch and has a texture similar to fish maw.  This lightly spicy and sweet tamarind broth is balance in taste and boost many fresh vegetables and herbs such as pineapple, okra, tomatoes, bean sprouts, coriander and Vietnamese basil.  You can have a choice of fish or chicken meat in this soup, but I reckon fish is a better option.

Amongst the Vietnamese cuisine, I actually love Banh Xeo or Vietnamese Pancake.  I have tried the best Banh Xeo in Ho Chi Minh City, maybe I should blog about this!  So I look forward to a good Banh Xeo when I return to Saigon Lotus the next time.

Saigon Lotus | Vietnamese Restaurant
Opening Hours:
11am to 10pm daily


The Dining Edition at Marina Square - ShallotsFlambe Pepper Beef Steak ($38)

Shallots is another new to Singapore brand that serves European style cuisine with hints of Asian flavour.  In this flambe pepper steak, which got all of us wildy excited while it is on fire, is served with polenta fries and kimchi.   The beef steak is tender and succulent and the black peppers enhances the beef steak flavour.  This flambe steak is a splendour delight of sight and taste.

The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Shallots Raclette Cheese

We also tried some of these raclette cheese with air-dried beef, pickles, baby potatoes and gherkins.  I am not a big fan of cheese but I quite like the taste of this cheese.  Should pair well with some red wine to bring out its full flavour.

The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Shallots

Shallots has a variety of menu which includes fresh oysters, light tapas, pasta, fresh salads, hearty main course and sinful dessert.  This is a great choice of place for everyone.  They also have an extensive wine list covering wines from both Old and New World.

Shallots |European Style Restaurants
Opening Hours:
11am to 11pm daily
Happy Hours: 11am to 7pm


The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Carnivore Appetite

For those who love their meat, Carnivore Appetite is a new casual dining concept which features delectable selection of succulent grilled meats.  Customers can see the meat gently roasting in a giant showcase rotisserie at the outlet.  A long list of menu awaits and it is free-flow for all because it is a buffet concept.  All-You-Can-Eat at one price.

The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Carnivore AppetiteStaff carving the meat at buffet station

Carnivore Appetite, slightly different from its original cousin of Brazilian Churrascaria is for fun and relax.  They have a large bar island that caters good choices of cocktails, beers, wines and other non-alcoholic beverages.  Their alfresco bar opens till late at 12am!

Carnivore Appetite | Brazilian Churrascaria
Opening Hours:
11am – 11pm daily
Outdoor Alfresco Bar 5pm – 12am.


The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Menzo Butao

New to Singapore but not new to the world.  Menzo Butao’s founder, Mr Yasuhiko Kurata is a well-known ramen producer in Japan with more than 23 outlets in Japan and overseas.  Menzo Butao serves three different soup base – Butao (White), Kuroo (Black) and Akao (Red).  Then choose from pork cheek, cha shu (char siew) or pork belly to go with your soup.  A soft boiled egg that has a runny yolk is served and presented just as in the lovely photo above.

Menzo Butao | Japanese Ramen Restaurant
Opening Hours:
Lunch 11.30am – 10pm daily


The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Supreme Tastes Jiangnan Cusine

Supreme Tastes Jiang Nan Cuisine specialise in a variety dishes from Jiang Nan province. Jiang Nan (江南)which is popularise by JJ Lin song makes people perceive the place as a really sad place.  But actually it probably is one of the most romantic and charming place in China, and boys easily break their hearts there.  Oops, I digress.  We sampled the Dongpo Pork Knuckles, braised several hours, which is so tender that the flesh practically falls off the bone.  Although the skin is so thick, but it doesn’t taste too greasy, so please don’t waste as it is full of collagen goodness for your skin.

The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Supreme Taste Jiangnan

The Shanghai Pork Dumplings (小笼包)is also a must have.  Each dumpling is carefully folded with its silk-like thin skin and juicy minced pork that is seasoned with a secret mix of herbs and spices.  Although the skin is thin but it doesn’t dry up after steaming and when you lift it with your chopsticks, the skin doesn’t “glue” to the paper and break the skin, spilling the soup.

Supreme Tastes Jiang Nan Cuisine
Opening Hours:
11am to 10pm daily


The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Beanstro

Beanstro should not be unfamiliar as they already have two outlets in Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya.  This new addition will certainly strengthen their Beanstro brand to consumers.  Beanstro is one of the two Halal Certified dining outlet, the other one being Manhattan FISH Market.  The location is also very strategic as it is nearest to the escalator leading up to the new Dining Edition.

The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Beanstro

Although it has been around for long, but I have never had a go at Beanstro before.  So we sampled the Squid-Ink Pasta with Clams.  I must say it is very delightful as the pasta is made al dente and clams are really nice.  I am certainly impressed with this dish.  Beanstro also opens the earliest from 8am and don’t miss their Breakfast Platter which consists of two eggs done any style, grilled chipotle sausage, mushroom ragout, turkey bacon, grilled tomatoes and a slice of buttered baguette.  All together with your Coffee Beans and Tea Leaves coffee beverage or chai tea latte!

Beanstro | Casual Dining by Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf
Opening Hours:
8am to 11pm daily


The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Addictions Cafe & Remedy BarCold Vermicelli with Crispy Chicken Leg

I love the Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar once I set myself inside.  The brightly-lit environment with a modern setting makes one settled in for a great dining experience.  The menu is crafted in two parts – food to satisfy the craving and drinks as a remedy to help you feel less guilty about your indulgence.   We had this Vietnamese-inspired Cold Vermicelli with Crispy Chicken Leg in a herb fish sauce drizzle.  This is so well complemented with the basil, mint and cilantro greens.  True to its name, the chicken leg is crispy on the outside and so tender and succulent inside.  I can’t wait to try the rest of the menu so I’m sure to come back for more.

The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar

As a remedy to our early indulgence, we have the alcoholic Brambles over at the “Remedy Bar”.  This refreshing drink is bursting with berries flavors pairs with the light tasting vermicelli we have earlier on.  I am very impressed with the small set up where both the food and drinks are so equally good.  They do have non-alcoholic drinks as remedy too!

I highly recommend Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar.

Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar
Opening Hours:
11am to 11pm (daily)


The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Bangkok Jam

It is common that Singapore love Thai cuisine for its spiciness.  With its other outlets like Plaza Singapura, Great World City, Wheelock Place and JEM; The Dining Edition at Marina Square will be their fifth outlet.  I love the ambience of the place which is more modern and chic rather than contemporary Thai, and it is suitably decorated with some modern graphical art of Bangkok.  We sampled the Tom Yum Soup with noodles.  Even though it is a small portion but the chilli is already lethal that I asked for more ice-water.  The soup is rich in flavour and taste and if it epitomise the character of its other dishes, then I will think it will be a true delight.

Oh, did I mention the menu looks impressive too.  Good range of items to choose from and quite wallet friendly too!

Bangkok Jam | Thai Cuisine
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday:
Lunch 11.30am – 3pm.
Dinner: 6pm to 10pm
11.30am to 10pm (Saturday and Sunday)


The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Pita Pan

After tasting at Pita Pan, I really think it is understated and a hidden gem.  Although vegetarian, but the food is really gorgeous!  I am going to leave the details to my next post.   I am not kidding, it is really good.  Probably Carnivore Appetite should get into my list, but Pita Pan is so unique and distinctive you probably can’t get it elsewhere (except MBS outlet of course).

Anyway this unique outlet features 35 selections of fresh greens, sundried tomatoes, olives, sauces, pickled vegetables and different spice condiments.  The pita pocket stuffed with the vegetables and most importantly the tasty falafels, is sure a healthy way for lunch or dinner.  No wonder it they claim the saying that Pita Pan is a “Pocket Full of Health”.

Pita Pan | Mediterranean Vegetarian Restaurant
Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 11am – 11pm
Friday & Saturday:  11am – 12am


The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Manhattan Fish MarketThe Manhattan Fish Market Seafood Platter

The Manhattan Fish Market is a well known brand that needs no further introduction.  Pictured above is their No. 1 dish the Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter.  The service staff took out the dish and flaming torch and we are all camera ready.  “Don’t get your face too near”, someone shouted.  But it seems to be a limped attempt in flaming the special sauce atop the prawns.  Well, I reckon The Manhattan Fish Market is a family friendly restaurant so no big fire allowed.

The Manhattan FISH Market is the second Halal certified established included in The Dining Edition.

The Manhattan FISH MARKET
Opening Hours:
11am to 10pm Daily


The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Hifumi

Hifumi is a fun and casual Japanese restaurant that specialised in set meals.  Customers have over 30 choices of set meal to choose from, each served with a bowl of miso soup, rice and appetisers.  Suitable for anyone, it is a good restaurant to cater to individuals and large families.  The menu is interesting as it provide something for every craving – be it healthy meals, grilled fish, pork, chicken and homemade specialties.  We sampled their tonkatsu with eggs on the hot pan.  I like how the eggs are scrambled and done with runny egg whites and yolk.

Hifumi Japanese Restaurant
Opening Hours:
Lunch 11.30am – 3pm.
Dinner: 5pm to 10.30pm


The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Suki-Ya

Suki-Ya is one of my favourite hot pot for several reasons.  Although in terms of variety, they are not tops, however maybe because due to more limited inventory, their veggies and meat are always very fresh.  I particularly love their cheese meat balls which oozes out piping hot cheese after cooking in their soup.  My personal favourite is the Sukiyaki soup which is goes well with the  meat of beef, chicken or pork which is served fresh and chilled.  The thought of the thinly sliced meat sashaying in the soup makes me want to eat it now.

The Dining Edition at Marina Square - Sukiya

In Suki-Ya at The Dining Edition at Marina Square, they have an exclusive Japanese curry soup.  (Pictured on the right).  Suki-Ya also have a wide range of interesting bites for ala-carte orders such as tori karaage (fried chicken), potato salad, gyoza (meat dumplings), ebi tempura, fried ebi (shrimps), salmon sashimi, fried tofu and edamame!

Suki-Ya | Japanese Hotpot Restaurant
Opening Hours:
Lunch 11.30am – 4pm (daily)
Dinner: 4pm to 10pm (Sundays to Thursday), 4pm to 10.30pm (Friday and Saturday; including eve of and on public holidays)


The Dining Edition at Marina Square - St Marc Cafe

One of the highlight for our The Dining Edition @ Marina Square media tour has to be the St Marc Cafe!  This Japan-born cafe is so much to be rave about fpr their Japanese confectionery.  Even looking at their dessert display at their store front is enough to make you salivate.  I’m saving more details for my other blog post so check back here for more.

The Dining Edition at Marina Square - St Marc Cafe

One pastry that really stood out amongst the rest is the much sought after Choco Cro!  This is a rich, buttery and light croissant nestling a filling of decadent chocolate made from the best blend of Ghana and Ecuador beans.  Each Choco Cro made up almost 20 layers of delicate dough.  It is baked to perfection and just melts in your mouth with each bite.

The Dining Edition at Marina Square - St Marc Cafe

How about having a Little Fuji to complete your meal at The Dining Edition.  This freshly baked Danish is topped with a mountainous soft-serve vanilla ice-cream with a generous amount of caramel drizzling on top.  The desserts at St Marc Cafe is simply gorgeous I can’t wait to have more of it.

St Marc Cafe | Japanese Dessert Bar
Opening Hours:
10m – 10pm (daily)

Expect Lady M Confections from New York to debut soon in this month which is the well known original patissier of the world famous Mille Crepes.  This is available in a variety of flavours.  Another restaurant to round up the entire Dining Edition is an Italian restaurant NUVO, which means “new” in Italian – they are going to offer a modern twist on the classic italian dishes in their menu.

With 16 great variety of choices at The Dining Edition, of which 8 are new brands, diners and visitors are now spoilt for choice.  Whether you work in the Marina Square area or doing some shopping, do check out the most in and hottest dining venue in the city, and let me know your favourite!

The Dining Edition @ Marina Square Level 2, Marina Square Shopping Mall
MRT: Esplanade Station (Circle Line), City Hall (East-West Line)



1. Sonal - August 8, 2013

Shallot happens to be my favourite amongst the lot! 🙂

2. gurkhason - August 8, 2013

Shallots is a great concept. I recommend too! 🙂

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