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Carnivore Appetite @ Marina Square August 9, 2013

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Carnivore Appetite Official Opening

I am very happy to have snagged an invitation to attend the official opening of Carnivore Appetite at the new “The Dining Edition” at Marina Square on 1 August. At the recent media tour of The Dining Edition, we didn’t manage to sample any of the dishes. There was no need to as we are not unfamiliar to Carnivore, as they already have several outlets in Singapore.

Carnivore Appetite is slightly different as it proposes a more lively atmosphere with a lot more fun and vibrancy. Even their dishes are also very colourful just as the Brazilian culture.

Carnivore Appetite Official OpeningButlers going around with delicious snacks pre-opening

Carnivore Appetite Official Opening

We have the highly entertaining Kumar as the emcee for the opening. Kumar really cracked everyone up with his usual jokes, mostly around political situation in Singapore. This has certainly liven up the atmosphere before the opening.

Carnivore Appetite Official OpeningMs Tania Lim, the F&B Director of Starworth Pte Ltd officiates and cuts the ribbon.

Carnivore Appetite Official Opening

Carnivore Appetite Official Opening

Carnivore Appetite Official Opening

Carnivore is a Brazilian dining concept, how can we miss out the festive and celebratory Brazilian dance. Even Kumar also dressed up and join the Brazilian gals. She was hilarious. The Brazilian dance really further enhances and adds to the bright, colorful and vibrant atmosphere we have at the opening.

Carnivore Appetite Official Opening

After the dance, we have the the lion dance troupe performing the rituals. There you see the lion tosses out the orange to symbolise good luck for the restaurant. You are looking at Christopher Ho, the General Manager for Starworth catching the luck while the rest looks on. It was really fun looking at the the lions tossing the oranges and the rest playing catch.

Carnivore Appetite

Carnivore Appetite is very distinctive with its brick-wall design, and with a 4.8 metre wide show window at the entrance to feature the meat preparation from marinating, to grilling the meats on the rotating spits. This scores a first of a Brazilian show kitchen in Singapore. It is comforting to be able to see the hygienic display of how our food is being prepared.

Carnivore Appetite

Look at the yummy meat revolving around the custom made charcoal rotisserie situated in the middle of the 13.5 metres long buffet line. The meat includes chunks of pork, beef and lamb. The highlight is the caramelised pineapple which is sensationally sweet and brings on your appetite with each bite, so it goes so well with the meat which was served.

Carnivore Appetite

The good thing of eating at Carnivore Appetite is that you do not have to wait for the service staff to come to you with the meat and carve it in front of you. Instead, you go to the the buffet line where the charcoal rotisserie is, and the Brazilian chef; skilled in the art of craving quality meat, will carve it for you on demand! This means you can have your meat anytime you want it.

Carnivore AppetiteWide range of fresh veggies and fruits

Carnivore Appetite Love the Cold Cut Trios

Carnivore Appetite Official OpeningVariety of Salads and Cold Sides

Carnivore Appetite Official OpeningSeafood Galore: Prawns, Clams and Mussels

Even though the name is Carnivore, however it is not all meat here. Those who prefer a more balance diet will be equally spoilt for choice with the lavish spread of salads and sides. This embraces the Brazilian cuisine at its best, a place for celebrative feasting for all in one location for all occasions. You can see there’s so much to choose from.

Carnivore Appetite

Carnivore Appetite has a unqiue design concept encompasses four distinctive looks. The large and spacious outlet can even cater to large group gatherings of over 10 persons. Two private rooms are also available for booking for 12 and 20 persons. I love how the place is designed to be so colourful and easy, epitomizing the Brazilian friendly and sexy culture. Dining here is like being in a big party.

Carnivore Appetite

Carnivore Appetite also boast an alfresco bar with a view of One Raffles Link and Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre. The alfresco bar carries more than 50 selection of alcoholic beverages including wine, champagne, cocktails and beers. This exudes a celebrative atmosphere where good food, wine and music mirrors the colourful Brazilian culture. The bar closed late with last order at 12 midnight so guests can party all night long!

Whatever your reason for your celebration, come soak in the atmosphere at Carnivore Appetite and feast to your heart’s contents.

Carnivore Appetite
6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-102 Marina Square
Singapore 039594
Tel: 6336 2282
Opening Hours:
11am – 11pm daily
Outdoor Alfresco Bar 5pm – 12am.

Please check out their different buffet prices at different timing below:

Carnivore Appetite Opening Hours


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