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C-Jade Viet Cafe IN @ Bugis+ April 19, 2014

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C-Jade Viet Cafe IN Bugis+

Crystal Jade recently added a new culinary concept to their portfolio since December 2013 by venturing into Vietnamese food.  The C-Jade Viet Café IN is located at Bugis+ and offers flavourful Vietnamese food at reasonable prices.  I was delighted to be invited to a tasting session last month and pleased to share with my readers the good experience I have.

C-Jade Viet Cafe IN Chilled Salad with Pomelo, Radish, Cucumber, CarrotChilled Salad with Pomelo, Radish, Cucumber and Carrot ($6.90)

This chilled salad is really refreshing with the fresh citrusy pomelo pulps tossed with thinly sliced radish, cucumbers and carrots.  Complementing the sweet and spicy salad are the deep fried white bait fish for added crunch and saltiness.  I found this a perfect appetising salad to start the meal with.

C-Jade Viet Cafe IN Chilled Shredded Chicken with Rice RollChilled Shredded Chicken with Rice Roll ($9.90 per serving)

The chilled shredded chicken with rice roll is a crunchy salad comprising shredded chicken breast meat mixed with various vegetables.  The sauce for the salad is also quite unique – spicy yet tangy; made of fish sauce, sugar and lime.  It comes with 4 large rice paper rolls to make your own salad rolls like those you see below.  It’s is actually quite fun to compare who rolls them the best!

C-Jade Viet Cafe IN Vietnamese Spring RollVietnamese Spring Roll ($5.90)

C-Jade Viet Café has both the Fried Spring Roll and the Vietnamese Spring Roll.  I always prefer the non-fried one because they are an healthier option and is made with cooked shrimps, vermicelli, slices of cucumber, carrots and mint leaves for aroma.  Dipped it with the special sweet chilli sauce and it is very yummy!  I could have all three of them!

C-Jade Viet Cafe IN Crispy Tied MeatDeep-fried Crispy Tied Meat ($6.90)

This deep-fried crispy tied meat looks like luncheon meat doesn’t it?  Well, they are almost like luncheon meat except that they are actually pork sausages that are made by pounding the meat into a paste, wrapped and tied in banana leaves and boiled.  Hence, the name “tied meat”.  Although the meat taste authentically Vietnam, however I would still prefer my luncheon meat.

C-Jade Viet Cafe IN Beef Noodle Soup (Pho) with Raw and Cooked Sliced BeefSoup Noodle (Pho) with Raw and Cooked Sliced Beef ($8.90)

What is a Viet Café without Pho – that hot bowl of beef soup noodle?  I was actually quite surprised by the taste of the beef soup because it taste rather like those I had when I made my trips to Vietnam.  The bowl is filled with a rich, lightly spiced beef broth served with cooked bean sprouts, mint leaves and noodles.  The beef are very fresh and tender and a portion is served raw.  I wish they have more vegetables and bean sprouts served on the side because I would personally prefer more vegetables.  When I have Pho in Vietnam, I will put plenty of vegetables in my beef noodle soup.

C-Jade Viet Cafe IN Chicken Noodle Soup with Shredded ChickenChicken Soup Noodle

For those who do not prefer beef, there is an option of chicken soup noodle.  I sampled some of these chicken noodles and found the soup is a tad salty for my liking.  Again, I like all the fresh goodness of the ingredients.

C-Jade Viet Cafe IN QQ Rice with Steamed Chicken

C-Jade Viet Cafe IN QQ rice with Steam Chicken QQ Rice with Steamed Chicken ($15.90)

Besides the traditional Vietnamese goodness, C-Jade Viet Café IN also offers contemporary Chinese cuisine.  One of the speciality is the QQ Rice with Steamed Chicken.  The rice is very special made with three types of rice – fragrant, brown and glutinous rice.  They are steamed together in a large pan of scallion oil and ginger paste and comes with half steamed soya sauce chicken and deep fried lotus roots, onions and yam.  This probably is one of my personal favourite in the tasting session.  I remember I kept going on the rice because they were very tasty and fragrant.  If you are in a big group, I suggest ordering one to share.  Even though I ate at C-Jade quite some time back, but I am still salivating as I was writing about this dish!

C-Jade Viet Cafe IN ChendolIced Chendol

End the meal with C-Jade ice-cold Asian desserts priced between $2.80 and $4.20.  I had the Ice-Chendol which was good with a dash of herbal jelly, red beans and the green chendol.

C-Jade Viet Cafe IN Vietnamese Coffee HotVietnamese Coffee (Hot) $2.90

C-Jade Viet Cafe IN Vietnamese Coffee IcedVietnamese Coffee (Iced)

How not to have Vietnamese coffee at a Viet Café?  I personally tried the Vietnamese Coffee.  However they were not quite what I was expecting.  The Vietnamese coffee I had in Vietnam is rich and flavourful and usually is very creamy with a lot of condensed milk.  I reckon the coffee made is too large a cup.  Having this coffee really make me want to go back to Vietnam again and enjoy their street side coffee.

Overall, I am impressed by the experience at C-Jade Viet IN.  Not only is the taste authentic, the ingredients are also fresh and the dishes tasty.  The prices are reasonable and also affordable for most casual diners.  Singapore is still rather short of places having good Vietnamese food and I would recommend C-Jade Viet Café to those who would like to try variety of Vietnamese food when around in the Bugis area.

Thank you Samantha of Crystal Jade and Joh Ju of Pinestripes Communications for the invitation.

C-Jade Viet Café IN | Bugis+
201 Victoria Street
#04-05 Bugis+
Singapore 188067
Tel: 6509-9698
Opening Hours:
Open Daily: 11am to 10pm

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