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McDonald’s New Grilled Chicken McWrap Introductory Event @ Bishan Park McDonald’s August 10, 2014

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McD Unwrap the Fun Event Grilled Chicken McWrap

McDonald’s will be launching a healthier menu from 14 August 2014 – the Grilled Chicken McWrap and Spicy Chicken McWrap.  I was invited as a guest by blogger friend Hazel @ Hazel Diary to attend an introductory launch event hosted by McDonald’s at Bishan Park McDonald’s.  Other than the McWrap, McDonald’s will also be introducing a new Garden Side Salad as well as Delight 500: many options of below 500 calories meals that are tasty and satisfying everyday.



PEZZO Pizza launched new Rendang and Laksa Pizza August 4, 2014

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Pezzo Pizza Rendang Pizza (NEW) Profile

To honour Singapore’s 49th pizza, Pezzo Pizza created two sensational local flavours pizza:  Chicken Rendang & Singa Laksa Pizza!  Both of these two pizzas will permanently join Pezzo’s carefully-curated menu of exciting and fun offerings.  (more…)

Breadtalk Celebrates 14th Anniversary July 10, 2014

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Breadtalk 14th anniversary - Ah Bian, Handoughver, Tan Tart

14 years ago, who would have thought that bread can talk?  I remember I was one of those who queued up at the “boutique” bakery and queuing up for the latest fad of buns with pork floss on top.  I love the combination of soft buns, sweet mayonnaise and pork floss that shook the world.  Till today, the pork floss bun remain a key signature favourite not only in Singapore but also around the world.

Pictured above:  Ah Bian 阿扁 (2000) $1.60 – Flat sweet bun filled with smooth yam paste and topped with black and white sesame seeds in commemoration of newly elected Taiwanese President in the same year.  Handougver 接杰捧 (2004) $1.80 – A cheekily-named tomato loaf laced with sweet-spicy chilli paste, streaky bacon and Cheddar cheese to mark the change of leadership in Singapore; from Goh Chok Tong to the current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.  Tan Tart 总统椰疯狂(2011) $1.40 – A luscious Portuguese egg tart as a salute to the newly elected President of Singapore, Mr Tony Tan.

BreadTalk 14th anniversary - Bull Run, Wasabi Flosss, I.H.Q (International Happy Quotient)

Over the years, our national favourite pork floss buns have also took many different changes.  Several buns were specially designed to commemorate the different milestone of the Group.  One is the Bull Run 牛转乾坤 (2003) $1.60 to celebrate a significant milestone of the BreadTalk Group initial public offerings (IPO) on that year to represent the brand’s upbeat outlook for the future.  For its 12th anniversary, the Wasabi Seaweed Floss 芥末紫菜松松 (2012) $1.80 was specially created which is crowned with piquant wasabi egg cream, wasabi seaweed and sesame floss!  Definitely a delight.  I.H.Q (International Happy Quotient) 开心指数 (2014) $1.80, a sweet flaky pastry filled with delicious custard cream, candied orange peel and chocolate chips was created to celebrate the opening of Breadtalk Group IHQ building at Tai Seng Road.

BreadTalk 14th anniversary - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bacon, Phoenix, Apple of My i, Kitty in White & Black, Breadzil collection

I have also been very intrigued by the ingenuity of the names that Breadtalk has come up with over the years.  Actually its not only the name, but also the crafting and design of the buns.  One of my early years favourite is the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bacon 卧虎藏龙 (2001) $1.60 – yes it is not a typo, not dragon but bacon.  This is a soft French-style rustic breakfast roll with lashings with bacon and cheddar cheese named almost after Lee Ang’s award winning movie.  To honor China’s rocket launch, a flavoursome roll offers chicken and mushroom topped with mayonnaise and sprinkling of paprika and parsley named Phoenix 火凤凰 (2008) $1.60.  As a tribute t Apple Inc.’s co-founder Apple of My I 为i而生 (2011) $1.60 was created – a green apple inspired sweet bun with a tantalising fillings of soft red apples ad cream cheese custard with a touch of cinnamon.  Unfortunately they are not able to bake the bun with a bite off the apple.  The most recent Breadzil Products (2014) $1.40 to $2.30 was created to revel with the World Cup Fever.  Click on the link to learn more about the four creations for the World Cup held in Brazil.  Sweeping Breadtalk by storm is the Kitty affairs when a series of products was launched.  Kitty in White/Kitty in Black 吉蒂巧克力圈 (2013) $1.40 was unveiled; two irrestible Hello Kitty donuts with luscious dark or white chocolate glaze decorated with mini sugar sprinkles – the love of kids and ladies alike!

BreadTalk 14th anniversary - Fatt Choy Wong, Hello Kai!, Laksa Bowl

The auspicious buns Fatt Choy Wong 发财旺 (2010) $1.50, are chocolate brioche buns filled with custard cream and marked with well wishes of fortune 财 and prosperity 旺 to mark the opening of BreadTalk outlet at Resorts World Sentosa.  And to welcome Kai Kai and Jia Jia to the Singapore Zoo, Hello Kai! 凯熊 (2012) $1.70, BreadTalk conceived an endearing panda-shaped sweet bun with chocolate milk filling.  This is too cute to be eaten!  Finally to commemorate BreadTalk participation in Singapore Day 2013 held in Sydney, this tasty Laksa Bowl 叻沙一碗 (2013) $1.70 was created. Incidentally, I was at Australia Sydney during Singapore Day!  This Laksa bowl has a blend of spicy laksa paste, rich coconut milk, fragrant ginger flower and chicken cubes.  For some reason, it is a very appropriate to have this Laksa bowl because one of the Singapore Favourites I missed when I was working overseas was Laksa for its rich, spicy flavours.

Happy birthday BreadTalk!  I wish BreadTalk will continue talking for many years to come!



From 16 to 20 July – Enjoy 20% off with minium purchase of $8 storewide

From 29 to 31 July – Indulge in special 6-in-a-box Flosss/Fire/Wasabi Floss buns at only $7.


For store location please, visit BreadTalk website.

Photo Credit:  Sixth Sense PR.

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Pick the Right Catch @ WWF Sustainable Seafood Festival 2014 June 8, 2014

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WWF Pick the Right Catch

The WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) Singapore is launched the  inaugural Sustainable Seafood Festival today.  This festival will be held from 8 June to 15 June 2014.  Today is an apt day to launched the festival as today is the World Oceans Day.  This year, the festival champion the idea – Pick the Right Catch.

WWF Sustainable Seafood Festival 2014

As part of the festival offer, participating restaurants will be promoting special sustainable seafood dishes specially created to support the worthy cause of championing picking the right catch.  As part of the media preview, I have the opportunity to sample some of these delightful sustainable seafood treats.  This is part of WWF and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) effort to create a new movement towards responsible consumption of seafood empowered by suppliers, retailers, restaurants and consumers.


[Movie Review] CHEF – All Foodies Must Watch This June 4, 2014

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Chef is a very delicious movie.  I am not kidding! If only I can consume all the inviting and tantalising food whipped up by Chef Carls Casper (Jon Favreau), the main lead of this comedy.  The talented chef in the movie also directed, co-produced and written the script.  Being a food lover, a food blogger and one that extensively uses social media such as a blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the movie resonates very strongly because I can relate to a lot of the scenes in the movie.