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[Halal] 1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Everyday by Chef Wan @ Plaza Singapura July 23, 2014

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1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Plate

Halal certified restaurants are hard to come by, especially one that served really good quality dishes for its diner everyday at affordable prices.  1 Market is helmed by Chef Wan; a truly celebrity chef from Malaysia that is featured in international programmes such as National Geographic Channel.  This is not my first time dining at 1 Market as I have dined here with my Muslim colleagues before.  And in the month of Ramadan, many Muslim friends come here to break fast (evening) together with their non-Muslim friends.  I really like the idea that people of different races come together to learn more about one another’s culture.  A common misconception is that people may think that a Halal restaurant will have many malay dishes, but once you step into 1 Market, you will realise that the spread is truly international.  To top it all, they have a wide spread of fresh, juicy and decadent seafood for everyone to enjoy.

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Sashimi Plate

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Flower Crabs

I am very impressed with the magnificent display at its seafood station.  Many of the flower crabs are stacked together in a handsome display that is eye catching.  You probably won’t miss the station with a spectacular display like this.  But be careful as you pull the flower crabs into the plate!  This is almost like playing UNO Stacko.  Don’t let the crabs fall all over!

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Oysters

Fresh oysters sits on a bed on ice so that they can continue to be chilled while waiting for people to pick them up.  Previously, there will be a staff who will shack the oysters in front of the patrons which resulted in a long winding queue around the seafood station.  But now, the oysters are brought out ready to be eaten.  Slurp!  1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Mussels

These green mussels are also my favourite.  I love eating mussels in all kind of style, especially when stir-fried with sambal or barbequed.  But these are just as good especially when drizzled with thousand island dressing.

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Crayfish

Have you heard some people say that crayfish is the cheap version of lobster?  I cannot agree more!  I remember during my teenager years, there was a store of crayfish noodle at the food court at Marina Square that always attract long queue.  I never understood why people actually took fancy of this crustacean at that time, but I guess certain taste buds for things actually grows with age.  Nowadays, I do enjoy an occasional crayfish indulgence. 

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Gong Gong

This sea snail, or more affectionately known as “gong gong” in Malay is best eaten with the sambal chilli that is available near the seafood station.  The texture is just like squid and have to be delicately pulled out from its shell.

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza SalmonAnother beautiful showmanship is the gigantic salmon that is served as a whole, beautifully decorated with shrimps and mussels and sea snail surrounding it.  The fish appear to live in a seafood paradise.  Guests just have to pick on the salmon for delicate serving of the fleshy meat.

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza SashimiA stone throw away is the Japanese station where you can find varieties of fresh sashimi.  Tuna, Salmon, Yellow Tail, and Octopus are available “around the clock” and freshly sliced by experience chef.

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Deco

Other than raw and fresh seafood, there are cooked seafood for those who would like something to warm the stomach.  1 Market also offer many different choice for both young and old alike.

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Squid

At the seafood station is this squid and clams with chilli.  Sweet and spicy at the same time, this delicacy is savoured by many of its guests.

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Grilled Prawns

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Grilled SquidAt the barbeque section is the grilled prawns and grilled squid that is very popular with its diners.  The chef have to continually grill these two delightful dish that is welcoming for its over 400 guests every lunch and dinner.  Again, they are great with the sambal chilli that is available near the barbeque station.

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Cooked Food Plate

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Cooked Prawns

There are chilled cook prawns at the seafood station as well as these cooked ones with chilli.  I actually prefer these as they are sautéed to taste finger licking good.

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Cooked Crabs

Sri Lanka crabs for those who prefer their crabs with gravy.

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Cooked ClamsHave a bowl of clams.  I am salivating even just looking at time.

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Deco

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza SatayA perennial favourite is the satay that comes with a choice of chicken, beef and mutton.  I really love the peanut satay sauce.  Accompany it with some ketupat, diced cucumber and onions.  Be quick when the satay are placed in the buffet line as they gets wiped out so fast.  Definitely not something to miss.

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Beef

These are charcoal grilled beef rumps that are sliced thinly for your enjoyment in front of you.

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Chicken

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza RiceThis is a time limited serving of Lebanese Chicken Rice that is served specially this Ramadan period.  I love how the taste of spices: cinnamon, pepper, allspice, paprika ad cardamom are worked into the basmati rice.  Coriander leaves, raisins, olives and cherry tomaotoes are tossed in giving the rice a zesty and refreshing taste.

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Dessert PlateBe spoilt for choice when you are ready for dessert and you probably regret not leaving enough space for dessert.  There are many different varieties of cakes, tarts, pudding, cookies and even  malay kuehs (snacks) to choose from.

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza Dessert

One of my favourite is this custard pudding topped with sweetened cherries and drizzle with brown sugar.  Definitely giving me the sugar rush!

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza DessertThere are many varieties of mini cupcakes, tarts and cakes you will be spoilt for choice.  That is why all of them are made into small petite size so that you can have more choices with limited capacity in your tummy.  Anyway, don’t people say that there is a separate compartment for dessert?

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza DessertThese cream puffs are light and fluffy with creamy custard and dusted with white icing sugar.  Sweet!

1 Market Seafood Extravaganza

1 Market’s Big Buffet Special Promotion

From now until 27 July 2014, patrons who dine in a group of four will get to enjoy a special 4 for 3 promotion. The fourth diners gets to dine for free!


1 Market By Chef Wan | Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
#04-45 to 49 Plaza Singapura Atrium
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6341 9159
Opening Hours:
Open Daily
Lunch: 11.30am to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10pm

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1. Spring Tomorrow - July 23, 2014

The hot foods look tantalising! My kind of food with big, robust Asian spices and flavours. Will have to give this a try soon. Your pictures are making me hungry. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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