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Goal World Cup Crazy with Breadtalk Breadzil Fever! June 12, 2014

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Breadzil 2014 Collection - BreadTalk

Make some noise people! On 12 June 2014 and that’s today, the FIFA World Cup will begin with the home team Brazil taking up Croatia.  While the football matches has absolutely have nothing to do with food, technically however many brands have actually jumped into the World Cup Fever bandwagon.  Breadtalk is no exception with its tongue-in-cheek theme Breadzil with four special creations available from 1 June to 13 July 2014.

Breadtalk Breadzil 2014_6s

In the Breadzil 2014 edition are Dillopillo ($1.60) which is my favourite and hence first mention.  This is a spicy sambal chicken that is inspired by the armadillo mascot.  I love the mild sambal spiciness and tasty chicken which has a generous portion of the filling in the bun.  There is also the Superstix ($2.30) which are cheese or sesame breadsticks in a nice packing great as snacks while watching the foodball match.  Score with the Go Goal! ($1.40) with this chocolate and custard cream filled brioche that is shaped like a football.  My nephew go “can I eat this?” in a manner to mean it is too cute to be eaten.  Lastly is the Jerseylicious ($1.50) which is a bun shaped like a jersey with lemon custard topped with chocolate icing.  Pick four of these jersey buns and send them as inspiration for 4D.  You may just get lucky.

Breadtalk Breadzil 2014

For store location please, visit BreadTalk website.

Photo Credit:  Sixth Sense PR.

Last Photo compiled using Moldiv Collage Photo Editor App.  Available in Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play Store

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