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[Movie Review] CHEF – All Foodies Must Watch This June 4, 2014

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Chef is a very delicious movie.  I am not kidding! If only I can consume all the inviting and tantalising food whipped up by Chef Carls Casper (Jon Favreau), the main lead of this comedy.  The talented chef in the movie also directed, co-produced and written the script.  Being a food lover, a food blogger and one that extensively uses social media such as a blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the movie resonates very strongly because I can relate to a lot of the scenes in the movie.

Unhappy with the restaurant owner (Dustin Hoffman) who stifle his creativity to cook up a storm with a new menu for a food blogger visit to review the restaurant that resulted in a less than mediocre review by the esteemed food blogger, Carls Casper decided to call it quits at the restaurant which he has been working for 5 years.  Encouraged by his ex-wife (Sofia Vergara), he decided on a trip to Miami with his son. With some twists of event, he decided to start a mobile food truck in the hope to reignite his culinary passion.  He was joined by the recently promoted Sous Chef in the old restaurant, who quit and decided to work under his leadership and share a common adventure at the food truck named El Jefe serving a type of Cuban sandwich – Cubanos.  They were joined by Chef Carl Casper’s son who trudged along and helped with the marketing of the food truck through social media like Twitter and Facebook with astounding success.

CHEF is the one movie to catch this summer.  Click on the below YouTube video to watch the trailer


Travelling Cow Food TruckCredit:  MVP Entertainment Facebook  

In conjunction with the movie CHEF, there will be two food trucks parked at Plaza Singapura outdoor front plaza at level 1 from Thursday to Sundays, 10 am to 10pm.  Visit these food trucks on 5-8 June and 12 to 15 June.  Savour the delicious takeaway from The Travelling C.O.W. (Chef on Wheels) and Kerbside Gourmet, and at the same time do a good deed.  5% of the proceeds will go to Club Rainbow.

Ramen Burger (The Travelling COW)Ramen Burger (Photo Credit: MVP Entertainment Facebook)

Ramen Burger is the speciality of The Travelling C.O.W. (Chef on Wheel) food truck.  They will also be serving BBQ Beef Sliders and Wagyu Beef Burger.

Portobello Burgers (Kerbside Gourmet)

Portobello Burger (Photo Credit: MVP Entertainment Facebook)

Another food truck Kerbside Gourmet will be serving Portobello Burgers and Bak Chor Mee on pita bread!  How interesting is that?  Check them out from 5-10pm on 7-8 June.

Show your CHEF ticket stub to enjoy $1 off each CHEF combo meal.


If you are watching CHEF, remember to fill your stomach, otherwise be prepared to have a rumbling tummy while waiting for the movie to end.  If you are watching at Golden Village at Plaza Singapura, do remember to check out the food truck and have some of the special food treats from our local food truck!

Thank you MVP Entertainment for the special press screening invitation for the comedy CHEF.

Be a fan of MVP Entertainment on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to get updates on latest movie news, interviews and contest.  Best of all, stand to win a pair of complimentary movie tickets to upcoming MVP movies.

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