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[CLOSED] Newton Roast Crackling Away @ Newton Food Centre June 3, 2014

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Newton Roast Six Pack Belly

First and foremost, I must apologise if you googled “six pack” wanting to know what you should do in order to get an awesome and fabulous six-pack that your girlfriend can drum away like a guitar, but instead you come to know about this tantalising 6-packed Belly ($39.90) from Newton Roast which you may end up ordering (order details below) and foil your plans for a tummy which will be a cause of envy for a beach getaway!  You may not want to miss the two porky creation from Newton Roast, a new roaster in none other than Newton Food Centre.

Newton Roast Pork KnucklePork Knuckles ($39.90)

Other than the 6-packed pork belly, Newton Roast also serve the Pork Knuckles ($39.90) which weighs about 500g. Just looking at the photo above, can you imagine how crispy the skin of the pork knuckle is? If I can put a scale from 1 to 10, it probably will be a perfect 10!  The magic is that even after indulging in several pieces of the crispy and crackling skin, I still don’t feel sickly from the otherwise fatty skin.  The meat itself although is tender but is a little lacking in taste.  Not sure if it is because the knuckle is too big to work the marinate into it.

Newton Roast Six Pack Belly Cut6-Packed Belly ($39.90)

How about the featured 6-packed belly?  Comparing to the pork knuckles, I much prefer the tenderness and taste of the pork belly.  Unlike the Chinese version of ShioBak (烧肉), the 6-packed belly at Newton Roast are lightly seasoned and milder in taste as the owners wish is to retain the original taste of the meat and make it a better accompaniment and pairing with wine or beer.  Recently I keep craving for Somersby Pear Cider and I am pretty sure the fruitiness of the cider can be brought out fully by the savoury meat.

Newton Roast Pork Knuckles Cut

Clever of Newton Roast to start their first outlet in a hawker stall. Operating cost is definitely lower so that the roast meats can be served at a reasonable price.  Newton Food Centre also serve as a central area for people to buy or collect their roast meat.  The roast meat are oven-baked hourly to ensure freshness.  To live up to their reputation of Freshness on Demand, Newton Roast has a robust and cutting edge online ordering system to ensure that the roast you collect are fresh from the oven.  It is simple and easy just follow the steps below:


Newton Roast Order ANewton Roast Ordering B

Step 1:  Enter Newton Roast website and click on “ORDER” on the top right corner of the website.

Step 2:  Click on the desire date and time of collection.

Newton Roast Ordering cNewton Roast Ordering E

Step 3:  Select from the drop-down menu the roast meat you like to order.  Select the quantity you desire by sliding over the quantity ruler.

Step 4:  Provide your personal details.  Make sure your hand phone number is correct as you need to confirm your order via SMS. (This is also a authenticate process)

Newton Roast Ordering GNewton Roast Ordering I

Step 5:  Review your order and click “Send” for the SMS to be sent to your mobile phone.

Newton Roast Ordering J

Step 6:  Check your phone for the SMS from Newton Roast.  Click on the SMS to confirm the order and Viola!  It is done in an easy 6-steps process.

Newton Roast Crackling Roast

As part of the invitation, we were treated to a preview of this huge slab of pork.  Preview means that they are not available for sale yet.  This is because Newton Roast is still working on R&D to ensure the meat meets their stringent quality control and consistency such that each product meets the customers satisfaction.  Look forward to this celebratory piece of meat which I will see them usually on occasions such as festive celebrations when extended families get together, or when we are praying to ancestors.  I think it also make a perfect idea for a party too!  Throw in a couple of beers and this crackling pork will make a good savoury snack!

Newton Roast Assembly

Special bento sets are also available for delivery with a minimum of 20 pax (72 hours advance notice required).  With the fresh, juicy and tender meat, Newton Roast is going to give those restaurants serving German roast a run for their money. Have a crackling good time with Newton Roast!

Newton Roast
500 Clemenceau Avenue
#01-51 Newton Food Centre
Singapore 229495
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 2pm to 11.30pm
Sunday: 2pm to 9pm

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