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Beijing No. 1: The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands May 15, 2014

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Beijing No 1 Marina Bay Sands

Beijing No. 1. How many have actually heard of this Chinese restaurant?  I did not until I went to Marina Bay Sands with 365days2play and her hubby.  We were looking for some dinner alternative without burning our wallet, so since her hubby is entitled to half-price dining privilege at this restaurant, so despite it looking real up market, and located along the celebrity chef row at The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands, we ventured in.  But since that dining experience, I was shrouded with mystery on why this particular Chinese restaurant doesn’t seem to attract a good patronage even though we may be expecting that a lot of PRC Chinese high rollers at the casino may patronize here with its “ching chong” oriental decor that’s prominently red that’s the lucky color for Chinese .  But on the day of our dinner, the tables weren’t quite occupied too.  This overly stated restaurant surpisingly served quite humbled dishes. Just like the above pan fried dumplings, but with a difference of course.

Beijing No 1 Marina Bay Sands

I personally love the oriental feel of the restaurant as it set me into an immediate mood for some good Chinese cuisine.  The restaurant certainly look posh, carpeted for the guest comfort, chairs that are cushy and velvety to touch.

Beijing No 1 Marina Bay Sands

At the restaurant, even the tea pot look elaborate against the backdrop of the restaurant.  What tea would you typically order when dining at a Chinese restaurant?  My favourite would be Ju-Pu (菊谱), a combination of chrysanthemum tea with Pu’Er (普洱) tea.  I love the slight floral taste of the chrysanthemum with the smoky, aged Pu’Er tea.

Beijing No 1 Marina Bay Sands

The chilli dumplings were first served.  Even though we were warned that it is very fiery spicy, but we didn’t think it was really that spicy.  I love these dumplings as they were good with soft and silky skin that goes slither down the throat. The minced meat filling was flavourful and everything goes well with the chilli oil. If only dumplings were cheap like those I had in China, I would have ordered more of these.

Beijing No 1 Marina Bay Sands

The pan-fried dumplings is really very interesting because it was presented “upside down” with a whole pan of rounded crispy layer of flour that makes for an interesting presentation. Because of its uniqueness, this pan-fried was photographed to death. Just as the dumplings, these one were good and I like that it is not so greasy.

Beijing No 1 Marina Bay Sands

We settled this as our veg dish.  I love the thick stock with a subtle sweetness from the melon and shrimps.  The portion is actually quite big for three.  Although I like the aroma and taste of the super huge dried shrimps but it is really too much to chew on and it makes your jaw ache.  Perhaps it is best is to pound them into floss but that may ruin the presentation of the dish.

Beijing No 1 Marina Bay Sands

We also had this roast pork with buns.  Although I’m very much a fan of pork, however I didn’t particularly enjoyed the dish because it was too generous with the spices.  The meat was tender though and when eaten with the shell shaped buns with the accompanied sauce and fresh leek makes its a delightful dish.  I wish though there are more buns as the meat is plenty.

Beijing No 1 Marina Bay Sands

We also ordered a seafood fried rice for the carbs.  Even though the fried rice seems a big plate, but it was portioned to 3 small bowls only.  I was actually hoping for more because I find the rice to be really fragrant and tasty.  There’s shrimps, squid, fried eggs and dried scallion making a worthy dish to end the meal.

Beijing No 1 Marina Bay Sands

Quite frankly, for these simple dishes, the prices are on the high side.  If not for the 50% discount, I probably won’t dine here.  But a one-time experience at the restaurant was simply awesome.  With the grandeur setting, I almost felt like a imperial dining in this elaborately set restaurant.

Beijing No. 1 
8 Bayfront Avenue
#02-03, The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018 972
Tel: 6688 7515
Opening Hours:
Open Daily:
Lunch: 11.30am to 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm to 10.30pm

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