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Cold Storage New Zealand Fair 2014 @ Vivocity May 3, 2014

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New Zealand Fair Cold Storage Ice Cream

What rings the bell when you hear the word “Hokey Pokey“?  For those who are aware, hokey pokey is used affectionately by New Zealanders referring to honeycomb toffee.  It is hence a unique ice-cream flavour to New Zealand.  Now, you can enjoy all the fresh goodness of New Zealand products at Cold Storage.  A New Zealand Fair is going on a Vivocity from now till 8 May.

I have visited the New Zealand Fair on their opening day.  With a reputation to be pure, clean and fresh, Cold Storage organised a special showcase of the New Zealand products, many of which they will continue to carry in store.  Now we can indulge in a great variety of fresh produce, gourmet food and wines.  I am putting some of my personal favourites here in this blog entry.

New Zealand Fair Cold Storage L&P Softdrink

One of my favourite is the L&P soft drink which I hauled back half a dozen.  L stands for Lemon and P stands or Paeroa.  Paeroa is actually a town in New Zealand in which mineral water from the town is carbonised and used with lemon juice to produce this refreshing carbonated drink.

New Zealand Fair Cold Storage Cheese

Mainland Cheese from New Zealand are also one of my favourite.  I have sampled the Epicure (Aged 36 months) and Vintage (Aged 24 months) and love them to the bits.  There is no doubts that these award winning cheese won gold medals for its cheese and packaging.

New Zealand Fair Cold Storage Peanut Butter

I’m going 100% Nutz with their peanut butter and Chocolate Peanut Butter.  These great tasting peanut butter are different from those better-known brands we got from the supermarket.  They are made with hi-oleic peanuts which are healthier because their oleic acid ratio resembles more closely to that of olive oil.  I love particularly the Chocolate Peanut Spread which is made with Donovans decadent dark chocolates.  Even my mother who does not like chocolate now uses the chocolate peanut spread that I bought on her bread.  Apparently, due to the lower sugar content, they are suitable for diabetic too!

New Zealand Fair Cold Storage Charlie Juice

The first time I am acquainted with Charlie’s fruit juice was when I am in Australia.  I only knew they were a New Zealand produce at the fair!  Their most famous are Squeezed Orange Juice, Lemonade Quencher, Mango & Orange Quencher and the latest Pineapple Crush.  For myself, I like the Raspberry Quencher!

New Zealand Fair Cold Storage Bagel Chips

Marketed as baked not fried, these Bagel Crisps from Abe’s Bagel Bakery are a healthy snack for all.  Baked with freshly steamed bagels, they are 60% less fat than regular potato chips.  They are also free from colours, flavours and preservatives so its really good for you.  They are great with dips or naked on its own.  As I am typing this blog, I am having a handful of Bagel Crisps as snacks!  Available with different flavour such as Natural, Marlborough Sea Salt, Roasted Garlic and Wood-Fired BBQ, the latter being my favourite.

New Zealand Fair Cold Storage  Bites

Loaf’s is one of New Zealand leading bakeries offer quality sweet treats.  My favourite being Hello Rosie Bites which is filled with a wholesome combination of nuts, sticky fruits and chocolates.  I bagged away a few from the fair.

New Zealand Fair Cold Storage JED's Coffee

JED’s Coffee Co was also available at the fair.  They have packs for plungers and available in differing strength.  While I prefer a stronger coffee, however they tend to be a little acidic.  Adding milk does the trick to reduce acidity.

New Zealand Fair Cold Storage  Fruit Hitz

Freshfields which produces Fruit Hitz Natural Fruit Purees are now available in small pouches.  They are tasty and great for kids.  I like particularly the summery berry for a sweet and sour flavour that tantalised the taste buds.

New Zealand Fair Cold Storage Blue Bird Chips

Great as snacks, Bluebird Potatoes Chips are great companion for movies or TV drama serials.  I like the Salt and Vinegar flavour best.

New Zealand Fair Cold Storage  Relish

Maison Therese uses the best ingredients for their preserve relishes.  Different relish is good with a variety of food.  The highlight being the beetroot relish is great with cheese and cold meat.  The relish is capable of adding a sweet note to meat.  I reckon it will be tasty with turkey.  cranberry sauce can step aside now that I think I found something better!

New Zealand Fair Cold Storage Fruit Freeze

The weather has been really hot lately and Juicies frozen fruit treats are the best.  I remember as a young kid, I always love a frozen fruit treat after playing at the playground.  But atlas! I don’t know if kids actually still play at playground or are they just playing handheld games?  I hope we stay more active by working out more and playing sports.

New Zealand Fair Cold Storage  Museli

For a gluten-free breakfast option, consider Hubbards Vanilla Almond Museli or Thank Goodness Gluten-Free Berry Museli.  They actually go great with the FreshFields fruit pouches!

New Zealand Fair Cold Storage Mascot

Being The Fresh Food People”, Cold Storage is committed to deliver the best value variety based on ethnic mix, freshness and innovative food ideas.  Bringing the pure, clean and fresh food produce from New Zealand means now we have more and better choices when we do our supermarketing at Cold Storage.  Hurry down to the Vivocity Atrium to be introduced a wide array of New Zealand goodies till 8 May.

Stay tuned to my blog for more F”resh Food People” news!

New Zealand Food Fair 2014 | Vivocity Atrium, Level 1
25 April to 8 May 2014

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