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Ottoman Kebab & Grill @ Bedok Mall May 1, 2014

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Ottoman Kebab & Grill Ottoman Shish Platte

It is rather unusual to have a Turkish restaurant in the neighbour, and I am glad that it is so near to mine! Ottoman Kebab & Grill is located at Level 1 of Bedok Mall, the latest shopping mall in the Bedok Precinct.  Owned by First Gourmet Pte Ltd, this Turkish restaurant is an extension to the other restaurants – Prata Wala and Zaffron Kitchen.  The amazing thing is they are owned by Chinese!  Incidentally, Ottoman Kebab & Grill is located beside the famous prata shop: Prata Wala.  Muslim friends will be particularly delighted that Ottoman is a Halal certified restaurant.

Ottoman Kebab & Grill Apple Tea Apple Tea / Hot or Cold ($3)

Start off with a sweet Apple Tea, either hot or cold.  I had both the hot and iced version and prefer the hot tea because it has a stronger taste compared to the chill version, probably diluted by the ice.  The apple tea is sweet and slightly sourish which really whet your appetite.

Ottoman Kebab & Grill Humous & PideHomous ($6) and Pide ($2)

You’ve got to order this Homous to know how authentic and good this Turkish restaurant is as often people use this as a measure of how authentic a Turkish restaurant is.  This chick pea dip with a ground sesame paste (tahini), lime juice and garlic is very creamy and best mopped up with the pillowy homemade pipe flat bread which is cooked over lava stones.  This really ought to be one dish to order when you visit Ottoman.

Ottoman Kebab Grill Cheese BorekCheese Borek ($6/6pcs)

The Cheese Borek are spring roll skins wrapped with feta cheese.  Served hot and crispy, they are fabulous a starters while you wait for the mains to arrive.

Ottoman Kebab & Grill FalafelFalafel ($5 /3 pcs)

The Falafel is a deep fried ground chick pea and fava beans.  They are really tasty starters or snacks that packed with protein and fibre.  Even I tell myself to eat with moderation as it is deep fried, however I still cannot resist but to steal another one.  I’m so glad I know I can get a mean Falafel that is near my neighbourhood.

Ottoman Kebab & Grill Iskender Mutton KebabIskender Mutton Kebab ($18.50)

The Iskender Mutton Kebab is a minced mutton patties that are grilled and sit atop a bed of crispy pide croutons.  I also like the sauce which is made with sun-dried tomatoes, celery, carrots, shallots and dried mints, so it tamed some of the strong taste of mutton.  Add a dollop of yogurt to the meat and you have yourself a very delicious mutton kebab.

Ottoman Kebab & Grill Ottoman Shish PlatterOttoman Shish Platter ($29)

The Shish Kebab is a Turkish classic whereby the meat are skewered into metal skewers and grilled.  The above Ottoman Kebab is a choice of chicken, beef, mutton, fish fillet and prawns that are painstakingly grilled over lava stones on top of a stove.  Apparently, the lava stones heats up the meat and cook them evenly without having to worry that the meat meets with direct flame.  I suppose that way it should be less carcinogenic.

Ottoman Kebab & Grill KunefeKunefe ($8.50)

The special dessert that we had is this kunefe which is quite unlike anything I have had as dessert.  The Kunefe is a traditional Turkish dessert that is prepared with nabulsi goat cheese encased within shredded kadayif phyllo pastry and pan-fried in butter to a golden hue.  It is then drizzled with sugar syrup and crushed pistachios before serving.  The entire dessert takes 20 minutes to prepare so order well in advance, otherwise do not grumble because good things are worth the wait.

Ottoman Kebab & Grill Turkish CoffeeTurkish Coffee ($4)

In my Instagram post, I have mentioned that this is my first time that I had a Turkish Coffee.  The coffee is prepared by boiling grounded coffee beans directly in a copper cevze pot.  This is boiled together with milk and sugar before everything is poured into the elegant cup and saucer.  Allow the coffee beans to settle before drinking the coffee.  I like that there is a chocolatey taste to the coffee. Apparently, one can tell your fortune by turning of the cup on the saucer once you are done.  After few minutes, look into the cup and see if what’s going in there.  While I can’t see my fortune, but my creative mind see  a few giraffes, elephants in a zoological garden.

Ottoman Kebab & Grill Bedok Mall Interior

This new eatery is helmed by Turkish native Head Chef Ali Kose who has more than ten years of culinary experience, two of which saw him as Sous Chef at Gordon Ramsay’s Michelin-starred Maze in London.  Well, this explains all the delectable dishes I sampled at this new restaurant.

Ottoman Kebab & Grill Bedok Mall

The interior and furnishing of the restaurant is not those scream-in-your-face-I-am-Turkish-Restaurant deco.  The frontage of the restaurant of cobalt-blue geometric patterns beckons the Ottoman-style.  Passerby can catch a glimpse of Chef Ali and his team skilfully slicing the meats off the rotating Shawarma spits or keeping a meticulous eyes on the lava-stone rill laden with kebab and breads.

Ottoman Kebab & Grill
311 New Upper Changi Road
#01-75 Bedok Mall
Singapore 467360
Tel: +65 6702 4031
Opening Hours:
Open Daily: 11am to 10pm
Weekday set lunch: 11am to 2.30pm
Weekday set dinner:  5.30pm t 9.30pm

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