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Saboten Japanese Casual Dining @ IMM (Jurong) April 21, 2014

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Saboten Aka Ebi Mentai & Half Loin Katsu Gozen

Many people would have been familiar with Saboten Japanese Casual Dining and realised that their outlet at Parco Millenia Walk closed due to renovation works at Parco.  But fret not, they are now located at IMM Building at Jurong.  So if you miss the taste of their superb Tonkatsu, you know where to head to.  Saboten, the largest Tonkatsu chain in Japan has chosen to unveil a brand new dining concept by introducing expanded menu such as shabu shabu and teppanyaki to their katsu menu to cater for the diverse taste of a family oriented dining concept.

Saboten Black Pepper Kurobuta Teppanyaki & Half Loin SetBlack Pepper Kurobuta Teppanyaki & Half Loin Set

A total of 18 new set meals will be introduced, diners will be spoilt for choice.  No longer will it be just the deep fried stuff that grandmother will frown upon, there will be a variety to suit the taste and choices of your family.  I had the black pepper kurobuta teppanyaki set.  The black pepper sauce packs a punch to the teppanyaki but yet does not overwhelm.  I love how the hot plate sizzle and keep the kurobuta pork warm and hot as I dine on.

Saboten Black Pepper Kurobuta Teppanyaki & Halibut Katsu GozenBlack Pepper Kurobuta Teppanyaki & Halibut Katsu Gozen

Saboten has been famous for their heavenly breaded deep-fried pork and chicken cutlets.  It has become a must-go place for katsu aficionados.   Amongst the new sets, the salmon sashimi (above) and the halibut katsu are new additions.  The pronounced taste of halibut attests to its freshness while the crispy breaded exterior also lends a crunchy bite.  A giant prawn that is griddled to perfection also included in the set.

Saboten Wagyu Beff Shabu Shabu & Half Loin Katsu GozenWagyu Beef Shabu Shabu & Half Loin Katsu Gozen

For those who love a soupy meal, shabu shabu will be a good choice.  Other than the kurobuta pork, there is also the thinly sliced wagyu beef as a selection.  Just wait for the soup to boil and immerse the plate of meat and veggie and in minutes, viola! you can indulge in sumptuous meal.

Saboten Tonkatsu (Half Loin)Tonkatsu Half Loin

The famous Half Loin Tonkatsu deep fried to a golden brown.  If there is a place to go for deep fried pork cutlet, remember the name Saboten.  Currently only in IMM, mostly the westies will be happy with its convenient location.  Sources have it that they will be having another location in the Central region to replace the closed outlet at Parco Milenna Walk.  So stay tuned, I will report back when it is officially launched.

Saboten Black Pepper Kurobuta Teppanyaki & Halibut Katsu GozenAka Ebi Mentai

One of the item that is my personal favourite is the aka ebi mentai, a large prawn that is crowned with mayonnaise and marinated roe.  This really blows me away with the sweet mayo and the explosion of mentai in my mouth.  The ebi is sweet and tender being grilled to perfection.

At Saboten, you can enjoy the finest ingredients at affordable prices.  A lot of research and development efforts are put into tirelessly to develop tasty and high-grade ingredients.  This new dining concept will also be rolled out to the other outlets all around the world.  Just so you know, Saboten is the World’s largest Tonkatsu Chain in Japan, which explains why the dining experience is always the finest you can come to expect from a Japanese chain.

Saboten | IMM Building (Jurong)
2 Jurong East Street 21
#01-19 IMM Building
Singapore 609601
Tel: 6898 3432
Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am to 10pm

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