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RamenPlay Launches New Donburi Set @ BreadTalk iHQ, Tai Seng (Paya Lebar) April 19, 2014

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RamenPlay ChaShu Don Set

Recently, RamenPlay launches new Donburi Set to its ala carte menu to add diversity to its diverse selection of signature ramen specialities and wholesome donburi sets.  The expanded menu includes five hearty and affordable donburi (rice bowl) sets are a perfect for those who are looking for a substantial refuelling.  Many people I spoke to thought that they can only get ramen in RamenPlay.  That’s so untrue.  In fact I was so bowled over with RamenPlay new offering of Donburi Sets and learned how they used only premium Niigata Koshihikari Rice in their rice bowl sets.

RamenPlay Katsu Curry DonPork / Chicken Katsu Curry Don ($12.80/set)

One of my personal favourite when I eat at Japanese outlets is katsu curry don.  In RamenPlay, you can choose between fried pork loin or chicken thigh for the curry don set.  The curry that features in the katsu curry don is a vegetable curry gravy that taste a little lighter in taste and easier on the palate.  The curry is also not so spicy so easier on my stomach.  I like how the Katsu is deep fried to a crisp exterior while maintain the tenderness on the inside.

This katsu curry don is accompanied with a refreshing mini salad tossed in a Japanese sesame dressing.  A unique red Tosaka seaweed, know for its vibrant colour and nutritious benefits is used.  The salad can be seen on the donburi set above.

RamenPlay Tori Momo DonTori Momo Don ($12.80/set)

Although the Tori Momo Don looks plain, however it actually surprises my taste bud with the special Shoyu sauce that is used to flavour the chicken.  The Tori Momo Don set features a sunny-yellow topping of steamed egg and chicken and onions that makes a satisfying meal.  The Tori Momo Don set is served with Agedashi Tofu and miso soup.

As mentioned previously, only Koshihikari rice from the Niigata region in Japan is used at RamenPlay.  What gives is a unique delicate natural sweetness and rich flavour is because the crops are grown with melted snow-water that contains vital minerals and nutrients.  No wonder every rice bowl in RamenPlay taste just so unique because they used such premium grains.  This makes me want to come back for more!

RamenPlay Teriyaki Chicken DonTeriyaki Chicken Don ($12.80/set)

The Teriyaki Chicken Don set is served with Agedashi Tofu and miso soup.  This classic dish is served with supremely tender chicken thigh that are pan-fried and seasoned with all-time favourite Teriyaki sauce and sprinkled with silvers of crisp seaweed.  Just looking at the picture again of what I tasted makes me want to go back for more!

RamenPlay Cha Shu DonCha Shu Don ($12.80/set)

One of the popular and my personal favourite is the Cha Shu Don set which is a meaty topping of teriyaki marinated minced pork loin.  The pork loin is mildy sweet and very tender – I would say it almost melt in your mouth!  It goes very well with the top-grade Koshihikari rice and served with complementary miso soup and mini salad.  You can also see a cooked onsen egg on top of the Cha Shu Don which is so devilishly delicious I wish to order it on its own.  The way to eat is to mix it well into the rice and enjoy!

RamenPlay Pork YakunikuPork Yakiniku Don ($12.80/set)

For those who prefer yakiniku or grilled meat, the Pork Yakiniku is also a good alternative.  Thinly sliced grilled pork are glazed with RamenPlay’s special sauce to create this memorable rice bowl.  Again, the dish is topped with an onsen egg to create a deeply comforting rice bowl.

Other than the dishes, RamenPlay also have their other signature dishes

RamenPlay Sanpou Tonkotsu RamenSanpou Tonkotsu Ramen ($16.80) with Super Yuzu ($4.80)

While at RamenPlay, one must not miss out their ramen speciality.  This Sanpou Tonkotsu Ramen is one of their signature favourites.  The ramen here is rather springy and are submerged in RamenPlay’s traditional rich pork bone-based broth.  The ramen is decked with three different braised pork cuts – pork jowl, pork belly in special sauce and pork belly in Japanese Cha Shu sauce.  I like how the pork is very tender and the variety in the cuts also give surprises with each bite.  A half braised egg with a perfectly runny centre; which characterise a bowl of good ramen is in every bowl.  This house special is a must try!

RamenPlay Butariki ShinabeButariki Ishinabe ($13.80)

The Butariki Ishinabe is served in a heated hot stone pot rice bowl.  This is to ensure that the rice is enjoyed at the optimum temperature.  The signature dish boasts both pan-fried and barbeque pork, spring onions, seaweed, raw egg and a drizzle of RamenPlay’s secret sauce.  When served, mix all the ingredients well with the Koshihikari rice and be blown away by the burst of flavours!

RamenPlay Crispy DangoCrispy Dango ($3.60)

This crispy dango is a winning combination of mayonnaise and plum sauce on their juicy chicken meatballs.  Deep fried to a perfect crisp on its exterior, inside the meatball is a myriad of flavours that trigger your brains to want more.  This highly addictive snack is a must order.  But you have been warned!

RamenPlay Yaki GyozaYaki Gyoza ($3.60 for 3 pieces/ $5.80 for 5 pieces)

The yaki gyoza is the meat dumpling that is encased in a thin wanton skin and skilfully panfried to a delicious crisp on the outside and yet tantalisingly moist within.  Accompanying house dip of shoyu and chilli sauce makes the plump dumplings mouth watering.

RamenPlay Matcha Mochi Ice Cream

RamenPlay Matcha Mochi Ice CreamWarabi Matcha Mochi Ice Cream ($4.30)

This all-new warabi matcha mocha ice-cream is a bitter-sweet dessert with the classic vanilla ice-cream accompanied with traditional Japanese elements of sweetened azuki beans and chewy matcha mocha cubes.

RamenPlay Chilld ShiratamaChilled Shiratama Zenzai ($4.20)

Last but not least, the Chilled Shiratama Zenzai is also a new addition to the menu.  It features a combination of chewy glutinious rice balls with chunky Azuki bean paste.  This dessert is served chilled and drizzled lightly with a Kuromitsu sauce (brown sugar syrup) for an added aromatic boost.

RamenPlay really offers very good Japanese offerings that are comforting and value-for-money.  Its 12 convenient locations islandwide also make it a good proposition for those who wish to get their consistently good signature ramen and donburi specialities.  The open concept kitchen allows its patron to check out their busy chefs at work and affords them the opportunity to admire the artistry of the culinary team preparing a good bowl of ramen for its customers.

This is a media invitation post and I would like to thank RamenPlay for playing host and Shauna from Sixth Sense Communications for the invitation.

Ramen Play | BreadTalk iHQ
30 Tai Seng Street
#01-03 BreadTalk iHQ
Singapore 534013
Tel: 6444 5516
Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am to 10pm

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Ramen Play is also located at 11 other locations island-wide:
East: BreadTalk IHQ, 112 Katong, Bedok Mall,
West: JEM
Central: 313@Somerset, Resort World Sentosa, Suntec City, Chinatown Point, Manulife Centre North:  Junction 8, nex@Serangoon, Novena Square
For a full list of address & opening hours of individual stores, please click here.

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