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[Stamps] Singapore Posts: Ferns (Febuary 2014) February 26, 2014

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Singpost Feb 2014 Issue FernsComplete Set of Stamps ($2.56 per set)

As a new collector of Singapore stamps, I was looking forward to this new stamp issue: Ferns.  This is because I am a great fan of nature and also I have fondly remember ferns as being one of the first plant species during my primary school day because of the unique way in which it reproduces itself.

SingPost Stamps Ferns Feb 2014 Presentation Pack CoverCover for Presentation Pack ($4.30)

Ferns are really interesting plant species because although they have roots, stems and leaves, however they do not have seeds or flowers.  So the way they reproduce is via spores.  I remember during those days, we were brought to our school gardens, look at the ferns and check out the spores that are underneath the plant.  When we do activities like this which are experiential, everything just sticks to your mind (versus reading just from the textbook).  I remember being shown lady’s fingers and indeed the shape is like a lady’s finger!  Back to the spores, those I saw were mostly black colour but what was depicted in the stems seems to be otherwise.  Maybe under microscope they look brownish instead.

SingPost Presentation Pack Ferns February 2014

Two ferns species are depicted in this series.  The Angiopteris evecta, which commonly known as elephant ferns, is a large fern with a mound of a stem.  The first time I saw this fern is in a rainforest in Sydney, Australia.  I was looking at this and wondered what it was and was pleasantly surprised to learn that it is actually a coiled up fern.  This specie is widely distributed on the Old World tropics from Madagascar and tropical Asia, throughout South-east Asia to Australia and Polynesia.  In Singapore, it can be found at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Labrador Nature Reserve, Bukit Batok Nature Park and Singapore Botanic Gardens.  The next time you spot these ferns, you probably can relate in better because you’ve seen the stamps.

The Cibotium barometz is also known as the Golden Chicken Ferns.  While the species is a tropical and subtropical one, that is distributed from Assam to Southern China and South-east Asia with altitudes of 200-1500m.  I am not sure though if Singapore fits into the description as they grow in forest that is shady and damp such as Malaysia’s Fraser Hill and Cameron Highland.  In your next trip to Malaysia, do check out these Golden Chicken Ferns and take some good pictures and compare it to the stamps we have today.

SingPost Stamps Ferns Feb 2014 First Day CoverFirst Day Cover with Cancelled Stamps ($3.35)

The First Day Cover with cancelled stamps is very interesting because they are printed on a vertical envelope.  I reckon this is so because they print the tall tree they wanted to depict on the envelope.  Furthermore, the stamps are all in vertical print format as well, so having a vertical format also means the stamps can flow nicely one to another.

Ferns of Singapore 1990Stamps: Ferns of Singapore (1990)

I am very proud to be an owner of these Ferns of Singapore (1990) stamps.  I managed to get the presentation pack for this series at the Singapore Philatelic Museum.  What do you feel when you look at today’s stamp versus the stamps of 24 years ago!   If you have noticed the stamps on the envelopes since the older days and today, the stamps designs have certainly evolved greatly.  In the past, the subject are very much thrown “in your face” but today it really involves more design such that the stamps also look more arty.  Trust me to say that if I put a more recent stamp and an older stamp series, you should be able to recognise which is the current one.


Date of Issue: 26 Febuary 2014
Denominations: 1st Local, 50c, 80c, $1.00
Stamp Size: 40mm  x 29.88mm
Perforation: 13
Paper:  Unwatermarked
Printing Process:  Offset Lithography (Stamps)
Printer:  Secura Singapore Pte Ltd
Sheet Content: 10 stamps per sheet
Designer: Law Pei Ti (Printedge Communications Pte Ltd)

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