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Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Food 圆香素食 @ Bedok Central February 24, 2014

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Actually when you look at the pictures in the following blog post, it hardly suggests that these in fact are vegetarian dishes.  Maybe only upon closer inspection.  Past few days have been seeing a few “tze char” posts and I feel obliged to do a post like this.  In fact, recently my family and I had a hearty meal at Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Food at Bedok Central, a departure from our favourite haunt of Zi Zai Vegetarian at Tampines.  Yuan Xiang is located just behind Bedok Point (not the new Bedok Mall) at a stall in the coffee shop.  I understand that my mother’s friend frequent this place so we decided to give it a try.

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Yam RingYam Ring

The yam ring was pretty good with the outside crispy and a generous portion of mashed yam.  This is one signature dish which my mum always like to order when we have a bigger group eating.  I enjoyed also the generous portion of cashew nuts and seasonal vegetables that goes into the centre ring.  Yam ring are limited as the stall don’t make too many everyday to ensure freshness of the yam.  If kept for too long, the mashed yam turns bad rather fast.  We were lucky to be able to score an order of this.

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Claypot TofuClaypot Tofu

The claypot tofu is lacking a little in flavour especially the tofu which I hope can be braised a little longer before being served.  You can choose between egg tofu or the traditional tofu for this dish.  The claypot tofu also comes with green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, carrots and black fungus.  Apparently eating black fungus is good to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.  This is one of the more healthy dish we ordered.

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Stir Fried Kang KongStir-Fried Kang Kong

Stir-fried kang kong is average.  The important thing is that the kang kong vegetable cannot be too “old” or aged other it will taste too crunchy.  This one is just right as you can see from the size of the stems.  But we were hoping a little more robust spiciness in the kang kong.  This is just too tame for a family which likes chilli very much!

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Prawn CerealVegetarian Cereal Prawn

The cereal prawn is one hell of a disappointing dish because the deep fried vegetarian prawns is very hard on the outside.  And I was the one who suggested cereal prawn because my niece wanted this.  I understand from my sister that the salad prawn with mayonnaise is a much better choice.  Oh well, now at least we have tried the cereal prawn to know what’s better.  Nothing venture, nothing gained.

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Fried Egg OmeletteFried Egg Omelette

Hey, you can’t go wrong with the egg can you?  The omelette that was served was really awesome.  They must have used a high heat to cook this egg rapidly so that the exterior has a slight crisp and yet the thin omelette still have a moist and eggy centre.  This is good zhi char!

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Satay SticksVegetarian Satay

I never understood why people would love mock vegetarian meat and make it into satay!  And apparently my mother is also a fan of these.  Other than the fact that it is not meat, I can’t really complain much because it is well marinated and quite tasty.  But 60c for a stick of mock meat satay I think is still quite expensive.  The accompanied satay sauce was good as a dip.

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Hot & Spicy SoupSpicy and Sour Soup

I am not a fan of soup because my mother makes quite good soup at home.  We ordered the spicy and sour soup.  Oh boy!  The sour index probably soared higher than stock prices even my brother-in-law couldn’t quite take it and refused a second helping.  Me neither.  But my sister and mother seems pretty ok with it.  Maybe woman prefers the sour taste?

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Bedok Central Stall

We spent a total of about $66 for this entire meal for 4 adults and 2 children which I thought was very value for money!  I think the food served was of average standard and I felt we were much better off at our original favourite haunt although it will probably set us back by about 30-40% more.  I seldom blog about vegetarian food places and hope to include a few choices for my readers.  I have something coming up soon, so stay tune to find out will you?

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Food (圆香素食) | Bedok Central
Blk 211 New Upper Changi Road
Singapore 460216
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 10am to 10.30pm

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Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Food is also available at Bendemeer @ Blk 27 Bendemeer Road #01-659 and Changi Road @ 134 Changi Road Singapore 419720

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The Bedok Branch is closed quite some time back. Are they re-located elsewhere?

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