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Toby’s Estate @ Rodyk Street (Robertson Quay) February 23, 2014

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Toby's Estate SingaporeToby’s Estate Singapore

I have always enjoyed going to Robertson Quay on a Sunday because it is by a riverside and relatively quiet as compared to many other places.  Of course things are a little different when you step inside a café and things start to get alive!  There is so much life and energy, quite a contrast with the external environment which is rather idyllic.  Toby’s Estate Café is just another one.

Toby's Estate Outside

I first got to know about Toby’s Estate through my friend’s blog.  I had wanted to visit Toby’s but ended up at Boombarang and Kith Café instead because it is always crowded.  Toby’s Estate is a true blue Australian brand and I have seen the same Toby’s Estate bean logo against the signature black board but yet never tried their coffee.  They started to roast their first batch of coffee in Woolloomooloo in Australia in 1998.  They first established their presence in Singapore in 2011.

Toby's Estate Big BreakfastToby’s Breakfast ($18.50)

Weekends are the days we are being ourselves (without the bullies in the office).  So treat yourself nicely and be a King (or Queen) or the day.  Start with a good breakfast.  Brunch are designed for late risers and cafés and restaurant understand these more nowadays so an all-day-breakfast is in the menu.  I quite enjoy my hearty Toby’s Breakfast except for the eggs which were too creamy and hard that it didn’t feel quite like it is made with fresh eggs (more like eggs from carton?) and I would much prefer a toasty bread.  Otherwise, I think it is a good breakfast put together and quite value for money.

Toby's Estate Poached EggsPoached Egg ($8.50)

For those with smaller appetite,  you can choose to have two eggs cooked to your liking.  My friend choose the poached eggs.  For a small price, you can add on different condiments to make a fuller breakfast which I think would have been a better idea.  Remember I said this: eat breakfast like a King.

Toby's Estate French ToastFrench Toast ($14.50)

Originally I had wanted to ordered the French Toast because I am on a “French Toast Quest” with the hope to do a French Toast Summary for my readers.  And here is the French Toast from Toby’s.  Quite frankly I didn’t quite like the fact that they used brioche for the toast.  Don’t be mistaken, I think the bread is really soft but because it was a thick-cut toast, so I feel overall it is lacking in flavour.  So I mopped up whatever maple syrup that I can find on the plate so that the toast is more flavourful.  Overall, I do quite enjoy this sweet and savoury French toast which has a very generous serving of fresh fruits and pork bacon.  In fact, I am happy just looking at it.

Toby's Estate LatteCafé Latte ($5)

I jumped the gun by showing the food before the coffee.  Actually they arrived first, and very promptly after we ordered.  Because I have heard a lot of good things about Toby’s coffee and it being an Australia brand, so I had high expectations of it.  I always think that no matter how good the coffee is can also be ruined by poor steaming of the milk which sadly is the case.  Milk taste bland and flat and doesn’t quite bring out the flavour of the coffee.  Sorry guys at Toby’s – you really have to up yourself on this one.

Toby's Estate CoffeeCappuccino ($5)

Toby's Estate CappucinoCappuccino ($5)

My friends had the cappuccino and flat white.  I like the fact that the barista makes an effort to have different latte art for the orders.  I have been café hopping recently as you can see my instagram images are coffee pictures! [At the time of this article]  My wish is I can walk into a café, order a coffee and a latte art to suit the mood of my day.  Any café up for the challenge?

Toby's Estate Interior

I am happy to get a corner table seat as it is a cosy arrangement for 3 friends to sit together.  Remember how I said I like a communal table?  My first post about it is from Café Crema (they have opened another outlet at Westgate!   (Sorry, I digress).  Do check out Toby’s Estate at Robertson Quay if you are in the area and let me know how it goes for you for the coffee.

Toby’s Estate
8 Rodyk Street
Singapore 238216
Opening Hours:
Monday – Wednesday: 7.30am to 6pm
Thursday – Saturday:  7.30am to 10pm
Sunday: 7.30am to 6pm

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1. danielfooddiary - February 24, 2014

I had really good coffee here, the vibes are great, and is still one of my fav cafés locally.

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