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Miam Miam @ Bugis & Westgate [feat Valentine’s Day Special] February 14, 2014

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Miam Miam WestgateMiam Miam @ Westgate

When I first heard of Miam Miam, what came to my mind was Mamma Mia! a stage music that is based on ABBA songs.  Turn out that Miam Miam; a French-Japanese café; has a retro old school décor that looks casual, fun and welcoming all the same time.  Miam Miam already has a presence in Melbourne and Penang, with Bugis Junction as its first café here in Singapore and they seize the opportunity to be present at the upcoming Jurong district and is located at Westgate.  I love both locations!  Westgate for its more cosy and uplifting environment while Bugis is so central and much nearer to where I stay!

Miam Miam Bugis JunctionMiam Miam @ Bugis

Miam Miam pride itself for its engineered meal.  It’s kitchen follows the industry’s best practises to deliver hot and fresh meal.  As an example, if you order a pasta dish, you can expect exactly 110g per order.  They are then doused in boiling water for exactly 7.5 minutes to achieve the consistent al dente texture with every order.  Many timers are present in the kitchen for the chef to use during their preparation, which reminds me production methods used in fast food restaurant.

Miam Miam RetroEven the Pencil is Retro…

Miam Miam is an interesting dining choice because your entire dining experience will go beyond just the smell and taste for the food.  It is about bringing and exquisite experience that is not overbearing and yet quality dishes that is both French and Japanese inspired.

Miam Miam Famous French ToastFamous French Toast ($9.80)

This year, I am on a “French Toast Quest”.  I aim to eat and review as many French Toast as I can this year.  So when I know that they have a French Toast, I was eager to give it a try.  Turn out that it was quite a disappointing order because the toast was hard on its side and have hardly any eggy taste.  It even have an oily taste.  Was a tad disappointed that the Famous French Toast turn out to be something I would steer away from.

Miam Miam Riz Au CurryRiz Au Curry ($15.50)

When the Riz Au Curry was being served, I can smell the curry almost immediately.  The egg took centre stage and  the pork frankfurters and broccoli to accompany this great tasting dish.  Although that is all that you really see, but there are actually 36 ingredients going on in this baked rice.  That really explains why every mouthful sends plentiful of taste to your tongue.  Many Japanese restaurants sell the normal Japanese curry, but this “dry curry” version is a unique choice order.

Miam Miam SpaghettiMiam Miam Spaghetti ($15.80)

Usually I steer clear away from Japanese pasta because I felt that it is best to leave the chef to do something they do best, rather than trying too hard to create a fusion dish.  However I am truly impressed with the Miam Miam spaghetti, easily said my favourite dish for the night.  The pasta was cooked to a perfect al dente texture and we mix the soft-cooked onsen egg that still has a runny yolk.  Absolutely delightful dish with frankfurters, tomatoes, egg plant, baby spinach and bacon!  That’s what we can see with our naked eyes!

Miam Miam Souffle De NuageSouffle De Nuage ($15.50)

What is hidden beneath this soufflé de nuage is homestyled tomatoes rice with a cloud of fluffy egg and cheese.  I was actually very excited on digging into this dish but beyond that the excitement was gone.  This soufflé dish is actually a big hit amongst patrons of Miam Miam because anticipation really does make the dish to be more tasty.

Miam Miam Squid Ink PastaSquid Ink Pasta ($16.80)

I would say that the squid ink pasta is worth every damn dime for the deliverance of quality and price.  Tossed with extra virgin olive oil, the pasta uses ikasumi that is sourced from Hokkaido and doused with wasabi infused oil.  Fans of squid will love this dish as there are many huge chunks of squid in this pasta.  I never thought much about 110g of spaghetti but realised it is really a lot to get it going.  Will better appreciate if more olive oil is used because the pasta was a little dry for my liking.

Miam Miam Mac & CheeseMac & Cheese ($14.50)

The Mac & Cheese uses four different kind of cheese topped with special Japanese breadcrumbs.  I felt that the baked dishes seems to be running a little overtime in the oven because the Mac & Cheese; although was quite comforting to have; but was a little too dry.  Because they used shell shaped pasta, therefore there are some portions at the corner which was quite hard.  Amongst the main dishes I reckon this probably is one of my least favourite.

That’s not the end, because there is always room for desserts!

After a hearty meal, it is good to have some desserts, especially you are at Miam Miam and they all taste fabulous.  I am glad I left roomssssss for desserts!

Miam Miam Vanilla SouffleVanilla Soufflé ($9.80)

Souffle is the reason why I was at Miam Miam.  We waited for close to 20 minutes just for this Vanilla Soufflé  (they have the matcha and chocolate soufflé too with Valrhona Chocolate!) and it is worth the wait.  If you are at Miam Miam, do note that their preparation time is longer than other casual restaurants because everything is freshly prepared.  This will ensure they will deliver good tasting food with quality.  You must indulge in one of their soufflé which is made with so much love and care.

Miam Miam Caramelised Banana PancakeCaramelised Banana Pancake ($12.80)

“Pancakes” is also a theme which I hope will recur in my blog.  I have readers who have requested the review of good pancake in Singapore.  I boldly suggest to try the pancakes at Miam Miam.  Although it look thick, but I dare say it is one of the most fuffy thick pancake that I have which tasted very light.  The bananas are cooked to a deep golden cured with caramel sauce making it devilished.  It is topped with premium vanilla gelato for a perfect finish.  Although the price is a little steep; especially if you could pay a few dollars more for a main course, however this is worth every dime.  (OK, you heard this pharse twice in this post!)

Miam Miam Chocolate MolleauxChocolate Molleaux ($9.80)

The Chocolate Molleaux is a sinful dark chocolate cake with a molten core.  After being brought to a dessert heaven with the caramelised banana pancake, I still enjoyed this chocolate cake that remain moist on the outside.  It goes very well with the soft serve premium gelato.

Miam Miam Hot Matcha LatteHot Matcha Latte ($6.80)

Above is the matcha latte which I didn’t have.  My BFF does enjoy her hot matcha latte.  All the ingredients used are of premium quality at Miam Miam and they do pride themselves being able to source the best ingredients globally because of their established presence in different countries.

Miam Miam Peanut Butter and Banana MilkshakePeanut Butter & Banana Milk Shake ($8.20)

For the drinks, I had the Peanut Butter & Banana Milk Shake.  I was warned that it is very heavy and substantial, but I still went ahead to order this.  The peanut butter made the milkshake taste savoury but blended well with banana and milk.  Something which I do quite enjoy.

Miam Miam Heart Pancake

Love is in Miam Miam’ air this Valentine’s Day.  Simply order two main courses at Miam Miam, you get to receive the specially created Valentine’s Day Pancake by giving your significant a peck on the face.  I have checked, they welcome GLBT too and will offer the exquisite pancakes when the above conditions are met!  Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, so if you like to bring your parents and give them a kiss, you get the pancake too.  At Miam Miam, they are not charging more for love but giving you more!

Miam Miam Bugis

My Verdict:  I really enjoyed the entire Miam Miam experience.  My favourite main is the Miam Miam Spaghetti and Caramelised Banana Pancake.  I think it is a great place for friends and friends to get together.  They really do provide a good quality meal that is friendly to your pocket at the same time.  For a café that aspires on a global expansion, I am hearten to find that they do consider the pockets of the consume and charges conscionable prices to the masses.

Special thanks to Li Qin from Brand Cellar for hosting this invitation.  I had the tasting done with mitsueki and my BFF 365days2play & Eat!  Do check out Mitsueki post on Miam Miam.

Miam Miam | Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
#02-14 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Tel: 6837 0301
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 11.30am to 10pm
Saturday to Sunday: 10.30am to 10pm

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Miam Miam is also located at Westgate Mall
3 Gateway Drive
#01-21/22 Westgate Mall
Sinapore 608532

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1. anonymous - February 14, 2014

Hmm I have to disagree with you about the Japanese not being able to do their pastas right. Jap-fusion pastas are often always done very right, if not, even better than the Italians sometimes.

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