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Grasso Coffee @ Simei February 9, 2014

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Grasso Coffee Barista

Grasso Coffee is tucked away at rows of shophouses that is along the Simei MRT station. It shy away from the coffee scene in Singapore and just served up its daily cups of coffee to the patron residing or working around the area. Grasso has been around for a long time but only with its latest revamped that I noticed it. Previously it only has a takeaway counter.

Grasso Coffee Takeaway

Grasso Coffee LatteLatte ($3.70)

Where can you find a cup of latte for just a meagre price of $3.70? That’s what it is at Grasso. Even McDonald’s gourmet coffee would cost more than that. It is hard to find a decent cafe that charges a conscionable price. For an average cup of latte or cappuccino I would put $4.50 to be a nice price.

Grasso Coffee Shop Front

Grasso is a small quaint little cafe that can house less than 8 sitting patrons at one time. They do have a long bench for customers to sit and while away time as they chit chat over a cup of coffee. Interestingly, Grasso also served traditional Nanyang sock-pulled coffee and it probably set you back by less than $2. Sandwiches are available for about the same price. They do have some cakes for those who like to have something sweet with their coffee.

Grasso Coffee Simei

“Life begins after Grasso Coffee” indeed. Grasso opens as early as 7am to cater for working crowd who needs a caffeine fix. Are you one of those who must have a daily coffee fix otherwise you feel lethargic the whole day? My wish is for more of those indie cafe to be open everywhere just like in Australia. A takeaway counter is fine as long as we get a good, honest and sincere cup of coffee.

I only hope Grasso Coffee to make an attempt with latte art on its coffee rather than to serve it plainly. Seeing the latte art on my cup of coffee can create a sparkle. Whether it’s a heart, tulip or swan, its something that can tug your heart. Anyway it’s a skill that the barista can have and can improve on when they work on it diligently each cup at a time. Perhaps soon we can have better latte art that’s truly uniquely Singapore!

Grasso Coffee
Blk 248 #01-132
Simei Street 3
Singapore 520248
Opening Hours:

Open daily: 7am to 10pm

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1. 365days2play - February 9, 2014

Looking forward to visiting Grasso with you in a few month’s time!

gurkhason - February 10, 2014

Ok sure. Let’s lim kopi soon.

2. jaytjk - February 15, 2014

Great review, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to visit the places too. There is this map called CafeSG that lets you find all the local cafes in Singapore! Super useful for cafe hopping and to find cafes near home and workplace.


Hope to see more reviews from you

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