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Strangers’ Reunion @ Kampung Bahru (Outram) February 8, 2014

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Strangers' Reunion Coffee

I have always thought of Strangers’ Reunion as a bizarre name for a café.  Strangers are people who never met, so how can there be a reunion?  As I rationalise it, I guess it probably means that you may have a friend that turned stranger, and if the two meet up for a coffee at a café, that’s strangers’ reunion isn’t it?  Do you have friends whom perhaps is your very good friend and because for some reason you turned strangers to each other?  Time to meet up at Strangers’ Reunion and reignite the friendship!

Strangers' Reunion Seat2

When I was there at Strangers’ Reunion with my not-so-stranger BFF on a week night about 8pm.  You won’t believe the crowd that was there.  And many are teenagers!  Why do teenagers have money for such “atas” coffee which cost almost $5?  I guess it is better off at a third wave coffee place then Starbucks!  Strangers’ Reunion has expanded since the last time I visited it.  It is now much more spacious (but yet more crowded than before).

Strangers' Reunion Drinking Water

I like a coffee place that place flowers on the table or use that as a décor, it really lift up the life of the place.  However it is a little sad that the flowers appear withered most of the time.  Trust me, if you see several other blog posts, they all have some flowers withered.  Hey, that’s not very good stranger!

Strangers' Reunion Buttermilk WaffleMagic ($5.50)

Despite my warning, my brave BFF dived straight into Magic, the signature coffee of Strangers’ Reunion.  According to its menu, they are the first to introduce this to Singapore and the coffee is made with a magical ratio of coffee to milk.  My conclusion is you probably want to seriously consider the taste of others, even they are not coffee connoisseurs.

Strangers' Reunion Flat WhiteFlat White ($4.90)

Does anyone has the name of this latte art?  I always like to drink my latte with a nice latte art.  It enhances the entire experience of coffee drinker.  Sight, smell and taste all at once.  Sometimes when you sip carefully, the latte art can be sashaying in the cup.  Quite interesting to look at.

Strangers' Reunion Buttermilk WaffleButtermilk Waffles ($12.90)

At the beginning of the year, there were some food blog going around and mentioned Strangers’ Reunion has the BEST waffles in Singapore.  Which is the reason that lured me to try their waffles.  We had the buttermilk waffle with vanilla ice-cream and fresh fruits.  You can have the option to have artisan Greek yogurt instead of the ice-cream.  Anyway it ranges between $11.90 to $14.90.  I did some google search online to see how much the waffle used to be and I am shocked to learn that it used to be $8.50 in August 2012 and $11.50 in July 2013.  The coffee price was the same but waffle price has increased more than 50% in less than 1.5 years.  I guess Buttermilk Waffles funded their expansion.  But why are they still asking for “air-con fund”?

Strangers' Reunion BFF

BFF holding on to the waffle that increased by 50% in price in a short span of time.  Excellent.  I wasn’t exactly impressed with the waffles and doubt it made it to the best waffles I had in Singapore.  This year, I make it a point to hunt for the best waffle in town for you my dear readers, and something of value and reasonably priced!

Strangers' Reunion Seat

I much prefer the Strangers’ Reunion before the expansion because it is more intimate, more cosy.  After its expansion it becomes more commercial, overcrowded and noisy.  Notwithstanding, Strangers’ Reunion should still be a place café hoppers or those who are into the third wave coffee scene should check out.  The next time you come, ask for single origin coffee and see if they could serve you one.

Strangers' Reunion Door

Strangers’ Reunion
37 Kampung Bahru
Singapore 169355
Tel: 6222 4869
Opening Hours:
Monday, Wed – Sun: 9am to 10pm
Closed on Tuesdays

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