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[CNY Feature] River Hongbao 春到河畔 2014 @ The Float at Marina Bay February 3, 2014

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Singapore River Hongbao 2014

This year River Hongbao is held at The Float at Marina Bay.  The River Hongbao is probably the single most welcoming activity for many families during the Chinese New Year festive period.  In fact, many families pay their annual pilgrimage to the River Hongbao.  The kids are probably the most exciting because they will see many of the larger-than-life size display that depicts different meanings and even Chinese folklores.

Singapore River Hongbao 2014

At the gate of the River Hongbao, two golden horses stood to welcome visitors.  Does it make you feel like walking down the red carpet of the Golden Horse Award?  With Marina Bay and the Central Business District as its backdrop, the River Hongbao also celebrates the economic success of Singapore in this new year.

Singapore River Hongbao 2014

Plenty of red lanterns hangs above the visitors.  I shall be making a night trip to see how it is all lighted up when the sky is dark.  I reckon it will be very crowded at night because the last time I was at a River Hongbao must be ten or twenty years ago when I was a kid.  It was almost impossible to get a decent parking near the venue.

Singapore River Hongbao 2014 Fortune God

My favourite display is probably the towering God of Fortune (财神爷).  This giant display is 18 metres tall and is crafted by craftsmen from Sichuan Province.  At designated time, the God of Fortune will shower gold strips with fortune number.  The timing are 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm and 10pm.  Good luck my dear readers.

Singapore River Hongbao 2014 Spring

This Wishing Well (许愿池) in the Chinese Character of Spring (春) hangs several bells.  Make a wish and throw your coin at one of the bells.  If it hits the one you wish for, you have a high probability of being granted the wish.  All proceeds goes to Community Chest of Singapore.  Happy tossing!

Singapore River Hongbao 2014十二生肖 – 马

Taking centre stage is the horse display.  Being seventh amongst the twelve zodiac animal, the horse  has an adventurous spirit, is full with vitality and bursting with energy.

Singapore River Hongbao 2014

Cranes are birds which symbolise immortality in Chinese mythology.  It is hence an auspicious bird to make appearance in the River Hongbao.  The Chinese word for Crane “He” is also phonetically sounding as “He” which means congratulating a new year.   Love how the display the birds taking flight.

Singapore River Hongbao 2014

Singapore River Hongbao 2014

On the river banks are two display.  One being the fish tossing in the air.  The other two are dragons attracted to a lantern ball.

Singapore River Hongbao 2014

马到功成 means to achieve immediate success the moment the horses arrive.  This probably alludes to olden days when battle horses are used – the battle is more easily won upon the use of battle horse.  The appearance of horses hence almost means an immediate victory.

Singapore River Hongbao 2014

This display is called 恭喜发财.  The vegetable that is being carried is the Fatt Choy, a type of Chinese cabbage that is commonly eaten during the Chinese festive period.  Fatt Choy, Fatt Choy!  Eat these for abundance of wealth coming your way.

Singapore River Hongbao 2014

The king of the fruit also make a special appearance at the River Hongbao.  I thought it was a little tacky to have the durian display.  It says “Liu Lian Wan Fan”.  I guess when people are mesmerised by all the lights and display, they probably enjoyed so much that they forgot about going home.  Well, that’s what it actually means.

Singapore River Hongbao 2014

The giant wall display of many brightly coloured flowers makes good photo opportunity.  花开富贵means when the flowers blooms, it symbolise richness is on the way!




Singapore River Hongbao 春到河畔
20 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039805
29 Jan – 8 Feb 2014
The Float at Marina Bay
12 noon to 11.30pm (daily)

Admission is Free

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