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Baker & Cook @ Hillcrest Road (Bukit Timah) February 1, 2014

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Baker & Cook Hillcrest Road Egg Tartines

I have a list of brunch places to visit and showed them to my good friend of 20 years letting him pick.  His choice was Baker & Cook after some google searches and selecting based on a host of other criteria such as location, the menu, and reviews from other blog sites.  Baker & Cook is an artisan bakery and food store which first opens at Hillcrest Road at Greenwood Avenue which is by the Bukit Timah area.  It is founded by celebrity baker Dean Brettschneider.

Baker & Cook LatteLatte & Flat White ($5 / $4.50)

Coffee are an inevitable order when you have brunch.  The speciality coffee that Baker & Cook uses are beans from Allpress Espresso, New Zealand’s first specialist espresso coffee companies.  For an additional 50¢ you can upgrade your cup size which was what I did.  Turn out that it was a little bigger than I would like and I didn’t finish it.  I had an average cup of latte and I think the milk wasn’t frothed well with the resultant cup that having a large foam and rough texture.  It doesn’t matter where you get your beans if you can’t really steam the milk well.  Nevertheless, I do think the strong coffee with a bitter aftertaste should make a good one if not because of the milk.

Baker & Cook Hillcrest Egg TartinesEggs Tartines ($13)

The egg tartines are my friend’s order.  This is smeared with a coat of avocado on top of pain miche bread with capers and cress.  In normal circumstances, I won’t have ordered this egg mayonnaise open sandwich because I found egg mayonnaise easy to prepare in my own kitchen.  However I was impressed with how silky smooth the egg mayonnaise is and when contrast with the sourish bread makes it rather delightful to have.

Bakers & Cook French ToastFrench Toast ($16)

The French Toast I ordered was very impressive with the thick toast being soft and fluffy.  Quite frankly I never tasted any eggs on the toast as the cinnamon taste and almond flakes probably has overpowered it.  However egg soaked bread giving the toast a thin layer of rubbery texture was present.  With a lot of berries: blueberry, raspberry and blackberry and powdered with icing sugar, this French Toast is something to be had if you visit Baker & Cook.  Forget about poached eggs – French Toast is the new way to go!  Hey, remember you heard it first!

Baker & Cook Table

I am happy to report that a large communal table with benches are essentially the way to sit inside of Baker & Cook.  I have expressed my love of these huge tables where people can crowd and sit, great for meeting new friends and starting a conversation.  We noticed the crowd here are mostly expatriates and they come in droves with their kids in toll.

Baker & Cook Hillcrest (Greenwood Avenue)

Baker & Cook Hillcrest

The interior of Baker & Cook is a wonderful display of bread, cakes, tarts and other food grocery it has.  Its contemporary design of the store using large slab of granite for the bread display is quite a contrast with the dining table of solid and unpolished wood and raw concrete flooring.

Baker & Cook Coffee Maker

After visiting Baker & Cook in its original outlet at Hillcrest Road, I have an urge to visit their other store in Martin Road to see how they compare.  For a small size bakery, they do have a huge list of breads and other confectionary products on offer.  With a large and regular expat following, I am pretty sure they must have been serving consistently good quality products.  We are lucky to have Dean Brettschneider, one of the most respected baker on the planet to create exceptional products for us here in Singapore.

Baker & Cook | Hillcrest Road
77 Hillcrest Road
Hillcrest Park
Singapore 288951
Tel: 64698834
Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 7am to 8pm
Friday to Saturday: 7am to 10pm (including eve of Public Holiday)

Baker & Cook is also available at 38A Martin Road #01-01 Robertson Quay Singapore 239072.  Tel: 6636 5865

[Edit:  I just verified with Baker & Cook.  They are indeed closed at Martin Road, which was rather unfortunate as the landlord refuses to renew their lease.  But I’ve good news!  In March 2014, Baker & Cook should be open at Chip Bee Gardens at Holland Village.  They are also looking at another location at 111 Somerset right at the heart of Orchard!  What elevate my joy is they are looking at a potential location in the East!  Really near where I stay.  But I shall keep mum first and will write here once the details are firm up.  Thank you Baker & Cook for the information.  03.Feb.2014]

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1. anonymous - February 2, 2014

The martin road branch is closed. Upsizing your latte doesn’t mean stronger coffee. It just means more milk hence weaker latte.

gurkhason - February 3, 2014

Thank you for your information. They are indeed closed at Martin Road. See my comments above for more information on their new locations! Cheerios!

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